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May 13, 2016 10:38 AM UTC

No Support of Keyser, not even from Republicans

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Never afraid to withhold his opinion when it comes to U.S. Senate candiate Jon Keyser, Rep. Justin Everett (R-Littleton) unleashed these Facebook posts this week:

Everett: “Sadly this is classic Keyser, saw this quite a few times in the year we served together in the legislature. Again, this guy is not ready for prime time…

A couple things here:
#1 – Again Keyser is not ready for prime time and his validity as a candidate will dog him for the rest of the campaign
#2 – Clearly the Secretary of State has a flawed review process; I may be working on legislation to address this next year
#3 – Go through the caucus and assembly process. Less expensive and you’ll KNOW if you’ve made the ballot.”

Everett was a supporter of Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton), another GOP U.S. Senate candidate who failed to make the Republican GOP primary ballot.

But Everett’s attack highlights the absence of any GOP support for Keyser in the copious media coverage of his refusal to answer questions about forged signatures on his ballot-access petition.

What you do see are Republicans like Everett and Rep. Chris Holbert, who wrote on Facebook of Keyser:

Holbert: “Sweat, shuffle around nervously, evade the question, and blink a lot nervously. Nailed it!”

The GOP response is key, at least for now, because it’s Republicans who will determine whether Keyser faces Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in November.

And the signs, beyond the attacks from Keyser’s expected GOP critics, aren’t looking good–as in there are literally no signs of GOP support for Keyser.

The Republican audience at yesterday’s debate at the Foothills Republican Club didn’t respond well to Keyser’s spin, as reported by The Denver Post’s John Frank:

The debate’s first four questions involved the petition issue, and Keyser refused to answer all of them.

“Here’s the important thing. I’m on the ballot, and I’m going to beat Michael Bennet,” Keyser said in a line he repeated five times in two minutes.

The response drew groans from the crowd and a shot from GOP rival Darryl Glenn who said the issue is important to the candidate’s integrity.

“If you are going to stand for the rule of law, if you are going to raise your hand and support the constitution, then you need to follow the law,” Glenn said to applause. “That’s the issue.”

So for now, it looks like no one is supporting Keyser, not even any of Keyser’s allies. That’s a key point that journalists should document in more detail as we move forward.


19 thoughts on “No Support of Keyser, not even from Republicans

    1. Not to mention Justin should have been hunkered down for his post-session siesta. That he stayed up just to issue another attack on his former colleague speaks volumes.

  1. Everett is right with his first point, Keyser is an amateur politician.

    But here's what really gets me. The reason a candidate aligns themselves with a political party is so they can get support and guidance because running for office by yourself is damn near impossible.

    Keyser was supposed to be the main candidate from the CO GOP and he has received horrendous advice and no support. Why would any candidate who is new to politics want to accept help from the CO GOP now?

    1. Why would any candidate who is new to politics want to accept help from the CO GOP now?

      Ummmm . . . 

      . . . for a chance in the gun raffles, maybe???

    1. The longer Keyser stays in, the better the odds that Bennet is re-elected. Hang on Jon!  The people are with you!  You're on the ballot and that is all that counts!

      heh heh hehdevil

  2. This Justin Everett kid needs to calm down and keep his pants on…way too obvious that he's ready and willing to move up the ladder. Best to bury Littleton in a Dem district next round of redistricting and keep this creep out of office (which, thankfully, Keyser is doing for himself).

      1. Actually, when you're talking about Littleton proper, not unincorporated areas with Littleton mailing address, except for one completely detached portion outside of Arapahoe County, it's not all that sprawled out. Living in City of Littleton through the census of 2000 and 2010, nothing at all has changed for me. Still HD38, SD26, CD6.

    1. I have the dubious distinction of living in Everett's district. In fairness to true Littleton residents, this unincorporated Jeffco with a Littleton mailing address. You can't go to King Soopers without seeing all the big-ass trucks and SUVs with their RMGO decals and yellow Tea Party flags.

      The only good news is that we also have Andy Kerr as our state senator instead of Timmy Neville.

      1. I try to stay the hell out of Jeffco altogether and keep forays to Dougco to a minimum. On the other hand I support Littleton poper am and especially downtown Littleton businesses every chance I get. We have some very good non-chain restaurants and great specialty shops for foodies. …. best places to buy things like tea, spices, chocolate, gourmet oils and vinegars among other delicious things right here in our sweet hstoric downtown. Just east of downtown along Littleon Blvd you can find places like a Mexican market as well as restautants, Italian deli, Romano’s on Windermere, a family owned Italian restaurant and pizzeria that is still wildly successful and beloved after all these years, same family and clientele (and their kids and grandkids) since the 60s, a really nice Indian restaurant, Vietnamese restaurants, one downtown too, a Thai place and a newer Littleton BLVD addition, Latke Love. We also have our own town library, Bemis, and a great indoor/outdoor museum where you can take kids to see 1860s and 1890s farms and learn about Littleton’s history and enjoy the park, the pond, the WWII Memorial.

        We've got the Art Depot, the old train depot re-purposed, Reinke Brothers, an emporium for costumes, props, magic, stuff you need for floats and parties and plays, that must be seen to be believed and has been there forever as well as Penny Robin Dancewear shop that's just about the only place around to get things like tutus and tap and toe shoes without going on line and also been there forever. We've got Western Welcome Week with a parade through historic downtown that will make you feel like you're hangin' out with Andy in Mayberry. Great trail system and parks, including South Platte Park, an urban natural park gem. 

        City of Littleton….  an oasis in a sea of bland chains, a real place, a real town, not just a manufactured suburb, with a real "there" there.

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