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December 08, 2008 03:40 PM UTC

What other appointments?

  • by: Roger D

As we wait for final word on the appointment of John Salazar as Secretary of Agriculture, what other appointments are possible?  It is not likely that Colorado would see two cabinet appointments, but are there any other sub-cabinet appointments likely or possible?  If Salazar is NOT appointed what other cabinet appoinment might happen?

Pick your favorites and state why it is likely or unlikely or even justified.

More below.

Would Hickenlooper leave Denver for a sub-cabinet post?  Would he leave for a cabinet post?

Is Romanoff a possibility for anything?

When Ken Gordon doesn’t get SoS does he start angling for a sub-cabinet post?

Would Ritter take a sub-cabinet, or is he a cabinet possiblity if Salazar doesn’t go to Ag.

There is also Region 8 appointments but we will save those for another day.


17 thoughts on “What other appointments?

  1. I forget which paper, there is a sub-cabinet post for which Denver City Councilman Rick Garcia’s wife is being considered. From the article It sounded like if she gets it, he will go too, opening a Council Seat in an interesting part of the city.

    Denver Council seats are filled by special election. If this were to come about, the special election would likely be the 2nd Tuesday in May, a day set aside in odd years in Denver for such things as well as local ballot issues.

    I called it an interesting part of the city because it could have a domino effect, the City Council district includes two State Reps. (Frangas & Judd) and a State Senator (Sandoval) who are all term limited in 2010. There are also a handful of people said to be looking at running for these termed seats that may decide to go for the vacant City Council seat instead.

    In any event, NW Denver is ging to interesting to watch over the next 2 years.

        1. If it opens up, as it may, it will be a dogfight.  

          Big issue for Judd and Frangas is both want to take Sandoval’s Senate seat.

          If Paula wants to run for City Council she will be the odds on favorite and will win.

          Then you have a vacancy committee appointment to the Senate seat and then conceivably another vacancy committee to possibly fill a House seat.

          Having said all of that, other names may jump in to either the Council race or any possible vacancy at the State House.

          As I said on another thread, Dominos can be fun.

            1. And that is only because all of his district is in SD34, whereas Judd’s district only has a small portion in the SD. It just happens to be the portion he lives in.

              I am expecting free-for-alls in both the HD4 and HD5 primary season in 2010 (or earlier if a vacancy occurs).

                1. Jennifer is the only one who has publicly said she is interested so far (as far as I know).

                  If there are 3 or more going into the assembly, then we could end up with only one getting on. But there is also the petition route.

                  2010 in indeed a long way off at this point.

                  1. Their own egos get in their way, with both of ’em. Coken has the knowledge and experience, but can’t see the forest for the trees because she’s convinced herself she knows all the trees personally. Pabon is so in love with himself, he can’t figure out how to initiate his campaign yet and can’t bring himself to work with Tafoya-which would seal the deal.

                    Bottom line: Coken has the advantage with fundraising consistently and going for the seniors and being the known insider. Pabon and Tafoya can pump every Latino voter in town and still lose – if they don’t get organized quickly. It’s Coken’s to lose.

              1. because Jerry is much more… engaging.  Nicest way I can put it.  I like Joel, as a person and legislator, but jeez, that dude should drink some Red Bull or something before he talks.

                  1. but I have to go through the whole re-register thing.

                    Not a problem, you say?

                    Probably, but I am lazy.

                    Why couldn’t Pols just migrate all of us?

                    so in the meantime, I will continue to post here.

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