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May 09, 2016 04:16 PM UTC

How John Andrews Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trump

  • by: Colorado Pols

trumpburnWriting at the blog for Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute, former Colorado Senate President John Andrews, a local conservative icon even after a decade out of office as a principal organizer of the Western Conservative Summit, lays out the case for conservatives to put aside their squeamishness and rally around presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump:

As a Reagan-Goldwater-Buckley conservative, active in presidential races since 1960, I started out preferring Gov. Scott Walker or Sen. Ted Cruz. I know both men, and either would make an outstanding president. As for Donald Trump, he initially struck me as unsuited for the White House. I vowed on national radio last year that I couldn’t ever vote for him. Case closed, or so it then seemed.

Today, however, with the GOP primary electorate having supported Trump in record numbers, making his nomination all but certain, and as we now face the stark choice between him and Hillary — essentially a fifth term for the Clinton-Obama leftists — I have switched. Without hesitation, in fact with enthusiasm, I am on board with Trump for President.

And why, you ask? Ten reasons–reprinted in their entirety after the jump. Will Andrews create an opening for Colorado Republicans to come back to the fold and back Trump? Or is he destroying his own conservative credibility in the long run?

Too many moving parts to say today, but it’s not where we would wager our reputation.

1. Party Priorities: Whereas Democrats in their heart care more about perfecting America, Republicans care more about protecting America. At this hour of peril, both domestically and internationally, it’s protecting us that matters most. That warrants voting a straight GOP ticket.

2. Congress: For the same reason, the U.S. House and Senate must remain in Republican hands. Rallying to Trump as presidential standard-bearer won’t ensure they will. But breaking ranks and starting to eat our own can only ensure they will not. It’s hang together or hang separately.

3. Supreme Court: One of those “nine old men” (and women) that FDR talked about has already passed from the scene, and others will before 2020. Under Mrs. Clinton we’d see the likes of Justice Barack Obama and Justice Eric Holder donning robes to radicalize the court. Under Mr. Trump, no way.

4. America First: Donald Trump has dared speak the long-avoided truth that our country never wins any more. His inclination toward less going abroad in search of monsters to destroy, in the John Quincy Adams mode, points to a better chance of peace through strength in the Reagan mode.

5. Counter Jihad: After the mad evasions of Bush and Obama under threat from a global movement of jihad and sharia bent on destroying the United States, it’s time for a president who sees the danger and takes the obvious sane precaution: a temporary halt in Muslim immigration.

6. Immigration: A nation unwilling to control its borders can no longer claim nationhood at all. Here too, decades of spineless bipartisan inaction cry out for a president who will finally reassert our sovereignty and common culture by building the Wall and stemming the silent invasion.

7. Identity Politics: Whether it’s “I’m Hispanic so I deserve amnesty” or “I’m female so I deserve the White House,” governance by grievance is killing our free society. Impolite it may be, but Trump’s defiance of the soft Marxism we know as political correctness, group rights, and multiculturalism is a lifeline for liberty.

8. Energy: How crazy, how cruel, to brainwash the world into believing that reduced energy use will lead to higher living standards. It’s a hoax on the poor especially. But Clinton and the party of the left want to do just that, in thrall to their green religion. Trump and the party of the right aren’t having it.

9. Corruption: No racket, no syndicate in American history has ever been so brazen in its pay-to-play methods or so flush with its hundreds of millions in shakedown money as the Clinton Inc. machine built by Hillary and Bill since 2001. Her email security hemophilia is one side effect. Just say no!

10. Government isn’t God: We’re electing a constitutional president, not a divine king. The job description is limited, and moral paragon’s not on it. Americans can do without pious goodness or magic powers in our politicians. But would you rather have coffee with him or her? Trump any day.


18 thoughts on “How John Andrews Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trump

  1. OK. Start with my feelings about John Andrews: nefarious Christianist who should be burned at the stake to prove he is not a warlock.

    But, how does he contort his principles to support the short-fingered vulgarian?

  2. Remember, Mr. Andrews is the guy who advocates the termination of all funding for public education, kindergarten through university, shutdown the entire system because of course government schools, one of the institutions that made us the colossus of World are evil and must be destroyed. He's never had and still doesn't have any explanation as to how we will educate our children, maintain our economy, and defend our country if our education system is terminated.

    Mr. Andrews is also one of those people who wants to outlaw abortion without any exceptions. That's not exactly where Trump stands on that issue and, at least up until this evening, Mr. Andrews prided himself in giving not one inch on this issue.

    His silly statements about energy are simply there to try and scare people. The "Green" people have never said we have to absolutely reduce energy use. What they've said is we need to find other cleaner sources to generate the energy we need to power our society. The environmentalists are not advocating that we reduce our standard of living.

    Mr. Andrews is trying to hold it all together so his kind of conservatives have an organization to take back over once Mr. Trump loses. Mr. Andrews will never admit it but what Trump has accomplished is the destruction of the cocoon Mr. Andrews and the other conservatives have constructed since the days of Ronald Reagan. Trump has accomplished this feat because the Reagan brand has not benefited most citizens in our country.

    Supply side economics is a prime example. Under that theory, the reality turned out to be run away deficits and flat wages for almost two decades. The vast majority of Americans did not benefit from it. And yet, with stagnant wages, people like Mr. Andrews supports the "reform" of entitlements which to them means giving people an annual voucher for medicare and ending the Socials Security system, one of the most successful government programs ever enacted, for the simple reason the government shouldn't be involved based on the absurd notion that the Founding Fathers didn't intend that we ever have such programs, even though it is obvious those who drafted the Constitution had no way of foreseeing the issues our society would be faced with over two hundred years later. That's precisely why they wrote a document that could adapt to the needs of the times we live in. Civilizations that cannot adapt wither and expire.

    Mr. Andrews is a relic who represents a past that never existed and wants to impose on us a future the Founders never intended. He wants every Republican to get behind Trump, even if it is loosing cause, so he and the other right-wing conservatives can revert back to the direction they were going before Mr. Trump arrived on the scene last Summer. Whether Trump wins or loses it won't happen. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall and there isn't any way to put the pieces back together. The voters, through Mr. Trump, have rejected Mr. Andrews worldview.

    1. This. ^^^ The (mythically-elected) mayor of Backbone, the mythical town filled (white) boot-strappin', God-fearin' rugged (mythical) individualists.

      They've gone from Backbone to Brokeback.  

    1. Unfortunately for Mr. Andrews the optics on the cover of his book aren't in his favor: Backbone doesn't appear to the political center of Dumphuckistan – it's apparently on 'a mountain'. (although given the history of Republican media shops and their inability to match actual Colorado mountains with actual Colorado stories perhaps Backbone is on 'that' mountain.)

      Your ticket to 'watershed' thinking…or maybe more akin to 'rain barrel thinking'… in a drought: 


  3. Andrews claims:

    8. Energy: How crazy, how cruel, to brainwash the world into believing that reduced energy use will lead to higher living standards. It’s a hoax on the poor especially. But Clinton and the party of the left want to do just that, in thrall to their green religion. Trump and the party of the right aren’t having it.

    So, if you look at the decades since the first Energy Crisis in the 1970s, you will easily see that productivity has improved, and thus reduced energy use HAS led to higher living standards.   See

    And the current Secretary of Energy Moniz has submitted a plan to double energy productivity by 2030:


    1. Andrews supports building a wall, banning Muslims … yet wraps himself up in the flag of moralistic Jesus patriotic babble. He is the goat in Matt 25, not only ignoring the least among us, but stampeding them for worldly and political gain; he runs a University that for some unknown reason is actually accredited while proposing a 'religious test' to enter the nation.  

      John Andrews Jr. is a fraud, a huckster and a charlatan… and a piss poor one at that. 

    2. It's hard to tell whether his or crazy Uncle Pat's jar of marbles will empty first.  No, Mayor, what would be crazy, cruel would be to brainwash the world leveraging your personal relationship with a brown-skinned, middle-eastern born Jew who promoted peace and free health care into believing that a thrice married, unrepentant playboy should be given the nuclear code, all so you can preserve some semblance of relevance. 

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