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May 06, 2016 06:37 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

–Oscar Wilde


16 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread


    Hey, Hick…are you paying attention?


    Pennsylvania DEP Expands Particulate Matter Air Monitoring Network

    HARRISBURG, Pa., April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has launched an unprecedented expansion of the state's fine particulate matter (PM2.5) ambient air monitoring network to ensure human health is protected in rural Pennsylvania.

    "We have heard citizens of this commonwealth express concerns about air quality in areas near natural gas activities," said DEP Secretary John Quigley. "With this expansion, we can better assess the ambient air in the natural gas regions."

    "Focusing on the regions with significant numbers of natural gas compressor stations, we're installing continuous PM2.5 samplers in under-monitored areas of the state," said Quigley. "We simply don't have data on air quality in these areas. We need that data and monitoring capability to help us understand whether or not there are risks or impacts to public health from current air quality in these areas."


      1. Low Turnout is an incumbent's best friend. 

        Hey everyone, did you know Michael Bennet wrote a bill that'll let you renegotiate your student loan?!?

        That message should play well with the Democratic base in Colorado, which overwhelmingly supported Sen. Bernie Sanders for president, a candidate advocating for tuition-free public colleges and universities.

        Bennet's last ad was about as apolitical as possible, touting his intervention in an administrative rule that would have prevented hops used in beer making from being sold to ranchers as feed.

        Gary Hart's chest must swell with pride……….. 

        1. Just saw another ad in whch a mom expresses gratitude to Bennet for helping make better treatment possible for her child with cystic fibrosis. Very powerful. This is not the lame Udall campaign. Every ad so far great, all positive. All smiles. And it's only May. Can't find link to it but here's a link to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

  2. Elon Musk: 'We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry'

    Speaking at the World Energy Innovation Forum at the Tesla Factory in California on Wednesday, Musk claimed that traditional vehicles and energy sources will continue to hold a competitive edge against greener alternatives due to the vast amounts of subsidies they receive.

    The solution to this energy dilemma, Musk says, is to introduce a price on carbon by defining a tax rate on greenhouse gas emissions or the carbon content of fossil fuels.

    “Politicians take the easy path of providing subsidies to electric vehicles, which aren’t equal to the applied subsidies of gasoline vehicles. It weakens the economic forcing function to transition to sustainable transport and energy.”

    1. How do you explain to somebody who doesn't know what theTriad is, why classified data shows thinned to modernize two legs of that triad, the manned bomber fleet and the land-based missile component?  And how do you explain the risk of nuclear proliferation to a nutcase who advocates nuclear proliferation?  Trump is genuinely dangerous.   To those whack jobs who still believe Donald Trump should be leader of the Free World, here is the fact.   If Donald Trump is president, the United States won't be in the free world.

      1. As the official candidate he will be entitled to briefings including classified info and that's scary enough even if he never becomes President.

        It's inconceivable that any responsible Republican in congressional leadership could be supporting this dangerously unqualified, ignorant, loose cannon narcissist with no functioning inner censor as future leader of the free world and Commander in Chief. The only possible explanation, other than craven disregard for the welfare of their own country, their own families and the world, would be that they feel they can afford to pander to their base with their support because they don't believe he can be elected.  

        That's a piss poor excuse, specially considering what this nut case will be privy to as their standard bearer candidate. 

  3. Paradoxically, the main reason I think Bernie was never a Communist is that at one point he was at least associated with the far left, i.e., the Socialist Workers Party.  The Communists , by which I mean CPUSA, weren't a political force by 1980.  They were a museum piece.   The only true Communist I talked too in that period was Dorothy Healey, very much a reformist opposed to William Z. Foster and Gus Hall.

    When the courts ruled the Communists could appear openly on the ballot, Art Buchwald wrote a brilliant column predicting that their candidate for President would be J. Edgar Hoover.  The fact was the party was so riddled by FBI informants that FBI dues and FBI volunteers were the lifeblood of the party.   I remember the late professor Don Mcclurg walking me through a Communist cell whose heart was a little old lady whose tireless bake sales kept the group afloat.  She was, of course, an FBI informant.  It got to the point where many FBI informants were informing on other FBI informants because the real reds had given up the fight.

    As far as the Yipsuhls — Young People's Socialist League — they were pretty much my crowd in Boulder in the 60s, where I was a regular at "Red Square," the corner of the UMC grill where lefties congregated.  Far from being Communist, YPSLs bordered on red-baiters.   Their hero was Walter Reuther who led the fight to purge the UAW of red influence led by what Reuther, in a famous ditty, mocked as "No one else but the gruesome gruesome twosome, George F. Addes and (Nick) Frankenstein.  Real Democratic socialists like Reuther and their allies Hubert Humphrey hated the Communists, who infallibly put Moscow's interest ahead of those of the workers the union was trying to organize.

    Bernie was a college YPSL and his alliance with the SWP stands as an aberration in a record generally devoted to democratic socialism.


    (reposting to a more appropriate thread)

    1. I too don't believe that Bernie was a communist. But it doesn't matter because perception becomes reality in politics.

      Remember how the decorated World War II hero George McGovern was depicted as some kind of pinko pacifist who would sell the country out to his Commie friends?  And remember, Roger Stone, who broke into politics working for CREEP in 1972 is an adviser to Herr Drumpf.

      1. Not to mention war hero John Kerry being Swift boated.   You have it precisely right, Frank.   I Bernie a commie?  No.   Can a guy who was once Trotskyite and who honeymooned in the Soviet Union be smeared as a commie?  Yes, that's attack ad 101 (The camera zooms in on a desolate camp labeled "Vorkuta, a Soviet slave labor camp above the Arctic Circle" then cuts to two young honeymooners wearing "Gulag Tours" sweat shirts.   The rest writes itself.)

    1. Only if they spell voters' names "substantially correct".

      I’m not even sure we need petitions, or ciculators. Just let the candidates print out lists of names and addresses of people they think might be registered to vote …

      1. How many times do I have to tell you.  Money is speech, thus sayeth the supreme court.  Candidates should just write a check to put themselves on the ballot.

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