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April 30, 2016 11:40 AM UTC

"After serving with [Keyser] for a mere year in the legislature, it is still pretty clear he isn't ready for prime time...."

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Rep. Justin Everett (R).
Rep. Justin Everett (R).

In its report on a Denver judge’s decision to allow U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser on the Republican primary ballot, after the Secretary of State had rejected his petitions, The Denver Post’s John Frank and Mark Matthews reported:

Once considered a favorite in the race, Keyser must now overcome other challenges that are injecting questions into this campaign not least among them, the fact he needed a court ruling to keep his campaign alive. [BigMedia emphasis]

It’s unclear just how much of a liability Keyser’s signature-gathering fiasco will be, but the reporters were correct to write that it raises questions–as yet unexplored in detail by journalists–about whether Keyser’s short stint on the campaign trail and in public service has shown him to be competent not only to run a campaign but to be an effective U.S. Senator, to replace Democrat Michael Bennet.

Keyser’s Republican colleague in the Colorado State House, Rep. Justin Everett of Littleton, jumped on Facebook last week to write that Keyser “isn’t ready for prime time,” as evidenced by Keyer’s fundraing troubles, problematic petitions, and other bungles.

Everett: Not to say he won’t cure, suers gonna sue. But what’s interesting here is how close he was in Congressional District 1 (20 signatures), in heavily Republican CD5 (a mere 76 signatures), and CD 6 (75 signatures). If another candidate were to contest the validity of those Congressional Districts, he may be deemed insufficient in other areas. Not to mention his announcement claim that he had $3 million pledged to his campaign but only raised $200K, while contributing $100K of his own money. After serving with him for a mere year in the legislature, it is still pretty clear he isn’t ready for prime time…

“After serving with [Keyser] for a mere year in the legislature, it is still pretty clear he isn’t ready for prime time….”

If you couple that statement with the campaign lapses, you have a bunch of unanswered questions about Keyser’s basic competency that need to be addressed by reporters as the campiagn gears up.


19 thoughts on ““After serving with [Keyser] for a mere year in the legislature, it is still pretty clear he isn’t ready for prime time….”

  1. The BIG issue is money.

    The fraction of registered GOP; Party of Hate® voters paying attention know who all the candidates are.
    The great mass of GOP voters do not.
    It takes money to get name recognition. And the Super PACs are unlikely to play in the primary.
    It also takes time. We are 2 months away from the so-called election "day" for the primary. Is 2 months enough?

    Meanwhile: "Thanks, Senator Bennet" keeps on rolling.

  2. "Not to say he won't cure, suers gonna sue." 

    Maybe he meant "sewers" since that's what Spell Check gives me. Still very profound! What a wordsmith! That's why we keep re-electing Justin in HD 22. He makes us proud!

  3. Moderatus has almost as much credibility, insight, depth, and common sense as Justin Everett …

    … I guess that when the GOP has been reduced to nothing but a nut bowl …

  4. "After serving with [Keyser] for a mere year in the legislature, it is still pretty clear he isn’t ready for prime time….”   says the representative who rarely showed up for his elected job at the capitol in 2014.  Only reason this yahoo was re-elected is there are too many folks in the Littleton district who will vote for a horse's patoot as long as it is labeled R.

    Everett is definitely feeling his oats right now.  He led the ultra-conservative charge this week in house committee to defeat the primary election bill (Everett & company’s efforts failed).  Biggest complaint of them all: they don't trust their party's leadership.   Guess Everett is trying to move energetically (he found some!!!!) towards leadership.  Heaven help us! 



  5. First off, there isn't much link between being ready to be a Senator and having a well run campaign.  Second, although Everett is a good guy, he is hardly neutral when it comes to Keyser.  Third, Jason, going to Everett for a quote on an article like this is a sign of desperation.  

    1. yes, Elliot, i should have pointed out that Everett was backing Neville. Not sure too many other lawmakers would talk about Keyser.You gotta give Everett credit for speaking his mind on this and most any other topic.

    2. How the hell is quoting one of Keyser's colleagues a "sign of desperation?" Everett posted this on Facebook.

      I know, I know, you iGOP types have got to stick together. But don't look like an idiot doing it.

      1. Different faction.  Everett has criticized Keyser on everything and anything for months. Quoting him on Keyser is like going to the Arapahoe County Tea Party for a neutral opinion on whether Obama was born in the US.

      2. How the hell is quoting one of Keyser's colleagues a "sign of desperation?" 

        Probably just a rhetorical tick EF must have picked up from Modster. 

    3. Interesting thought Elliot.  But I think it works in reverse as well.  Former Senator Mark Udall was certainly one of the top ten legislators in the Senate (I think he was in the top 5 at least).  But if you don't run a good campaign, well, you can't get to be a Senator, as Mark Udall learned two years ago.  It's the rare person who can do both.  Frankly, I think the last one was Hank Brown, but then he quit after one term, I'm sure because he hated it.  A sad commentary on the state of our political system.

    4. There is nothing unfair in asking Everett for a comment though perhaps the article should have stated that he supported Neville. However, if Jason Salzman contacted a lot more of Keyser's Republican peers in the legislature, they would gladly comment "off the record" and echo Everett's assessment of Keyser – but I can almost guarantee you those GOP legislators don't have the guns and guts to go on record. That said, it's amazing that Mr. Keyser made the ballot – and the judge seems confused, it was NOT as issue of fraud. It was an issue of upholding the law, and updating your voter registration and then, signing petitions that were certified as CORRECT. Only those peititions were NOT correct because of the petition carrier's failure to update his registration the campaign just didn't validate the legal accuracy. It is unfair to disparage Secretary of State Wayne Williams and his office – they did their jobs to the letter of the law and state Constitution.


  6. If Keyser were such a great candidate, we'd hear about all of his accomplishments and breadth of experiences, as Darryl Glenn basically put it. Who at this point has stepped up to prove Everett or any of Keyser’s detractors wrong? This includes Keyser himself, as far as I’m concerned. He makes a weak at best case for himself as the next Colorado US Senator.


    "you have a bunch of unanswered questions about Keyser’s basic competency that need to be addressed by reporters as the campaign gears up"


    So true, and kudos to Colorado Pols for not only taking Keyser (and others in this race) to task, but also for calling the media on the carpet for ignoring the ginormous elephant in the room called Keyser's gaping qualification gap.

    1. Generally, a serious campaign has surrogates and spokespeople that are obviously and publicly available for comment, especially when there's a hint of the media narrative going sour. There's not a lot of indication of how much work went into getting quotes, but it's the campaign's job to work the full court press to counter something that looks like a hatchet job. 


      The lack of push-back despite a wealth of presumably sympathetic venues shows how much the campaign lacks in comparison to the well-funded operations it's running against. 

  7. Everett isn't pointing out anything I (and others) didn't point out when news of Keyser's initial failure to make the ballot first surfaced. Keyser did "the minimum", and I'm sure we don't want that, do we?

    1. How many voters would invest in a guy who couldn't fulfill his trusted responsibilities in the state legislature for a year, and suddenly wants to run for US Senate? Egomaniac? Not a vote endearing quality, Keyser.

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