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April 28, 2016 03:19 PM UTC

BREAKING: Blaha, Frazier Both Disqualified from Primary Ballot

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: It sounds like Ryan Frazier will be challenging the Secretary of State’s ruling:


UPDATE: It will be interesting to see if either Blaha or Frazier (or both) now get involved in Jon Keyser’s legal challenge. If Keyser remains off the ballot, then Blaha and Frazier would have a bigger list of signers to include on their lists (check here for more information).


From the Secretary of State’s office:

U.S. Senate candidates Robert Blaha and Ryan Frazier were declared insufficient to appear on the Republican primary ballot, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced today.

They were required to gather 1,500 signatures from Republican voters in each of Colorado’s seven congressional districts for a total of 10,500 signatures per candidate. The Secretary of State’s office conducted a line-by-line review of their petitions.

Blaha, a Colorado Springs businessman, submitted 17,844 petition signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. Of that, 10,507 were deemed valid. He was short in three congressional districts.

Frazier, a former Aurora City Council member, submitted 18,581 petition signatures. Of that, 11,108 were deemed valid. He was short in four congressional districts.

Signatures were rejected for a variety of reasons, including the signer was not a Republican, the signer’s address did not match voter registration records, duplicate signatures and notary errors.

Blaha came up short 151 signatures in CD-1, 169 in CD-3, and 49 in CD-6 (here is the signature report for Robert Blaha).

Frazier was short 52 signatures in CD-1, six in CD-2, 306 in CD-3, and 44 in CD-6 (here is the signature report for Ryan Frazier).


22 thoughts on “BREAKING: Blaha, Frazier Both Disqualified from Primary Ballot

  1. They are toast.
    This is why you need a 4 slice toaster.

    There is no way to make up 150 signatures in a district.

    So, we have a 2-person primary.
    One rich white guy vs one poor black guy. Jeez, that sounds terrible doesn't it.
    How about one right-wing nutjob vs another right-wing nutjob.

    My betting money is on Darryl to win the primary. I know who I am voting for.

    1. Actually Daryl Glenn will win because he's a religious nut and the other guy – who is apparently pro-choice – will be labeled a baby killer and a squishy RINO. It won't even be close.

      1. But if Keyser gets on, which seems likely to me given the error, then it could be "moderate" Keyser who isn't pro-choice who wins.  He could be tough for Bennet in the fall.

      1. Graham,

        Darryl's zipper problems will be his undoing when he loses the social conservative base.

        Even though Graham is pro-choice he has money, if John Edwards couldn't buy himself out of a cheating scandal, you better believe a candidate with no money certainly can't.

        1. Do tell.  Darryl's "zipper problems"? Shocked, shocked I tell you, to consider that a bible-thumping religious zealot might succumb to temptations of the flesh.

          C'mon, dish.

        2. Please explain this one… hate to admit, I have never heard this about him though I certainly knew about former El Paso County Sheriff Maketa's dalliances… even ran into him with these women (individually) at the supermarket late at night. But not Darryl and his supposed girlfriends. Wow!

  2. Both of them are unknowns to me for my issues (environment, public lands protection, individual rights, true religious freedom (not the phony "freedom garbage" peddled by the religious right)). I'll have to wait and see what comes out in the next month in way of useful, or useable, information.   C.H.B.

  3. So basically this is coming down to a Judge picking who gets on the ballot. Keyser's campaign messed up on a technicality that the petition company should have handled, but so what, right? I would assume the GOP is footing the bill to defend the supposed establishment pick. Frazier said he's going to challenge, and I assume Blaha will too. Why not? Doesn't the argument of "disenfranchising" the total amount  of people with valid sigs who signed the petitions for Frazier and Blaha apply to them as it does for Keyser's signers? Frazier and Blaha DID get the total, just not what was required in every district. If details don't count for one guy, why should they for the others? Maybe they should challenge Keyser's signatures in the districts where he just barely eeked through?

    At this point, the whole Colorado GOP is a flaming dumpster fire, as suggested here about Keyser's campaign  few days ago.

    1. I would put long odds on any of them getting back on the ballot.  In this part of the process, rules are rules and if you admit that your petition gatherer really didn't live in the right district, your toast.

    2. Yes, Keyser hired the state GOP lawyer to defend his petitions. However, the petitions on the Western Slope in question were fielded by a man who certified those petitions with his address on the Western Slope. Problem is his voter registration had been in El Paso County and it hadn't been updated. When you handle a petition, you are instructed on these rules – you must be honest and truthfully state your address and voter registration. The campaign (or their petition manager) is responsible for validating that information on every petition before having the petition notarized and given to the Secretary of State.

       As for Frazier, there are so many holes in his petitions by congressional districts that it seems like a very tough uphill battle. Blaha had fewer problems. 

      You are right in asking why Keyser should be given a pass if Blaha and Frazier aren't going to be treated with the same kid gloves manner. If the judge rules in favor of any or all of them it opens the floodgates to lawsuits from candidates whose petitions in the past were not certified for the same reasons. Classic example: Former state Sen. Tom Wiens in 2008 GOP US Senate race who had a very similar situation to Keyser and company. Wiens was one of the top candidates in that race.

        1. That was wild! And the worse state GOP assembly ever – running out of food and water at the World Arena in CSprings while campaign operatives tried like hell to get their delegates back to vote again!

  4. Graham will have the money advantage, no? And the Rams Nation?

    A pro-choice Republican Senate candidate with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket. Will conservative Republicans even vote in Colorado this year?

    1. The better question is with Hillary Clinton on the ballot will Wall Street even get behind any Republican Senate candidates or go hard D across the board?

    2. Most of the student body of Rams Nation are not GOP primary voters (libby lib college students after all), and the rubes up in FoCo hate Graham for pushing the on-campus stadium, so he's already lost Larimer County.  

  5. Other candidates challenging hurt Keyser, like I said this is an Equal Protection issue, if you can't follow the law you don't deserve to get on the ballot.

    Doesn't matter if you claim to have kicked in so many doors that your looking at boot endorsements or you accidentally got all your signatures at a gay pride parade 80 miles outside the district you are running for.

  6. Who will have the edge in the primary – Glenn or Graham? Who would be the stronger candidate against Bennet? Does either of those two Republicans support Trump?

  7. Glenn could fall into line with Trump, and Graham could try playing the same outsider card, but I don't think either would come out and endorse. I think both start on equal terms as to their support, Graham's got the money edge and could out-message Glenn. Hard to say who comes out on top. 

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