Kiss of Death: Gardner Switches Endorsement To Losin’ Ted Cruz

UPDATE: What does it mean when the losing candidate picks a running mate?

Answer: Diddly squat. Sorry, Carly Fiorina.


A marriage of convenience.

A marriage of convenience.

A press release from Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign today announces the endorsement of Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, who was left high and dry after his first choice Marco Rubio dropped out of the race:

“Ted Cruz has always been a fierce defender of the Constitution and a tireless advocate for conservative principles,” said Senator Gardner. “He has spent his entire career fighting for the men and women of this country and pushing back against the special interests in Washington. Ted is the only candidate who will change the way Washington works and restore the balance of power back to the American people. It’s time for Republicans to rally behind this campaign in order to put forth the best candidate to stop Hillary Clinton in November. I am confident Ted Cruz is that person and I’m thrilled to endorse him for President.”

“Cory has spent his time in Congress focused on improving the economy, creating jobs, and fighting for the people of Colorado,” said Cruz. “He has stood up and been a strong advocate for conservative principles like stopping the train wreck that is Obamacare and this dangerous deal the Obama administration struck with Iran. I am honored to have Cory’s support and look forward to working together to continue to coalesce Republicans around this campaign.”

Mutual admiration in today’s statement aside, Gardner’s endorsement of Cruz is just another sign of the desperation establishment Republicans are increasingly gripped with as frontrunner Donald Trump continues to win primary after primary. Before Cruz became the last hope to stop Trump, he had a reputation of being the least popular member of the U.S. Senate–a man with more influence among the “Tea Party Caucus” in the House than within his own chamber. That didn’t stop Gardner from invoking Cruz’s devotion to the cause of repealing Obamacare during his own run for the Senate, but Gardner has certainly fallen more on the establishment wide of the U.S. Senate GOP majority than Cruz’s since taking office.

And after Trump’s clean sweep of yesterday’s Northeast primaries, accelerating his pace to clinch the Republican nomination ahead of the party’s convention in July, Gardner’s endorsement looks like a “too little, too late” attempt to rehabilitate a loser.

Which is pretty much what happened with Marco Rubio.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Republicans are not interested in Colorado Pols opinion. Your only purpose is to demoralize Republicans, and since we know that we don't care what you say. Why don't you talk about Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders?

    • Duke Cox says:

      Um…'cause she didn't?

    • Republican 36 says:

      You are absolutely correct. Most Republicans aren't interested in Coloradopols' opinion but people like Senator Gardner should be interested in the opinions of Colorado Republicans but apparently he isn't. A poll was taken April 5-6, 2016 of Colorado Republicans and here are the results:

      Trump   44%

      Cruz      34%

      Kasich   17%

      Undec.    5%

      And in a head-to-head match-up between Trump and Cruz here are the results:

      Trump    48%

      Cruz       42%

      It looks like Senator Gardner is on the wrong side again and it is certain that although Cruz won all the delegates at the Republican state convention, the convention did not reflect the opinion of Colorado Republicans. 

      Like it or not, the Republican Party will nominate Mr. Trump in July. If there is a second ballot in Cleveland which is doubtful, the Colorado Cruz delegates should begin shifting their support to Mr. Trump since that is who Colorado Republicans truly favor.

    • BlueCat says:

      Look who's back? Now please explain how getting the most grass roots votes, a clear majority in a two person race,  by close to 2 and a half million resulting in the most pledged delegates (if super delegates didn't exist HRC would still be way ahead) constitutes "stealng"? I will not be holding my breath awaiting your explanation. Maybe you should just have  drink and go back to sleep in your mom's basement?

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Moddy, what happened to your BFF, John Keyser?

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        He's not interested in your opinion. Your only purpose is demoralize the stupid fucker. He knows that (the demoralize part, he's still in denial about the stupid fucker part).  He doesn't care what you say about Keyser, Governor Gessler, of Vice President Gardner Fiorina (or gravity, or the shape of the earth that was created in six days).  You're wasting your electrons, Moddy's on to you and me. 

    • TobiasFunke says:

      You care so little, you're here every day to tell us just how much you don't care.

      That'll show us, Moddy.

  2. laawaaquepuss says:

    I was starting to wonder if the altitude limited guy was in hiding with his money men somewhere in Africa or Pakistan.  Now that he has cleared his head he goes with the choice of a long shot.  Good for him.

    • Duke Cox says:

      Our junior senator, ever the shrewd operator, has decided, and I think rightly so, that his career as Koch industry executive and mouthpiece would be in jeopardy if he supported his Hairness. Senator Gardner (R-Getyourwallet) will almost always be found at the deep end of the trough.

  3. ohwilleke says:

    Now, Gardner gets to make a third press release endorsing Trump in July.  Trump supporters will then find it hard to hate him.  But, Cruz supporters will remember this endorsement, and former Rubio supporters will remember that endorsement.

    Why endorse just once when you can do it three times and please more people?

  4. Mike W. says:

    Cory Gardner, "Senator" from Colorado, endorsing the guy who chose the woman who inspired a terrorist as his running mate (not to mention all the nuking the Middle East talk). Gardner should go back to whatever corner of the state he came from, the only service he could do for Colorado is to be forgotten.

  5. DaftPunk says:

    What did Junior hope to gain by this?

    He loses any claim to being a moderate, he endorses an inevitable loser who embodies the Colorado GOP establishment's rejection of caring one bit about the voters' will, and only earns points with the Senator least likely to ever accomplish anything (due to the personal animus he engenders in anyone unfortunate enough to make his acquaintance.)

    Has Con-Man Cory noted that Elizabeth Warren has not made a Democratic primary endorsement?  What do you lose by staying silent?

    • BlueCat says:

      He doesn't need to ge reelected for a long time so I wouldn't expect this to amount to much for him politically speaking one way or the other.  He's not a Rep who has to get reelected every two years anymore and this will all be old news by his next election. Other factors will be more important four years from now, another presidential election year.

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