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December 03, 2008 06:05 PM UTC

On The Far Right Dial

  • by: Go Blue

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

How crazy are right-wing talk show hosts like Peter Boyles for “entertaining” fabricated stories like the one over Obama’s birth certificate?

Every single day since the election many right-wingers, much like the delusional Marilyn Musgrave, are having a hard time coming to grips with reality and admitting defeat, so instead of moving on they are continuing their disgusting smear campaign of President-elect Obama with complete lies.

From Colorado Media Matters

From the December 1 broadcast of 630 KHOW-AM’s The Peter Boyles Show:

   BOYLES: Let me ask you a question. And this one has been haunting me, OK. Rush Limbaugh is in total silence on this issue — the so-called “Doctor of Democracy.” Laura Ingraham — total silence on this. Now, here, she’s a radio powerhouse and was, of course, a clerk to [Supreme Court] Justice Clarence Thomas. She is not talking about the birth certificate issue at all. Bill O’Reilly. Sean Hannity. Now, these guys — I mean, Hannity tackles every controversial subject under the sun.

   Now, is there something wrong with me? And is there something right with them that they don’t see this as a question? This is a serious self-criticism that I’ve asked myself over the weekend.

As Colorado Media Matters noted after Boyles hosted Berg on his October 9, October 23, and October 29 broadcasts, the Obama campaign posted a copy of Obama’s birth certificate on its “Fight the Smears” website and reportedly provided the original document to, whose staff concluded in an August 21 post that it “meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.” Furthermore, the Hawaii Department of Health has confirmed that the birth certificate the Obama campaign posted on its website is “a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,” and a department spokeswoman has called the speculation about Obama’s citizenship “pretty ridiculous.”

Indeed, even the right-wing website WorldNetDaily reported on August 23 that a “WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic.”

There you have it Mr. Boyles. There is something very wrong with you. You can’t come to grips with reality. Seek help.

And a tip of the hat to Jay Marvin for taking on this completely ridiculous and insane issue this morning.  


78 thoughts on “On The Far Right Dial

  1. if he wasn’t providing legitimacy to the lunacy by airing it all the time. He should stick to trying to find JonBenet Remasey’s killer, or being a Lou Dobbs wannabe on immigration.

      1. The DNC infiltrated the Hawaii records department, created a birth certificate, then had all the people in that department who new of the hijinks eliminated via strange accidents.

        1. “Obama traveled back in time to alter the Honolulu Advertiser birth announcement.”

          This is just embarrassing at this point. Boyles has gone completely off his god-damned rocker.  

  2. Blue, is it a slow news day or what?

    You (and your lefty buddies) are just NOW catching on to Boyle’s treatment of this topic?  The dude has been at this since late October.  

    By the way, if Boyle’s is a “right winger”, than I’m Dan Rather, in a sense.  How can you say that Boyle’s is a right winger?  Have you or Media Matters even listened to his show?  He’s a burned out ex-hippie whose heroe is Cesar Chavez.  Even though he makes me want to rip out my car stereo and toss it on I-25, I still catch him from time to time, and I’ve NEVER once pegged him as a far right whacko.

    What’s wrong Blue?  You don’t want to discuss Obama’s choices of “change” in DC with Clinton, Gates, Richardson being appointed?  

    1. …but certainly favoring a very conservative position.  At least back when I would listen ca. 2001.

      The fact that Laura Ingrahm clerked with Justice Thomas sounds like some kind of farce or Greek tragedy.  A joke upon a joke.  

    2. Re-read the diary. I cleary wrote that “they (right-wing talk shows hosts)are continuing their disgusting smear campaign of President-elect Obama with complete lies,” hence it must have begun during the campaign.

      Boyles is a one trick pony. Label him what you will, but this non-sense seems to only be occurring with the fringe right; hence Boyles feels right at home stirring that pot.  

    3. Anyone who has listened to Peter Boyles as much as we have ( http://colorado.mediamatters.o… ) over the past two-plus years can see that behind the “regular guy” or nonaligned label that he gives himself is someone who frequently uses right-wing misinformation and bigoted speech to promote his very conservative ideas on immigration and other issues.

      This is someone who on the air referred to Democrats as “pigs” ( http://colorado.mediamatters.o… ). Boyles has promoted or made bigoted remarks about Hispanics, the homeless, Muslims, Arabs, gays and others. He has hosted numerous guests with ties to white nationalist organizations and praised their work — ironic given his friendship with the late Alan Berg. Boyles’ program was an originator of the myth — later made infamous when 60 Minutes debunked Lou Dobbs’ use of it — that illegal immigrants are responsible for a surge in leprosy cases in the United States.

      So, don’t buy this BS that Boyles isn’t conservative. He’s as conservative as they come, both in his methods and in his approach to issues.

      Bill Menezes

      Editorial Director

      Colorado Media Matters

      1. I’m conservative, and I think Boyles is off base more often than not.

        I believe he’s off base on this, but I wish that the man I voted for to be President would be more forthcoming on some of his personal records.  I don’t find that unreasonable – I’d like to feel secure that due to some goofy technicality (that I’d actually be in favor of changing) that I’m saddled with a nothing like Pelosi as my leader.

        If Boyles is such a conservative, how do you explain his undying loyalty to big Labor?

        He’s a muckraker.  He should be, as far as his boss is concerned – he’s trying to generate ratings.

          1. Also, Obama is the first President in recent history, anyway, born to a father that wasn’t a US citizen.  

            To me, the naturalized thing is a bit outdated.  We might actually be better off having someone (I’m not referring to Obama) who was born somewhere else and knows how totally fucking lazy and soft we are here in the US to get us to snap out of our entitlement slide.

            1. Now you’re really reaching, LB.  But the fact is the overwhelming majority don’t know or care about the alleged birth certificate controversy and Obama is kind of busy right now.  

              His birth is as much a clear matter of public record as anyone else’s and there isn’t any reason he should spend a fraction of a second of his time “proving” anything about it to anyone at this point.  

              It’s not a problem for him. So if you don’t think he’s done enough to “to put it to bed”, LB, I suspect his answer would be “Tough shit.  I got elected President.  I’ve got a 75% approval rating for my cabinet picks.  Kiss my ass.”

              1. The more I think about it, the more I think that an American wouldn’t dignify this crap with an answer at all.  If some guy was following me around constantly questioning my citizenship I’d probably turn around and pop ’em one.  Fuck posting anything.

                As for common knowledge, how do we know that GWB isn’t actually Canadian?  Connecticut?  Likely story.

              2. Factcheck is good enough for me, but it’s not an arm of the government.  I’ve already posted on this way more than I care about it.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I just would prefer him to unseal his college records, etc.  He’s my employee, after all.

                Again, it’s not a big deal.  He already won (with my help).

                The Constitution dictates that he be a natural-born citizen.  It’s not a pain in his ass to produce a BC, it should be an honor for him.

                1. I was talking about his birth certificate which is a matter of public record.  It’s been “produced”.  Do you want him to mail you the original or what?  You are completely off base on this birth certificate thing.  

                  Apparently his proof of birth has been enough to get him into the Illinois State Senate, the US Senate and to the presidency.

                  Obama has NOTHING to prove in that regard.  Anybody can accuse anybody else of anything. If you accuse me of being an alien from another galaxy on the basis of absolutely nothing, I’m not going to feel obligated to “prove” I’m not.  

                  That’s my last comment on this utterly STUPID subject! I’ll just add this to my list of inexplicable views in an otherwise intelligent person.    

                  1. I’ve said all along that:

                    A. I think it’s BS.

                    B. That I wouldn’t have a problem with the guy if he had happened to be born outside the US.

                    C. Anyone who’s a “truther” like this Berg douche deserves to be kicked in the nuts more than they deserve to be listened to.

                    My issue is that I have no sympathy for folks that acting like he’s getting the third degree for having to produce a valid original BC.


                    I work with thousands of kids – some born outside the US, the vast majority natural citizens.  I have never had a kid not be able to get me an original BC within a month.  Ever.

                    1. Sorry. I think you are inaccurate. Define a “original BC.”…what are kids outside the US producting?  The certificate posted here looks exactly like the document one gets from the State of Colorado if one requests a copy of their birth certificate.  

                      Obama has produced a valid certificate of birth in Hawaii. If you chose not to accept it, that is your problem, not his, not anyone else’s.

                    2. I already said that I accepted FactCheck’s analysis of it.

                      FactCheck is not the government.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow with Keyes’ suit.

                      The whole thing is most likely a big dry hump.

                      PS I get BCs from Mexico, Guatemala, even the Ivory Coast.  

                    3. Here’s the view from Ed Morrissey over at HotAir.  I think it’s pretty representative of the bulk of Republicans:

                      I’m sure the comments section will fill with various conspiracy theories over Indonesian school records, Kenyan births, and so on.  None of it – absolutely none – has any real, solid evidence showing that Obama was born anywhere else than Hawaii apart from sheer speculation and hearsay, and even less evidence that Obama’s stepfather renounced Obama’s birthright citizenship, which he didn’t have the power to do anyway.  It’s a conspiracy theory spun by conspiracy theorists (Philip Berg is a 9/11 truther) who use their normal thresholds of evidence for this meme.

                      Unfortunately, the Supreme Court can’t kill the conspiracy theories.  It can only kill the lawsuits, which is what they will almost certainly do tomorrow when they meet.

                2. Again, it’s not a big deal.  He already won (with my help).

                  John McCain cries a single tear down his cheek. Then he looks wistfully into the Arizona sunset and grits his teeth in dismay.

                    1. Imagine if he’d run just as the “moderate” part-Democrat and such that the media loved so much. Trust that the base will mostly support him anyway just because he’s a Republican, no matter what he does, and go after the centrists as a triangulator, like Clinton did.

                      This is what I was afraid McCain would do. Instead he just had a huge public breakdown, and then another one every week until the end of the campaign. But what was the winning strategy for him?

                    2. If the McCain of 2000 had run, the one liked and admired by moderates, indies and many, many Dems, he would have been almost impossible to beat by either Obama, HRC or any of the other Dem options for 2008. Dems are VERY lucky the old McCain was a no show.  The old McCain couldn’t have won the nomination but he could have and should have switched back for the general. Most voters don’t pay any attention until then anyway.

              3. Bill Clinton has never decisively addressed the Mena drug ring, or explained exactly why he killed those two teenagers who found out about it by running them over with a train.

                And George H.W. Bush has never conclusively given a paternity test on Jennifer Fitzgerald’s children, or what he did with all his father’s Nazi gold.

                And the Jews who worked in the World Trade Center have never conclusively established just why they all took a day off work on 9/11.

                Nutjobs will never ever be satisfied with the reasonable explanation.

                1. You know, born in the Canal Zone and what rules were in place with State at the time. It’s not as simple as the face of it.

                  Here’s the deal: Accept that Obama is an American citizen by birth and I’ll accept that McCain is, too.  

                  1. I just don’t like the fact that he’s kept records sealed.  He fucking works for me – his college records are relevant.

                    At least they might be in 2012.  I can wait…

                    1. when Boosh finds his DUI and his AWOL records.  

                      You do know that Bush got a very, very rare new drivers license when he became governor.  I don’t mean the physical piece of plastic, but a new “witness protection” version.  A fresh start.  

      2. “Racist” = “Conservative.”  Tell a big enough lie often enough, and people will begin to believe it.  Don’t let reality or sense stop you – keep charging with it, Hoss.

      1. are individuals like Boyles who have nothing better to discuss (like say the economy, health care, education… real issues) than fabrications which sells to their tin foil hat wearing audience. Do you not fund it crazy that with everything going on in this country, this fabrication is his show’s sole focus?

        1. Boyles’ only job is to drive listeners to his show.

          Honestly, why doesn’t Obama just shove an original copy of his BC up their asses by giving it to a court, or the Electoral College?

          Why are his college records still sealed, etc?

          I think it’s a BS story, but he could make it go away with five minutes on the phone.

          1. You’re right, this shouldn’t even be an issue but according to right-wingers like Boyles in this country you’re guilty till proven innocent.

            If he wants to waste time on this issue while Rome burns… fuck em.  

            1. Boyles is about as much of a right-winger as you are.  Seriously.

              The Right Wing Republicans think this is a bunch of bullshit, just like the 9/11 crap is.

              Now, it is curious why Obama hasn’t just put it to bed, but I’ll just sit back and watch the car accident, thank you…

              1. How can Obama put it to rest???? Any document he produces is called bogus!…all over the public airwaves…

                Now we are going to get the crzies “talking points” “Now it is curious why Obama hasn’t just put it to rest.” …just keep repreating that…

                You get your rocks off watching car accidents????

                I was just beginning to like you, LB….or maybe I thought you were really Lauren Becall

                1. The metaphorical car accident is the dialogue between the fringes on both sides. That’s all.

                  Honestly? The whole thing is silly. Do you have an original copy of your birth cettificate? I do. Obama said in his book he has one. Just show it and let’s move on. Obama is perpetuating this by keeping certain records sealed and not just bringing his bc to someone in the courts or the media who can authenticate it and shut everyone up.

                  Trust me, the last thing on the whole world I want is President Pelosi or President Biden.  

                  1. It’s about as detailed as Obama’s.  The state of NJ gave it to me in person on my way to the NY passport office for an expedited passport.  The U.S. Government had no problem accepting it as an official document – just like they don’t have any problem with Obama’s.

                    So I’m confused by your request: the State of Hawaii has issued a statement indicating that a “Certificate of Live Birth” is their official issued “birth certificate” document and that Obama’s certificate is legitimate.  And Obama’s certificate states directly on its face that it constitutes prima facie evidence of birth in the State of Hawaii.  WTF do you want from him?  Some document the state isn’t going to produce?

                    1. He should produce an original copy to the powers that be at the EC when the time comes, and I wish he’d unseal his college records.

                      I appreciate the fact that he gave a copy to factcheck, but they aren’t the government.

                      It will be one of the biggest surprises of my life if he wasn’t born in HI, but it will be one of the smallest if he claimed something goofy on his college app. to get a better deal.

                    2. I’ve checked everything I can find about the birth certificate issue and the Hawaii Health Director said that Obama’s birth certificate is the same as every other person born in Hawaii.  She also said state law bars releasing birth certificates to anyone who doesn’t have a tangible interest in it, so Obama’s isn’t “sealed” any more than any other citizen’s.  

                      Now you’re talking about his college records being sealed. Where did you get that information? Are his college records “sealed” any differently than yours and mine, which are protected from release by federal educational privacy laws?

                      I agree with Go Blue: Nothing Obama does will stop these stupid attacks. The wingnuts say, “Produce your birth certificate!” He puts his birth certificate on the internets, and the wingers say, “It’s not the original!” Pursuant to state law, the State of Hawaii won’t send his birth certificate to the wingers who ask, and they say, “He’s sealed his birth certificate!” Now let me guess: Obama didn’t go get a copy of his college application, and his college won’t release it because of privacy laws, so the wingnuts say, “He’s sealed his college records!”

                      LB, I know you’re not a wingnut. That’s why I’m asking for your source on this “sealed college records” thing, because it sounds like more of the same garbage as the birth certificate stuff.

              2. If it’s not this lie it will be another. No point in appeasing the far right since it’s impossible if you’re a Democrat.

                Boyles is a right-winger to me. His authoritarian view of our country reminds me of McCarthy.

              3. How a many times does it have to be produced and published, including right here, in order to “put it to bed”?  Naturally the right will just say they don’t believe it’s real.  What’s he supposed to to do? Invite everyone over to view the hard copy and dig up someone who can attest to it’s authenticity?   Surprised at you LB. It’s been “put to bed” many times over for everyone except nut jobs and their ignorant fans.

          2. Because the Average American is listening to this and thinking Jesus God, these Republicans really ARE nutwing wackos.

            Boyles has no idea how ridiculous he seems when he continues to bring up this subject.

            1. he either thinks it has legs and is good for ratings or is true:

              None of that stopped Berg from stoking the conspiracy theorists. On Oct. 16, an Anabaptist minister named Ron McRae called Sarah Hussein Obama, the president-elect’s 86-year-old paternal step-grandmother, at her home in Kenya. Two translators were on the line when McRae asked if the elder Obama was “present” when the president-elect was born. One of the translators says “yes.” McRae contacted Berg and gave him a partial transcript of the call with a signed affidavit. He opted not to include the rest of the call, in which he asks the question more directly-“Was he born in Mombassa?”-and the translators, finally understanding him, tell him repeatedly that the president-elect was born in Hawaii.

              I’m glad some online sources are pointing out the lies perpetuated by these nuts but where is the conventional media on this?

              At least Olbermann ridicules the right-wing:

  3. What Boyles has done is to promote the notion that Obama is not legitimate, and promote that among people who are ignorant and angry.  That scares the holy hell out of me. For those of us who remember not just Kennedy, but the Alan Berg assassination, using lies to stir the pot is bad business.

    The real issue here is: Can the public airwaves be used to lie to the public? What is the recourse?

    Here are the lies:

    1)  Obama could spend $12 and produce a “legitimate copy of his birth certificate.” Fact: The certificate posted  is what Public Health Records use to document birth.

    2)  Obama could produce a list of his firms’s clients. Fact:

    The clients of a legal firm cannot be revealed because of client-attorney privilege.

    the rest of the crap can be refuted, but the above are out and out lies.

    Boyles used two clever techniques. One is to create doubt by making up scenarios and then presenting them as questions. The other is to state that he believes that Obama will be inaugurated because the courts will not act. So, he covers his butt and sets up a riddle which cannot be solved.

    And of course, he refused to have attorneys on his show who could define legal documents and legal status.

    i originally thought that this campaign would wind up in the Supreme Court and give them a hook to hang the dems.

    Now, I think that if the dems try and introduce a version of the Fairness Doctrine, which would require that lies could be refuted on air and if successfully refuted, could not be repeated…..the repubs would yell that Obama was trying to subpress the truth…

    And what goes with the Russian lawyer who is all involved with Allen Keyes?????  And since when are lawyers allowed to give out the telephone number of the court( which is supposed to hear a case which the lawyer is going to file) in an attempt to influence the judges/justices?????  Russian lawyer quoted Pravda  as a source for Obama’s illegitimacy.

    Boyles is an opportunist. Revenue and ratings. Right wing, left wing, it doesn’t matter…just spell his name right.

    If OReilly would just call, maybe Boyles would shut the f#@% up.

    1. Is that Obama has a lot of shit to do right now.

      Seems like he’s just a little to busy to take on the full time job of refuting nonsense from crazies like Boyles.  People like Boyles just come up with other nonsense – its endless and pointless to engage them.

      This type of bullshit just dosen’t merit a response.  There is too much serious stuff to do right now.

      If Boyles had one ounce of patriotism he would recognize the election is over and let those chosen to govern to, um, GOVERN. This is what all the grownups have done.

          1. it took me two years to figure out how to do the quotes….now you guys are using italics…no wonder I can’t figure out the secret password or the handshake……

  4. Remember Boyles is representative of that segment of the population who thought they had an everlasting validation of their otherwise pathetic, useless existence in their self-identification with Unka Karl’s permanent republican majority, only to see it come down in tatters after 8 years of one of the most incompetent, inept if not downright corrupt administrations in the history of this nation. They are reaping the bitter fruit of the artificial divides they created to exploit for powers sake and find themselves wanderers in the political wasteland for a period which may exceed the exodus, and the best they could do for their ticket in the last election was a doddering old man living on the last few remnants of a valorous youth and a joke from the frozen north.

  5. Conservatives used to call liberals tin hat conspiracy nuts for suggesting that Bush/Cheney would destroy the economy, use the Patriot Act to destroy the Constitution, or that war profiteering occurred in Iraq.

    Most of the right wing radicals still believe that Bill CLinton was repsonsible for Vince Foster’s death, even though such Clinton haters as Ken Starr rejected the notion as ludicrous.  

    On January 21st the Republicans will claim that the 10 trillion national debt (and growing) is all Obama’s fault.

    Media like Boyles, and to some degree Rosen, make money off of promoting bias and division. Facts are judged by their personal dollars and cents, not based in reality.

  6. And is now insulting.  My personal preference for him being more open about releasing personal records has nothing to do with whether I think he’s eligible to be President, and some of these assholes are trying to make this the Republican version of “Gore really won the election” or “9/11 was an inside job”.

    Well, fuck off.  I don’t have any more patience for it.  He’s an American President, and we need to quit dicking around with this garbage and get to work.

      1. Government licenses the public airwaves-broadcast media-thereby controlling who can use the public airwaves…broadcast companies holding the licenses have NO obligation to tell the truth and no obligation to correct misstatements, errors, lies, or misrepresentations….they can keep off the air anyone who disagrees with them…they can ridicule anyone who presents evidence contrary to the big lies…the current administration and the losers of the past election all benefit from the current lies told on the radio..

        Do you think that is fair, LB?  You like the government controlling the airwaves??? You might have loved Hitler’s (or as boyles calls him..Die Fuhrer) propaganda strategy….tell a lie often enough and people begin to believe it is the truth…

        1. …really hurt the Dems this cycle.

          The airwaves are regulated by the government, but the content is dictated by the market.  The government has no business meddling in political content of radio shows.  None.

          If enough people wanted to listen to left-wing radio, someone would make money at it, and there would be more choices.

          This BC thing is a great example.  Both middle right and left think it’s silly, and a waste of time, yet look at the listenership Boyles has generated with it.

          1. Ya, the government does have the right to regulate “content.”  Remember the FCC fine for the “wardrobe malfunction?”

            You spell out right wing radio talking points as if you were the only one hearing them.

            The issue with public airwaves is ACCESS not CONTENT….all political perspectives do not have Access to the public airwaves and that is not fair…

            Now then, let us not talk about “market,” lets talk about the real tool which is MARKETING….do you think  corporations want a fair discussion on the radio??? Or, do you think that they buy time on radio programs which promote their point of view… what is being MARKETED is a republican point of view which has traditionally been more favorable to business/corporations/churches…

            dems did okay this cycle….I think for a variety of reasons…two of which are pertinent here.  One is that the cphone…texting, etc… now approaching radio is terms of being mobile, cheap, and ubiquitous….a network OUTSIDE the control of the corporations and the republican party…it was not until the dems could develop this network that they began to win…..also, a hell of a lot of people are sick to death of rush/rosen/and their butt boys..(.a group in which I must reluctantly must place you.)…and I think decent Americans have an instinctive sense of what is fair and the current radio situation is not fair…

            As for boyles and ratings and the BC…i don’t want to comment except to say I believe that the motive there is so vile…it makes me want to throw up…

            1. …with respect.

              What access is denied to left-leaning opinion? How is it denied?

              BTW, I certainly don’t claim Boyles for the right, and I’m getting to the point where I’m pretty annoyed at the BC story.  

            2. Dems did “OK”?

              Seriously?  That was an ass-kicking nearly on Reagan-esque levels.

              President, both houses of Congress.  Right-wing talk radio obviously wasn’t a factor at all.

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