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March 17, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

St. Patrick's Day Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

McBlogging open


44 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Open Thread

  1. Wiens has dominated the press for nearly a week and it is not the good kind. This guy is a class 1 dirtball and it’s time he pack up his lunch pail and go back to his wife’s ranch (in her name for IRS reasons).

    Tip O’neil may God bless you this good Irish day!

  2. The Wash Park Prophet hasn’t made it down to the Blarny Stone and is apparently suffering some cosmic vengance as a result.

    For real, this is a self-serving message to my readers who often read Colorado Pols as well.  Blogger, which hosts Wash Park Prophet, is having server problems, so I am off line indefinitely, until it is fixed.  Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day (incidentally, my real name, Oh-Willeke, isn’t Irish, even though I am (well, 12.5% anyway).

  3. The Wash Park Prophet hasn’t made it down to the Blarny Stone and is apparently suffering some cosmic vengance as a result.

    For real, this is a self-serving message to my readers who often read Colorado Pols as well.  Blogger, which hosts Wash Park Prophet, is having server problems, so I am off line indefinitely, until it is fixed.  Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day (incidentally, my real name, Oh-Willeke, isn’t Irish, even though I am (well, 12.5% anyway).

  4. Does big oil control both sides of the Colorado legislative aisle? When will the Democratic legislators realize that they need to defend surface right owners so that fair compensation is given for damage done by the “takings” of mineral extractors?

    If a $15,000 bond is too much to bear for drilling companies, then how to we expect them to pay for any damages done to our air, water and land? Didn’t we learn anything from Rocky Mt Flats?

    Why should Metro folks care about this issue? Chances are, you do not own the mineral rights on your house either. Wait until a precious resource is discovered under your property. Think how a drillling rig 125 feet from your home will effect your property values and health!

  5. I heard Holtzman smoked Beauprez at the debate this morning. Beauprez was turning all sorts of colors as Marc laid into him on immigration and taxes. It’s too bad Bob is a squish.

  6. Sounds pretty objective, BothWaysBobBlasted.  Very enlightening – people can really glean a lot of information from your detailed, fair and evenhanded reporting.  Keep up the good work – we are blessed to have you on this site.

  7. Thanks to the person who posted the link to the video of the Holtzman/Beauprez debate. I listened to both of their closing comments and, frankly, I don’t think Holtzman “smoked” Beauprez. What really caught my attention was Holtzman talking about making Colorado a place where he wants to “raise his children.”

    I didn’t think Holtzman had any children? Or, does he have children we don’t know about?

    Finally, can we clean up the language a little bit here? Even though I may be more than twice your age, I don’t think of myself as a prude, but some of the references here are pretty disgusting.

  8. Today, the Republican controlled House of Representatives narrowly defeated an amendment proposed by Rep. Martin Sabo (D-MN) that would have provided $1.25 billion in desperately needed funding for port security and disaster preparedness. The Sabo amendment included:

    ? $300 million to enable U.S. customs agents to inspect high-risk containers at all 140 overseas ports that ship directly to the United States. Current funding only allows U.S. customs agents to operate at 43 of these ports.

    ? $400 million to place radiation monitors at all U.S. ports of entry. Currently, less than half of U.S. ports have radiation monitors.

    ? $300 million to provide backup emergency communications equipment for the Gulf Coast.

    Meanwhile, the Bush budget ? which most of the members who voted against this bill will likely support ? contains an increase of $1.7 billion for missile defense, a program that doesn?t even work.

    Prove me wrong on this….Please! Am I having a nightmare? These idiots are ruininig our country….a country I love by the way! Please say this isn’t true….and Prove your point.

  9. We…are not really free if we can’t control our own government and its policies. And we will never do that if we remain ignorant. 
    ? Charley Reese

  10. You just won the most ignorant post of the year award, Gecko! I didn’t vote for him. He’s YOUR president, because you voted for him.

    Take a long, long walk (hopefully off a short short pier) and think about it. Accept the respopnsibility for YOUR vote, and stop trying to foist it off on me.

  11. SR
    He is YOUR President too. If you claim he isn’t, then you must be living in your own little retard world because you can’t face reality.
    If you and your buddies wanted ol what’s his name in office so bad instead, why didn’t you elect him? Apparently more people than not didn’t agree with you.

  12. Gecko:

    Go to bed with a nipple in your mouth.

    The election was stolen. Google Diebold.

    He does not REPRESENT me. That’s the test. Have you ever had any upper level educational coursed besides advanced janitorial/window washing?

    The REALITY is the DISASTER YOU YOU YOU voted for.


    F*cking LOOOOOSER!

  13. I gorw weary attempting to get through your thick skull Gecko.

    Choose your ISSUE.

    Give your POSITION.

    Let’s debate the FACTS.


    I GIVE UP!

    You’re not worth my time, and the country can’t afford your BLIND STUPIDITY!

  14. It’s so simple even you can understand it, Robin.  If George W. Bush isn’t your president, then you’re not an American.
    It doesn’t matter whether you voted for him, the American people did and Bush emerged as President.  If he’s not your president, you’re not an American.  What part of that don’t you understand?
    Gecko gets it.  You’re back to frothing at the mouth again, screaming obscenities, etc. You must be drunk again, it’s what brings out the America hater in you.

  15. Thanks, Robin.

    Just a rhetorical question but why aren’t we all out getting sloppy on St. Patty’s day instead of blogging at 8:30 at night?

  16. SR……..
    I was tied up for awhile.
    I like your jab “educational coursed besides janitorial/window washing”
    I did not go any further than graduating high school in 1974. But I can do much more constructive things with my hands than you could ever dream of.
    Can you build a house from the foundation to the shingles? Can you wire an addition? Can you plumb and addition? Can you rebuild a 350 Chevy small block? How about a Harley 80 inch? Can you erect curtain wall storefront? Can you bid glazing projects off a set of blueprints?
    You think you are an intellect. Wrong. Voyageur is more of an intellect than you will ever be but he doesn’t look down his nose at blue collar people.
    You are a small mind in a small body wishing you were a tough guy.
    And YOUR President loves you, hehehehe

  17. Pager
    The smart ones of us aren’t out getting sloppy (unless we plan on calling a taxi) because of “The Heat Is On” program…….Not worth a DUI.

  18. Oh, he’s the President all right. The dipshit, duplicitous, haven’t-got-a-fucking-clue President that sits in the White Hose wondering if he should pick his nose right now, or issue some sort of ballsey edict toward the government of Iran. Yeah, God save me, he’s my President, too. And, Lord have mercy, give him the brain cells to just quietly sit down, sit back out of the way and relax and let those in your inner circle (oh, Jesus, what a scary thought is that) kinda sort through this stuff before you fumble your silly way through another “decision.” I mean, fifty helicopters and 2,000 troops and you’ve latched on to about 40 “insurgents.” Oh, Jesus, Lord, give me a break.

    Get our children home. Get our husbands and wives, and sons and daughters and lovers and partners home. Now. This stupid cockwalk strut just didn’t work out, George W. So, end it. We got better things to do. Katrina comes to mind here, first.

  19. Good one, Gecko.  I’ve actually been an instructor at three universities, though strictly adjunct (part-time.)  But I grew up on a farm, worked through school as a hod carrier and rebuilt my great old house from slum status using mostly my own hands and the shopSmith in my basement.  Despite Robin’s claim of “advanced degrees” I doubt that he even has a Master’s, probably a BS or possibly just an associate degree (two-year junior college.) probably in something like nursing.  In any event, it’s quite obvious his situation has deteriorated in recent years, probably due to his excessive drinking. He’s been demoted, maybe even fired, which he blames on George Bush.  Indeed, he has become totally obsessed by Bush, as a scapegoat for his personal failures. He claims national media attention, …. which is why he spends endless hours on an obscure blog, typing obscenities in a desperate effort to get his self-esteem back.
    He’s too pathetic to hate.  But I have my own reasons to despise drunks…and no, I don’t buy the “alcoholism is a disease and I can’t help myself” crap one bit. A sorry case, that’s for sure.

  20. Voyageur, I’m concerned. What is this obsession with Sir Robin? Yes, it appears he is drinking a bit more than you, but, so what? Why so vindictive? Why so obsessive? Why so…um, jealous???

  21. I guess there’s another question here, Voyageur: You and Gecko seem to be, well, so, um, close that one begins to wonder. I mean, Willie Nelson’s Cowboy song and all just kind of seems to be a little relevant here.

  22. Now George, stop dreaming, there’s no Brokeback Colorado pols moment going on in here. Just two masculine guys reminiscing about building houses…working long hours in the sun, hammering nails, sawing wood….probably shirtless….

    Is it getting warm in here?

  23. He’s not drinking a “bit more,” George, he’s spewing hate all over the board.  Read the first post and it’s civilized, at least.  I thought for a moment he had turned over a new leaf.  Then you get the progressive abuse of anyone who dares to disagree with him, the obscenities, the inchoate hatred of America, which last spilled over into his threat to beat up Marines (a smart one, that) and vilification of all men and women serving the United States in uniform.  He’s dealing with some deep set mental illnesses and the alcohol releases the demons.  The losers from his hate-fests are two-fold — this entire board, because he invariably destroys any intelligent discoure with his vomit and abuse — and above all, the legitimate left.  Brio, 3bm and others craft elegant arguments, Phoenix Rising is usually on point etc.  But after awhile  they are all overshadowed by this shrieking oaf.
    As to my on-line friendship with Gecko, I happen to know Jennifer Lopez is his cousin, and J-LO and I have been …well…quite close for several months now ;^)

  24. I always wore a shirt, Becky, usually long-sleeved because I have very fair skin and burn easily.  You got the rest of it right.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh lumber, and the slow bending of the physical world before the combined efforts of mind and body.  Men like to build, I like to go back 40 years later and look at buildings I helped build, see how the brickwork is holding up, etc.  So much of what we do is fleeting, it is good to look at things that last.

  25. I got out of framing houses in 1984 when I hired on at the glass company I still work for today. I needed a higher and steadier pay check for my growing family.
    I too enjoy going back to houses I helped build.
    But I never wore a shirt if at all possible. Usually by April we would be so tanned that I could stay out all day all year and never get burnt again.
    My job now requires daily intermix with customers so shirtless is never an option.
    But the funny part is that back then we never thought of working outside as a way to entice females……..In fact I was envious of anyone working indoors. They didn’t have to put up with the snow, cold, rain, wind, burning sun, etc.

  26. That’s OK Voyageur, I’ll just pretend you were both shirtless. I doubt if there is anything quite as satisfying as building something with your own hands that stands the test of time. (But watching someone else do it comes a close second.)

  27. That’s OK Voyageur, I’ll just pretend you were both shirtless. I doubt if there is anything quite as satisfying as building something with your own hands that stands the test of time. (But watching someone else do it comes a close second.) 

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