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December 02, 2008 10:10 PM UTC

Ken Salazar Likely To Remain Senator

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Pueblo Chieftain reports:

Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar’s name appears to be falling off the list of likely nominees this week, although the first-term Democrat campaigned vigorously for Obama in this battleground state and has said he wants a Westerner to head Interior.

Two weeks ago, Salazar told reporters he had not discussed the Interior appointment with anyone from Obama’s staff and a spokesman Monday said nothing had changed since that press conference…

Salazar has not said he wants to join the Obama cabinet but was put on the list of possible nominees almost by default, given his high-profile battles with the Bush administration over oil shale development in the West, public lands and water. This week, national newspapers are ranking Reps. Raul M. Grijalva, D-Ariz., and Mike Thompson, D-Calif., as prominent contenders to head Interior, with Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., and popular Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer as possible nominees…

More concretely, the Denver Post reports:

Sen. Ken Salazar hopes to draw a few hundred people Friday to his $1,000-per-plate party at the Denver Performing Arts Complex…

Salazar and Ritter should have easier elections than before, but that raises challenges of its own, Saunders said.

“The real problem is selling the fact that there’s going to be a competitive race that they’ll need the cash for.” [Pols emphasis]

Bring it on, Salazar haters, we’re leaving the door wide open for you. But yes, based on conversations we’ve also had, it looks like Sen. Salazar wants to remain just that–four years at Interior just doesn’t have the same long-term appeal as retiring from the Senate after a couple of decades.

On a related note, what’s up with this new rumor about Ken’s brother Rep. John Salazar on the list for Agriculture Secretary? The rumor is for real–we’ve got it from unconnected sources now. But is this in any way realistic? We’re working on that–if you don’t hear from us again about it, the answer was obviously “no.”


20 thoughts on “Ken Salazar Likely To Remain Senator

      1. Like Ritter….That would be awesome to watch.  0% chance of happening, but it would be the clash of the titans!

        Speaking of good things to watch-I read an article today that talked about Palin challenging Murkowski for the Senate seat coming up in 2010.  Palin hasn’t made any moves, but Murkowski seems scared as hell about it.

        Oh, and in Texas-a recount will decide the control of the House of Representatives.  The number of votes between the two candidates-20 votes.

    1. However it may end up being Interior for John.

      Ag I think is going to either Vilsack or Harkin.

      And in the end, nothing is certain till it happens.

      As I have said all along, Ken is not leaving the Senate, at this time.

      However if a Supreme Court appointment opens up, …………

        1. Ag could still be a possibility for JS.

          With this thread and the one about Hickenlooper, I think everyone will be surprised if there is not a high-profile appointment coming out of Colorado.

          So who is it and what is the position?

  1. fan.  He’d be great at interior, but I’d prefer to see him run for AZ governor in two years.

    John Salazar needs to stay right where he is in congress.  We need that seat and if he leaves, it likely flips.

    1. He lost the State rep. seat, but he could give Penry or anyone else a run for their money in CD-3.

      Of course, that would require him to move back to the West Slope if he does end up becoming CSU Chancellor (which would require him to live and work in the Denver Metro area.)

      Your concern is warranted though. It would be a tough race if John left.

      1. is a safe seat for JS.  However, it is winnable by the right Democrat.

        Udall carried the 3rd, despite being blasted at every turn as a Boulder Liberal.

        More interesting is the fact that the Democratic candidate for State Board of Ed in the 3rd only lost by 3000 votes.

        Also, before she ran for the State Senate, Gail Schwartz ran successfully for Board of Regents in the 3rd.

        Yes it is a tough race for any Dem other than JS, but not impossible and with the right candidate and campaign it is very winnable.

    2. I think Grijalva is almost a lock.

      Besides his great long credentials on te environment he has a great personal story.

      Latinos, who helped deliver the election for Obama really want to see more Latinos in the cabinet.

      I think Ken is more qualified, but Raul has a great personal story and he is qualified (and in a safe district)

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