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April 19, 2016 12:29 PM UTC

Get More Smarter on Tuesday (April 19)

  • by: Colorado Pols

gmssharkThe sharks are circling at the Colorado Capitol! It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► Embattled GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is gearing up to formally challenge Colorado’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in July after Ted Cruz’s backroom sweep of the Byzantine state GOP caucus process. The Denver Post’s John Frank:

Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign’s convention strategist, said Sunday his team is putting together a legal case to challenge the state’s 34 delegates — which are all supporting Ted Cruz.

“We’ll be filing protests,” he told ABC’s “This Week.” “Missouri, we’re going to be filing protests. Colorado, we’re going to be filing protests.”

He continued: “You saw in Colorado last week where the voters were left out of the process — a groundswell of support against the system.”

We assume he’s referring to last Friday’s pro-Trump rally at the Colorado Capitol, the actual attendance at which failed to amaze. Perhaps nobody’s told The Donald yet?

► On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders’ strong showing at that party’s state convention last weekend leaves his campaign with bragging rights, overcoming the superdelegates to post a clear win in Colorado–but the math adding up to the nomination remains elusive.

► Today is “Loan Shark Day” at the Colorado Capitol–the first hearing for a late bill to jack up interest rates on personal loans. Consumer advocates led by the Bell Policy Center plan lively opposition at a “shark attack” rally ahead of the 2PM hearing and during testimony in the Legislative Services Building across from the Capitol.

Get even more smarter after the jump…


► GOP Senate candidate Jon Keyser, whose sad Q1 numbers amounted to a huge failure for the “anointed insider” candidate, was interviewed by the Grand Junction Sentinel, giving a preview of his “all fear all the time” message.

Bill Cosby backlash: the Colorado Senate unanimously approves bill extending the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases.

► No more “special” Gummy Bears? Debate continues over legislation to ban marijuana edibles that kids might mistake for candy.

► Lawmakers, please pass this bill to ban the idiotic practice of “rolling coal”–spewing abnormal amounts of diesel smoke from your truck onto the nearest Prius because you’re a badass or something. It’s so stupid.

► Lord have mercy on our souls! John Hickenlooper’s new Lt. Gov. Donna Lynnemade donations! To Democrats! Including Hickenlooper! If you expect your public servants to live under a rock until taking office, this is apparently scandalous.

► A commission appointed last year to study the issue of Native American sports mascots in Colorado schools reports the obvious: it’s an offensive throwback and they ought to go. Actually getting that done will be harder.


► After a highly embarrassing failed appointment of a convicted child abuser connected to “reform” group Stand for Children to the Denver Public Schools board, better luck next time.

► Colorado Springs is about to switch on their Southern Delivery System, bringing Arkansas River water from Pueblo north. But Pueblo wants a commitment from the Springs to clean up Fountain Creek once and for all, which carries Colorado Springs’ stormwater back to the Arkansas.


► Earth Day? In Boulder, it’s a whole Earth Week. Top that, wannabe hippies.

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19 thoughts on “Get More Smarter on Tuesday (April 19)

          1. Would that be the "reality check" where super delegates decide to support Sanders despite the fact that Hillary has received almost 2.5 million more primary votes? Because that doesn't sound very realistic to me.

            1. Those 2.5 million more voters were from states don't matter, and were bought and paid for by Wall Street crooks to perpetuate a system that's rigged!

              1. Maybe Bernie didn't realize how the Democratic caucus and primary system works because he 's never been a member of the Democratic party. Which reminds me…. why is he running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination and expecting the party's super delegates to dump the front running Democrat for him?

                Anyhoo, he sure seems shocked… shocked at this late date. Just as shocked as Trump is about the GOP system.

              2. Damn straight.  Bernie's delegates came from bedrock states in the Democratic coalition: Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas. Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming (though he only split 7-7 with Hillary there) South  Dakota, etc.   Hillary only got deep red states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, massachusetts, etc.  Robbed we wuz, Yoda says.

            2. Apparently that's the one. The black helicopter theory of supers stealing the election after a majority of "the people" go for Bernie is apparently no longer operational. Now it's… screw the majority and get supers to support the popular vote and rank and file delegate loser, since that's going to be Bernie.

      1. Me too. Looks like Hillary's got a lock on the New York vote, and so on the nomination. Let the gloating commence.

        Just keep in mind that you still need to not alienate all the Bernie supporters you are so contemptuous of – you will need our votes in the general election, and not everyone is as pragmatic as myself and Duke.

        And yes, Blue cat, there were frigging "shenanigans".

        54,000 voters "vanished" from the Democratic rolls in Brooklyn.

        120,000 voter names "purged" as "inactive". Gessler had nothing on these folks.

        The only reason you don't care is because your candidate is winning. If this affected her, as it well might in the general election, you'd be all up in arms about it.

        So go do your victory dance.  Hope you're happy with the results.

  1. Apparently Douglas County School District spent $12,300 on 10 semi-automatic rifles so that their school safety officers could protect them.

    Note that there are only 8 security officers, and they're the only ones who can retrieve them from their secured locations. I hope that buying 10 instead of 8 provided a good price break, since I don't see them Arnold Schwarzenegger-ing in with one assault rifle tucked under each arm. And I hope they don't anticipate a 20% loss of their rifles over a short period of time. Oh – and they're not trained on how to use an assault style rifle when protecting the children.

    1. Actually, they train alongside Douglas County officers who do train with the rifles.  It's a modest investment over, say, a ten year period.  I'd rather trust my grandchildren's life to well-trained and equipped professionals in an emergency than to hysterical liberals who think that if we only disarm the police, the bad guys will all get religion.  Let us hope these weapons are never needed.   But if they are, let us pray that the good guys kill the bad guys instead of just sitting there helplessly as has happened in so many mass killings.

      1. Other possible prayers:

        … god, please don't let barney shoot the wrong kid!

        … god, how about a living wage for our DougCo school rent-a-cops?

        … god, please don't let any teenagers even think about breaking into barney's Prius parking lot armory!

        … god, please don't let barney fall into a suicidal depression after he comes home and finds his wife balling the vice principal!

        … god, please take Dudley before he starts writing our entire curriculum.

        … god, please let me live long enough to get my hysterical liberal ass the fuck outta' Douglas County alive someday!

      2. If the admin has decided these ARs are necessary that should mean proficiency is required. High proficiency or they lose their job. I always root for the cops as well. I'm not at all familiar with DougCo schools and how efficacious the AR is for these buildings

  2. Epic Republican Austerity/Anti-Tax/Trickle Down Fail in Kansas:

    In other states, Sam Brownback's Kansas revolution is still being treated as a model for pared down government, but those close to ground zero are a bit less enthused.

    … many of the same Republicans who helped pass Brownback's plan are in open revolt, refusing to help the governor cut spending so he can avoid rolling back any of his signature tax measures.

    If Brownback won't reconsider any of the tax cuts, they say, he will have to figure out for himself how to balance the budget in the face of disappointing revenue.

    Brownback sold the state on a flood tide worth of trickle down tax cuts, arguing that massive reductions would spur a surge of growth in the state and actually generate increased revenue. Instead, Kansas got a huge budget shortfall, education cuts, service cuts, and still more debt as top Republican economists proved for the nth time that they're simply wrong. Oh, and instead of rocketing growth Kansas has actually underperformed neighboring states.  

    Now Brownback is busy throwing a governor-sized tantrum and refusing to reverse the policies, even as the Republicans who helped pass his tax cuts are trying to wash their hands of the whole deal.

    Tax collections missed projections in 11 months of the last year. A growing number of Brownback's conservative allies want to scale back the tax cuts to ease the budget crunch.

    Brownback took office on a pledge to make Kansas friendlier to business and successfully sought to cut the top personal income tax rate by 29 percent and exempt more than 330,000 farmers and business owners from income taxes. The moves were popular in a Legislature where the GOP holds three-quarters of the seats

    Republican economic theories have utterly failed once again.

    usterity, supported by Republicans and more than a few Democrats, is its ugly step-cousin that is equally ineffective.

    And as much as the 1%-ers of both parties support these policies, they also do very little to improve the effectiveness of the policies by using the trickled-up tax cuts and profits to hire more local and permanent workers, supporting even minimal investments in America's infrastructure, or to balance the books of government with their boatloads of offshore cash

    Greed seems to know no limits even in the richest country on earth.

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