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April 15, 2016 06:25 PM UTC

In multiple interviews, Glenn attacks Keyser for exploiting his Bronze Star for political gain

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Gloves off – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Darryl Glenn.
Darryl Glenn.

Republican U.S. Senate Jon Keyser is “running on, ‘I have a Bronze Star,'” GOP U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn told 9News today, for a “Balance of Power” show to be aired fully on Sunday morning at 8:45:

In a teaser for the program, Glenn says, “Jon Keyser is a nice guy but does not have a lot of depth or breadth of experience. He’s running on ‘I have a Bronze Star.’” Glenn told 9News. “I respect him for that, but he didn’t even finish a term in the legislature.”

9News anchor Kyle Clark reported on the interview:

Glenn assailed Keyser for lacking a conservative voting record that would qualify him for the Senate.

“You can’t just go in there and drop your Bronze Star and say, ‘This is how I’m going to vote.’” Glenn said.

The Keyser campaign fired back sharply.

“Darryl Glenn is embarrassing himself and further proving why he will never be a United States Senator,” said Keyser spokesman Matt Connelly.

Glenn, who won a GOP election Saturday to appear on the Republican primary ballot, presented a similar version of his attack on Keyser on KVOR radio in Colorado Springs April 11, stating:

Glenn: “You hear a lot of people pandering out there, saying great things.  And I’m personally offended at Mr. Keyser.  He needs to stop campaigning on the fact that he has a Bronze Star.  I love the fact – I honor him because he has that.  But I represent, here, five military installations.  I have people on my own team that have that.  And the one thing they don’t do is campaign on it. These people do things that most people don’t want to do.  But you don’t use it for personal benefit.  So he needs to dial it back!”

Listen to Glenn on KVOR radio April 11:


5 thoughts on “In multiple interviews, Glenn attacks Keyser for exploiting his Bronze Star for political gain

  1. Why is Mr. Glenn paying any attention to Mr. Keyser? Glenn won top line last Saturday at the assembly, Keyser has failed to raise hardly any money and no one knows who he is. All Glenn is doing is giving Keyser unearned free media attention. Mr. Glenn's campaign manager should advise him to ignore Mr. Keyser.

    1. Glenn is using his attack on Keyser to burnish his own military status – and the fact that he is "modest" or "militarily correct" to not politicize his own service. It is an artful way to stress a strong point in his own bio without having to explicitly campaign as a military vet, and thus violate DoD regulations.

      Check out the news coverage – all the ones I've seen are talking about Lt. Col. Glenn.

  2. Glenn doesn't have much choice. His hometown paper, the Gazette, inanely calls Keyser the rumored favorite, and the Denver Post and other news outlets call Keyser the GOP establishment pick or the GOP pick. I think this site is right about the visuals of the debate. For the sole reason of his last name starting with K, he had center stage. Maybe that's why the media is for whatever reason labeling Keyser the way they are. As you pointed out, it's sure not because of fundraising, or as pointed out here, debate performance. I think Glenn's right to call him out because he really is the one who has earned the clout to- in more ways than one.

  3. "Glenn assailed Keyser for lacking a conservative voting record that would qualify him for the Senate…………"     And what sort of record might that be?  I think I already know the answer since Commissioner Glenn openly touts his Christian religious beliefs. Mr. Glenn needs to read Article VI of the US Constitution. 

  4. Darryl Glenn made a personal attack on Keyser because, as I have said before here, that is what Darryl Glenn does to anyone with whom he disagrees. That's just who Glenn is. Of course, in this case, Glenn is accurate about who Keyser is.

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