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April 15, 2016 03:57 PM UTC

"Trumpmageddon" Protest Fizzles

  • by: Colorado Pols

Photos from this afternoon’s much-balleyhooed pro-Donald Trump rally at the Colorado Capitol are coming in via social media, and, well…time to revise those lofty crowd estimates downward, friends.



Organizers had told the press to expect a thousand or more participants, especially given the way Donald Trump was personally hyping the event on Twitter:

But the crowd estimate for today’s rally ranged from about 100-300 people depending on how generous a count it was. Certainly these are not photos we would expect to see Trump Tweeting out later this evening in celebration. With that said, one large sign stood out in particular at today’s protest, and gathered reporters didn’t miss it:


That would be all the Republicans these protesters say they won’t vote for after Trump lost the state assembly! Just another reason for every Republican in Colorado not on the Trump Train to breathe a sigh of relief over today’s unexpectedly paltry pro-Trump crowd.

Hopefully this means Steve House can come out of hiding soon.


12 thoughts on ““Trumpmageddon” Protest Fizzles

  1. Trump twit*: It was a beautiful crowd, a tremendous crowd.  Much bigger than Bernie Sanders' crowds.

    * like a tweet, only completely fictional.

    1. If Drümpf can use footage of Morrocans streaming across a border as an example of his Mexican invasion, I imagine he could use pictures from the 1964 March on Washington as an example of today's massive Colorado crowd …

      … just never mind that 554' obelisk, …

      … and the faces in the crowd. 

  2. The weather wasn’t doing anything that serious yet. Will Trump point to the dire reports of a huge storm coming in (predicted  to be developing in the Denver area mainly after midnight giving all the locals plenty of time to protest and be home in time to avoid anything serious) as the excuse or will he just never bring up his yuuuge protest march in Denver again and hope no one else does? Maybe he just never was all that popular among Colorado’s registered Republicans and I wonder how many of the maybe 200 there were registered Republicans .

  3. I like the sign about Steve House being a Banana Republican. Sounds like a line from humorist P.J. O'Rourke, author of "Republican Party Reptile" and "Holidays in Hell."  I have "Holidays" and it's hilarious.

    Just checked my 1,300+ volume personal library and I also have "Banana Republicans," by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber.

    Bottom line, however, is that Trump is right about the state GOP dis-enfranchising the state's Republicans by not allowing a straw poll on caucus night. 

    1. But wrong about it having to do with him. The decision was made long before anyone had any idea that Trump was going to be more than just another celebrity also ran.

  4. I don't understand the sign reading "Count the Vote." There was no vote to count., But the fact that there would be no vote was announced last summer.

    What do they want to the state GOP to do? Re-run the caucuses and allow a straw vote this time?

    CHB and any other Republicans on here:  if you're unhappy with the delegate selection process put in place by the leaders of your party, then you need to team up with Tancredo, (Cynthia) Coffman, Mizel, Moderatus, and the rest of the mob when they next try to persuade Steve House to retire.

    1. Frank: I did not attend my Republican caucus this year de to several reasons. One of which was that I was unavailable on the days of the JeffCo and state conventions, so I couldn't be a delegate. On April 9, the date of the state convention, I was on my way back from a short visit to South America (Paraguay & Uruguay). 

      Aa an aside, I was in Asuncion on April 4, with a mid-day temperature of 100F and humidity in the 90s. That was even more oppressive than what Steve House and his crew did to us rank & file Republicans. 

      1. I thought you were going to tell us that being the heat and humidity in Asuncion was preferable to a state GOP assembly chaired by House and dominated by the Cruz crew.

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