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November 19, 2008 12:34 AM UTC

"Do Nothing" Allard Wants CSU Chancellorship

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Liberal activist group Progress Now, as you can imagine, has a few things to say about this (release follows).

Could this be considered “failing upward?” It pays more, as 9NEWS reports:

Just weeks after his senate successor was elected; Wayne Allard is showing interest in a new Colorado position.

Allard’s spokesperson, Steve Wymer, says Allard is interested in the position of Chancellor of Colorado State University.

The opening comes after the sudden resignation of CSU President and Chancellor Larry Penley. Penley’s departure will likely bring about significant restructuring to the position.

CSU Board of Governors Chairman Doug Jones last week told CSU faculty members that splitting the historically shared position will mean a CEO-style chancellor will fight for the system in Denver, complementing the efforts of the presidents of the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses, along with the CSU-Global online university, according the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

Allard had an informal discussion with Jones about the Denver-based position, according to his spokesperson.

Wymer said, “Allard loves CSU as much as Colorado and is interested in talking with the board about the position.”

The spokesperson for the board said Jones, thinks it’s great that such an experienced public servent is interested but wants to be clear that the board still has to discuss its thoughts, ideas and timeframe regarding the position…

What is it with high-ranking Republicans and college executive jobs? Audacity? Guilt? A desire to be there when the next Ward Churchill is unmasked? Based on the report, it looks like Allard is asking for the job as opposed to the board picking him as a “sole finalist.” That’s probably a good thing.

Of course they reliably progress from calling to slash funding for everything to calling to slash funding for everything but the school they work for–so maybe CSU can find an upshot in this.

ProgressNow calls on CSU to reject Allard:

Ineffective Senator would be a ‘disaster’ for University

For Immediate Release

November 18, 2008

Michael Huttner

(303) 931-4547

Denver – ProgressNow called on Colorado State University Board of Trustees to reject Senator Wayne Allard as chancellor of their university.  Earlier today Allard begin pitching himself to be chancellor of CSU.

“Allard would be a disaster for CSU,” stated Michael Huttner, Executive Director of ProgressNow, Colorado largest online progressive advocacy organization.  “Allard has been completely ineffective as a Senator and that is the last thing CSU needs in a time of dire fiscal needs.”

In 2006, Time magazine ranked Allard as one the country’s five worst senators. (Time, April 14, 2007) The magazine went so far as to dub Allard as “The Invisible Man” and reported that he “almost never plays a role in major legislation.”  Time concluded that Allard is one of our country’s “least influential senators.”

The Denver Post concurred with Time, noting that Allard “squanders any influence he might have with a narrow agenda.” (DP, 4/22/2006)

“With the new dynamics in Colorado and DC, the last thing we need is a right-wing ineffective Senator,” stated Huttner.  “Allard has proven that he has ineffective in bringing back money to Colorado as a Senator, how will be any better in helping CSU fiscal needs as a former Senator?” asked Huttner.

In his first five years in the Senate, one of Allard’s top priorities was banning interstate cockfighting.  Since then he has ignored the important issues and instead make his top priority interfering in other people’s privacy by pushing to amend the U.S. Constitution to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. He is also a notable denier of man’s influence on climate change.

“Contrary to his own claims, Allard is no workhorse,” stated Huttner.

Since Allard entered office the amount of money Colorado gets backs on every dollar of federal taxes we pay, has consistently dropped, leaving our state at the bottom tier of all fifty states according to the Tax Foundation.

“Allard was even recently criticized in the media for not returning constituents’ letters–months before he left office,” Huttner added.



18 thoughts on ““Do Nothing” Allard Wants CSU Chancellorship

    1. My dog came down with pneumonia and it cost me $1700 to keep him alive.  I didn’t get any guarantees either that he would be grateful and obedient when I got him back.  I thought about going the new puppy route but as the vet tech pointed out he wasn’t a Gerbil.

      CSU might be a good fit for Allard.  If he can get a Boone Pickens to cough up some cash for their football team, the CU/CSU game could get competitive again.

      1. I’m sure the folks in Fort Collins, who thought that they had just help elect a Democratic Governor and Statehouse, are THRILLED to learn of plans to promote yet another, ANOTHER inept Repbublican into the position of CSU President.  In case you have forgotten, the Fort Collins community learned of the presidential aspirations of Marc Holzman before finally ‘settling’ on the Republican leaning and politically tone-deaf Larry Penley, who resigned last week under pressure from the Board of Governors, for a whole bunch of as-yet-disclosed reasons.

        I think its time that the state gets to have a university system that is not run by Republican Party apparachiki,   Or the  apparachiki of ANY political party.  Remember back when DIA, Coors stadium, etc was being sold as ‘world class?’   Remember how important “world class” was back then?  What happened to that?

        The very idea of Wayne Allard — wasn’t he named as dumbest congressman by Washington Monthly back when he was in the house? — even being spoken in public for a position like this…  Well it’s really testament to the low esteem with which the University is held by Coloradoans, not least of whom are on the CSU Board of Governors.

        THe CSU motto is now, “Knowledge to Go Places.”  Yes, I know…

        Since branding has gotten very important up in Ram-Land, I propose a New Motto for CSU Compention.  

        Here’s my suggestion for new CSU motto:  “Just a little below average”

        Please PEOPLE —  We can make this happen!  C’mon, now!   Your submissions, Please, before time runs out!

  1. he was at least smart enough to vote against that stupid $700 billion dollar TARP bailout. What a sucker deal.

    He would be a Chancellor at CSU with common sense. I like it.  

  2. …I’m tempted to say, HAHAHA, please give the job to brain-dead Allard and let’s just see how it plays out!  You know, an experiment in the evolution of potted plants, etc.  But, the so-called civic side of me causes me to question this choice.

  3. Allard is on the record as a global warming denier, and he wants to lead a university system that has attracted millions of dollars in climate research funding? And a campus that is deeply committed to being a “Green University”?

    Anti-science corporate sell-outs shouldn’t be entrusted with leadership over scientific research institutions.

    This just doesn’t compute. Allard should look elsewhere for his soft landing.  

  4. is a great place for Colorado’s unemployable Republicans to find safe, secure, well-paying jobs. Too bad these stalwart advocates of free enterprise and the private sector can’t go back and find work in the truly competitive world of private business. That government gravy is kind of addictive, isn’t it, Wayne?

  5. And while connections can certainly help doing that, the simple fact is it takes a ton of face schmoozing time to do that.  Wayne Allard doesn’t seem energetic enough to accomplish that.  Especially given that CSU is kind of overextending itself right now (the whole global campus stuff seems to be a big money suck), they need leaders who can really bring in money.  

    1. to bring money to CSU would be to stop throwing it away on “CSU Global” and crony-saturated university bureaucracy.  I think the students might appreciate it if the destination of their tuition dollars were things that advanced their education instead of diverting tuition revenues to flavor-of-the-month fads.  

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