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(R) Jeff Hurd

(R) Ron Hanks




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(R) Lauren Boebert

(R) Deborah Flora

(R) J. Sonnenberg




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(R) Dave Williams

(R) Jeff Crank



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(D) Jason Crow*


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(D) Brittany Pettersen



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November 18, 2008 04:35 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.”

–Will Rogers


47 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. to defeat Ritter.  I’d have him at 30-1 at best.  I’d put Elway at 10-1, but I know that many don’t share my opinion yet.

    The SOS line ought to reflect all seven folks in the running.  Bernie Buescher is probably in the top three.

    1. because then we can relax on a statewide level and focus on holding or even increasing our lead in the state legislature, and helping Markey hold her seat that will likely see a strong challenger.

    2. As I posted the other day, the Gov line has the Republicans almost completely backwards and omits some obvious names.  Here’s how it should read:

      Hank Brown (3-2), Ritter (5-1), Suthers (6-1), McInnis (10-1), Marostica (12-1), Beauprez (30-1), Elway (100-1), Tancredo (200-1), Weins (300-1).  

      Hank Brown probably won’t run, but its fun to dream.  

      1. The line does not just take into account how likely a person would be to win IF he ran, but also how likely the person is to jump in. Thus Elway is low because he is very unlikely to throw in his hat.

        1. We could create a line that was 10 pages long if we listed every theoretical candidate out there (Roy Romer!), but there’s no point in listing people who absolutely aren’t going to run.  

      1. Mr Ed was never a great public speaker, but recently retired John Lynch was been very involved in charities, community organization, and is a very deft and gifted speaker.

        As well as a serious Repub who likes the limelight.

        I know it seems out there, but really, how much more different than a brewpub owner running for Mayor?

        1. We actually ended up having to put her to sleep the Friday after the election.

          Long story short, she had a disease called FIP which she got from our other cat (who is going to get just as sick as she was eventually) and it took over a year to show any symptoms. We spent a crazy amount of money too, only to figure out there was nothing we could do.

          It was heartbreaking, but she was in a lot of pain.

          Very hard thing to do, but my wife and I are OK now, and we’re thankful that we had such a great cat for so many years.

          1. If you find a popular Democrat in a red state, you keep her there! Same reason it would have been silly to pick Sebelius for something.

            But it would be fun to beat the pants off John McCain in 2010, if he were running.

    1. As a condition of receipt of appropriated funds under the Presidential Transition Act, the OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT must publicly report the source, date, and amount of every donation.

      This tells me that tax dollars are funding the transition.

      But just to make sure they can fly me out for my interview, please give generously.


      1. another quote from my article

        The Obama transition will be using a new set of ethics rules to guide the selection of team members and others, the president-elect’s staff said Tuesday. The rules will bar political action committees, corporations and lobbyists from donating to the transition fund that Mr. Obama set up

        If this wasn’t somewhat common, there wouldn’t have been any previous rules.

    2. Background on the team:

      Mr. Obama is expected to raise about $3.5 million to supplement the $8.5 million in taxpayer money he will receive for transition costs.


      The right blogs have been calling this a secret team, but the MSM doesn’t seem to think it is the oddest thing ever.

      I wouldn’t donate either if I were you, you’ll probably be getting a request for the inaugural fund soon anyway.

    3. Everything you could possibly want to know about transitions says that transitions are paid for by a line item in the budget, about $8 million this year. Bush raised some of his own money to supplement that, but it’s not common.

      The survey which we both got does seem like a good idea, asking people if they want to continue volunteering on the legislative agenda. I went through the survey pretty happy, at one point answering a question with, “I was asked for money three times since winning the election, but this is the first time I’ve been asked to help get something done. Thanks!”

      Then at the end of the survey they ask for more money. Sheesh.

    1. Personally I don’t care, but I would like to hear what Diana DeGette thinks!

      Or rather, I would like to hear what the Daily Kos thinks about what Diana DeGette thinks!

      Or rather, I would like to hear what bloggers here think about what Daily Kos thinks about what Diana DeGette thinks about Waxell vs. Dingman!

      Or rather, I wish I could think of something else to post! Look for this comment again somewhere soon. There’ll be a prize for finding all of them!

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