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November 16, 2008 10:59 PM UTC

Tim Gill's Most Interesting Federal Candidate Donations

  • by: Precinct854

At least the ones from and the Center for Responsive Politics. I bet I could find a lot of other interesting ones combing through state records, but this is a lot easier.

He’s not just for Democrats:

6/10/08 $2,300 Collins, Susan M (R)

Susan Collins is one of the few Senate Republicans who is supportive of gay rights and was a Lead Co-Sponsor of ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

6/30/08 $2,300 Smith, Gordon H (R)

The other gay supportive Republican up for reelection. He was ultimately unsuccessful in his reelection campaign, but Tim was showing his willingness to support Republicans or Democrats if they’re voting for his issues.

8/6/08 $1,000 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R)

A doctrinaire Republican on every issue except gay rights, she’s the Representative of Florida’s 18th district.

Helping gay candidates:

1/14/08 $2,300 Ketner, Linda (D)

6/27/08 $2,300 Ketner, Linda (D)

Openly gay candidate in South Carolina. She was not successful in trying to unseat her opponent.

4/9/08 $2,300 Baldwin, Tammy (D)

The first openly gay candidate to win office, Tammy Baldwin is the sitting representative for Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district and was successful in her reelection campaign.

Did this one help or hurt?

3/31/08 $2,300 Lujan, Ben R (D)

Ben R. Lujan was later accused of being gay by a primary opponent, but he was still elected to New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district succeeding Tom Udall. Could the donation have anything to do with the accusation?

Also interesting was the lack of direct donations to either Jared Polis or Betsey Markey. I would guess that he probably gave money to some of the 527s that went after Musgrave, but Open Secrets does not have that information.


10 thoughts on “Tim Gill’s Most Interesting Federal Candidate Donations

  1. This is telling.  This may be related to why the gays have had trouble sometimes getting other minority groups to support them (see Prop 8, CA).  If the gays don’t have a bigger focus, why should other minorities?  Not saying I agree, but that’s the argument.

    1. Ros-Lehtinen had a pro-gay challenger in Annette Taddeo. There are Republicans who are very good on gay rights and pretty good on other issues, but she’s not one of them. I’m not a big Susan Collins fan, but she’s positively progressive when compared alongside any of the south Florida Cuban-American R’s, like Ms. Ros-Lehtinen.  

    2. On the other hand if he threw her over the side for a Democrat despite the support she’s already given why should any Republican do the right thing on gay rights?

      And this isn’t like Prop. 8 or Colorado’s Prop 47. There we can ally unambiguously with a cause rather than a person.

      No, the reason Prop 8 passed as the *&^% youth vote still stayed home. If turnout had just been 10% higher for ages 18-29 it would have gone down.

  2. I don’t recall whether or not he donated directly to Angie Paccione, either. I do recall him being part of a 527 that involved Pat Stryker, if my memory serves me correctly.

    He’s never been great on his support for CD4, not in direct contributions anyway. Then again, if he sank $$$ into 527s’, he was far more effective than a measley $4,600 would be.

    I k

    1. Meant to add this–I know he donated to the defeat of Proposition 8 and also loaned out one of his people to help with the campaign so I give him props for putting his money where his mouth is on equal rights for GLBT issues.  

  3. he definitely puts his money where his mouth is on GLBT issues like Proposition 8.

    Tim Gill, for example, is a Denver man who founded Quark Inc., a pioneer in the desktop publishing world. Gill, along with his Gill Action Fund, put $720,000 into the No on Prop. 8 campaign. In 2000, Gill gave $250,000 to defeat California’s Prop. 22, which banned same-sex marriages in the state until it was overturned by the state Supreme Court in May.

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