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November 16, 2008 07:52 PM UTC

Musgrave: The Sorest Loser In America?

  • by: Colorado Pols

She’s made a most unflattering Newsweek list:

A weekly mathematical survey of dubious behavior that measures, on a scale of 1 to 100, just how low you can go.

MSNBC’s “Morning” Joe Scarborough drops an F-bomb on air right in the middle of breakfast hour. Congrats! Now you’re on tape delay. Score: 6

During an interview on Fox Radio, Ralph Nader asks whether Barack Obama will be an “Uncle Sam or an Uncle Tom,” then later stands firmly behind the slur. Score: 70

Despite losing her re-election bid by 12 points, Colorado GOP Rep. Marilyn Musgrave refuses to congratulate her opponent or even concede the race. Score: 78

Agreed, much worse than dropping the F-bomb on the morning news, which if you haven’t seen it yet is pretty damn funny. We wonder if it’s really worse than calling President-elect Barack Obama an “Uncle Tom,” though.

That’s it–Musgrave is just on a really long tape delay, because if you went live right now all you’d hear is “beeeeeeep that bleeeepity-beep” punctuated once in awhile by the name Tim Gill.


25 thoughts on “Musgrave: The Sorest Loser In America?

  1. but it’s nice to see another “accolade” going to MM.   She can add this to her resume along with  being named one of the most corrupt members of congress.  

    Maybe Nader’s idiocy scored lower because we are now so used to Nader being an  insufferable little prick. Too bad he didn’t stick with just being a consumer advocate.  He was really good at that.  Now he is just a wacky caricature.  

    1. .

      Mobilizing lots of people, and collecting a lot of money from them, may not do anything to change the corporate control of our federal government.  

      Ralph graduated from consumer advocate to citizen advocate to democracy advocate.  

      His progressive politics are about 99% wrong, for my tastes, but his insufferable defense of the Constitution is what really threatened to bring about the dreaded “Change” that The Anointed One pretended to advocate for.  

      Wait and see if Obama reverses these raids on the Treasury by the corporations and mega-rich.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Wherever corporate profits drive policy, from the West Bank to your Doctor’s office, watch to see who prevails in the corporate battle with citizens.  


      1. if you’re going to claim to be intellectually honest at least try to be. Obama was democratically ELECTED with 67 Million votes wether you like it our not.  

        1. .

          Obama WAS democratically elected with 67 Million votes.  

          And you’re right, I don’t like that any more than I would have liked McCain being elected, maybe less.

          But it’s my view that he ran as the Secular Savior.  He ran as a blank slate, promising little more than “Hope” and “Change,” and you and 66 million other supporters projected what you wanted onto him.  

          So I guess you and me, we disagree on what’s intellectually dishonest.

          I saw today in a major newspaper that we are now “Post-racial.”


          This one vote, and we’re now post-racial.  Do you, Blue, believe that ?  If so, that could say something about your honesty.  


        2. First, according to him, by God then by the conservatives in the Supreme Court who were  painfully aware that what they had decreed was based on such bullshit reasoning they felt the need to stipulate it should not be a ruling considered as having established a precedent.

          And,sorry, Barron, but there is no excuse for Nader’s slur any more than there is any excuse for his self-aggrandizing antics in general.  If he were serious about providing an alternative he would spend all of his time between elections trying to build a party that could get a few people elected at grassroots levels, boards, commissions, City Councils, etc., and try to build from there.  

          He doesn’t.  He  just pops up at election time to play at being somebody who still matters. He’s too lazy to mount anything resembling a real campaign or a real party.  Why the MSM still treats him like a credible somebody is a head scratcher.

      2. continued to amaze me with his perfect pitch when it comes to an analytical understanding of legal and economic systems. Such fluency can’t be contrived (as lovely Sarah demonstrated). It may well turn out that, for generations to come, people will refer to “Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Obama” as the four seminal presidents in American history, until about 70 years down the road (if the pattern holds), another comes along, and it becomes five.

        1. Are you seriously considering scraping Jefferson’s face off Mount Rushmore and replacing it with Barack Obama’s, before he’s even entered office? Seriously?

          (Not that I disagree, just want to make sure someone else is on my side.)

      1. I despise the man.  Insufferable prick, egotistical, delusion asshole, all of them fit.

        He was on Bill Maher about a month ago and every time he spoke I couldn’t wait for him to shut up.  Even his voice is annoying. Like Bush’s.  

    1. I saw a wonderful documentary on Garrison Keilor and the process of putting together A Prairie Home Companion, at the Denver Film Festival this weekend.

      It will air next July on PBS, but is making the film festival circuit until then.

  2. Will she make a run for Governor, Senate, GOP leadership or will she shrink away never to be seen or heard from again like the Wicked Witch of the West who just had a house fall on her head?

    1. …the Wicked Witch of the East had a house fall on her.  The Wicked Witch of the West melted after having water thrown on her.  

      But that aside, It is so good to know that Ding Dong the Musty’s Dead.  Politically I mean.  I could just see it.  None of the arch conservatives on this site came to her defense.  The thing is, I can’t believe she didn’t even thank her volunteers.  Now that’s low class.

  3. This hissy snit is exactly what those who didn’t vote for her knew who she was. Marilyn’s ugliness is far worse on the inside than the outside.

    You know, we are also the people who said that Bush was a disaster.  A lot of that was simply based on his psychological profile.  Such individuals do not make great leaders. You can bet the farm on that.  

  4. Why should anyone ever left a finger for this thankless, thoughtless woman-child ever again?

    I can’t believe her own family didn’t shame her into making an apperance and expressing public thanks.

    It almost makes you wonder if there hasn’t been something serious going on with her that’s distracted her – in which case I’m sending a little prayer her way because no one deserves that.

    In any event, any chance she had of resurrecting her political career are probably gone.

    Even Nixon in ’62 (“You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore”) at least gave a post-loss speech to thank his supporters.

        1. I am truly amazed how many people are actually surprised by her behavior. She’s not doing anything out of the ordinary here. This is who she is. This is who she has always been.  

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