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March 09, 2016 11:21 AM UTC

Marco Rubio's Campaign Becomes a Death Watch

  • by: Colorado Pols
Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio.

CBS News reporting today, not unexpected after Sen. Marco Rubio’s flatline showing in yesterday’s contests:

Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and those close to the Florida senator are engaged in deep conversations about the future of his presidential bid.

The topic of dropping out before next Tuesday’s Florida primary has been raised and was not summarily dismissed. It is an option being weighed, but it is unknown how seriously.

That it is even on the table speaks to the depth of existential angst within Rubio’s camp after a night of demoralizing setbacks in Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho. Rubio did not qualify for a delegate in any of these states and registered only 9 percent in Michigan and 5 percent in Mississippi. A‎mong the questions Rubio advisers debated somberly after Tuesday’s results was what effect his poor showings would have in his home state of Florida. Another prominent question: how would a loss in Florida next Tuesday affect Rubio’s long-term political future, including a possible run for governor in 2018?

Sen. Ted Cruz.
Sen. Ted Cruz.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Rubio down by some 23 points to frontrunner Donald Trump in his home state of Florida. Despite the flood of endorsements for Rubio from the Republican establishment across the nation–including here in Colorado–as the best alternative to Trump, Rubio has totally failed to thrive. Pulling out before the Florida primary would allow the anti-Trump contingent to consolidate behind Ted Cruz, who stands today as the only candidate with even a remote shot at taking Trump down. On the other hand, we’re not sure these arguments about exiting to preserve Rubio’s “political future” make sense–depending on events, it could be worse for him to quit now.

Whether Rubio gets out before Florida or after his expected loss there next week, the fact remains that Cruz is not much more loved by the Republican establishment than Trump himself. To many Republicans, Rubio’s departure from the GOP primary to give Cruz his last best shot can be reasonably considered the end of any realistic hope of winning the presidency in 2016.

And, well, that’s a hard lump to swallow. So give them time to come around…just not too long:


39 thoughts on “Marco Rubio’s Campaign Becomes a Death Watch

  1. Someone buy a snorkel for #LittleRubio, he's going to need it (and I'm not just talking politically).  While the Florida government argues over selling cupcakes to gays, science tells us that the bulk of Florida should prepare to drown.

    Rubio has said that the climate has always been changing and that he will not support policies to combat climate change that will "destroy our economy."

    Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has called climate change a conspiracy invented by China, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz called climate science "pseudoscientific theory." Ohio Governor John Kasich has said climate change is a problem but has not proposed a plan to address it.

    1. More specifically, Kaisich has said that climate change is an issue, and likely caused by humans, but doesn't believe we should invest a lot of money in it. It's not that he doesn't have a plan, it's that he doesn't think it's worth a plan.

          1. Hey, spare a little love for the Modmeister.   We all have to make choices.  If Hillary loses, I will be forced to support a raving protectionist whose discredited populism would plunge us back to the Smoot-Hawley era.  If Bernie loses, his people will have to support a woman they have spent all year demonizing as a whore for Wall Street.   Either way, we will do it by muttering the same mantra Moddy is probably using: "Supreme Court.  Supreme Court.   It's all about who sets the direction of the Supreme 

            court for the next 20 years."

            1. That's it, V. I was singing this song before Scalia died, and I’ll keep singing it until November. Presidents come and go, but a bad SCOTUS decision can last a hundred years.

              1. Mercifully, Bernie would not be able to throw up tariff walls on his own.  But he would undoubtedly block any further trade bills.  Worse, he could veto the exim bank, thrilling the Koch brothers and destroying thousands of high paid American jobs at Boeing and Caterpiller simply because he hates big business.

                  1. With any luck, Obama passes TPP with mostly Republican support in this Congress.  Yes, right now the protectionist caucus rules the Democratic party.   If that were the only difference between the two parties, I'd still be Republican.  But what good is free trade when the secret police are deporting 12 million people, banning Muslim visitors, forcing mosques to close, forcing rape victims to carry babies to term, recriminalizing LGBT relationships, limitting public life to profesed Christians and focing all Americans to root for the Oakland Raiders?



                    1. So no criticism for HRC on this… just for Bernie. Got it. Who does that remind me of? Something to do with the when Obama does it it’s not so bad but when Bennet does it it’s pure evil crowd?

                    2. Yes, Hillary is pandering on TPP, but Bernie has whipped up so much anti-trade frenzy she has no choice.  But overall, she has a fairly good trade record.  His is uniformly bad.  He even votes against the exim bank because it helps Boeing and Caterpiller create thousands of good paying American jobs .  Hillary may not be perfect but Bernie is the wild man of Borneo on this subject.  I  can't think of a single trade bill Bernie has ever voted for. In contrast, CAFTA is the only one Hillary has opposed until TPP.  She supprted NAFTA, which has been very good for Colorado.  He opposed it.  On trade, give Hillary B.  Bernie, an F minus.  How can anyone but a right wing nut job vote against the exim bank and still claim he wants to create Anerican jobs?

                    3. Oh just admit it, V. You make allowances for your fave. Don't we all? There's always a mix of the emotional and the strictly rational in our choices and you're no exception. I'm sure HRC would object, however, to the assertion that she really doesn't mean it. Don't worry. I won't tell.

                    4. Not true.  When she came out against TPP, Hillary winked at me, and I blew her a kiss.  You gotta play the game and concentrate on the fights you can win.  But one reason I voted for Bill twice, though still a registered R, was that he brought the party to a reasonable trade position and abandoned Mondale style protectionism.   Admit it, you just like to yank my chainwink

            2. I'm a Hillary fan myself, but you didn't honestly just compare the good Senator from Vermont to the fucking Ayatollah from Canada, did ya?

              1. If that is aimed at me, the answer is no.   But I will.  "Compared to Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders looks like Maimonides."  Comparison enough for you?wink

        1. The sound of silence…… Moddy's still trying to process the jump from Cruz to Drumpf.

          Wait til he has to wrap his arms around U.S. Senate nominee Tim Neville!

                  1. The latest, where Trump has his audience pledge allegiance to Trump really is telling. He wants to start a cult of personality like all megalomaniacal dictators and religious figures.

                    Can't wait for him to found Trump Church once he loses the election.  The business world is no longer big enough to contain his ego.


                    1. My son shared this post from two teenage girls who attended a Trump rally in Michigan. They got harassed and thrown out – not for protesting, just for standing silently, wearing anti-Trump and pro-Bernie gear.

                      As the two men walked us out, one explained that if we returned we would be arrested. Stephanie quickly asked why that was. The man replied with "They don't want you here," to which she said "Isn't it a constitutional right to silently protest?" The officer replied "Not here."

                      Somebody, probably BC, had noted that if Trump were elected, the First Amendment would be the first to go…and the Second would quickly follow, much to the dismay of Trump's loyal base. 

                      I don't know that Cruz would be much better -sneakier, maybe, less obvious.  I plan on registering some voters this summer, whomever the Democratic nominee is.

                    2. I've said he  and his supporters would like to see freedom of the press and freedom of speech go but  American presidents don't have the power to do that. It would be a rude awakening for him.

      1. Have you learned nothing, Frank? Our good friend Moddy has ceded the race to Eduardo Rafael; so it shall be.  It's #CruzeControl all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania. 

      1. It would put the remaining player over the delegate threshold, and might put the combined ticket ahead of the other two in a three-way race. There's no way either one gets the majority of delegate votes short of a combined Trump/Cruz meltdown. But delegate math and three-way elections mean that one candidate in the "establishment" camp will gain far more overall delegates than two candidate splitting the vote.

        Trump: 33%, Cruz: 32%, Kaisich: 25%, Rubio: 10% is effectively Trump: 43%, because votes not allocated due to the minimum 15% threshold go to the top vote-getter under GOP rules IIRC. Trump: 33%, Cruz: 32%, Kaisich (with Rubio's votes): 34% means a Kaisich win, and Trump doesn't get an extra 10% of delegates. In a winner-take-all state, Trump suddenly gets nothing and Kaisich gets it all. Big change in the overall math, and it could get Kaisich in to a brokered convention. With Rubio still standing, that chance becomes very very small.

        1. So still either Trump or Cruz. Which are already the only possible outcomes outside of GOP establishment wet dreams of a brokered convention that would give them somebody they actually want.

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