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March 01, 2016 09:51 AM UTC

Regarding Sen. Tim Neville's "Gun Giveaway"

  • by: Jane Dougherty

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Jane Dougherty.
Jane Dougherty.

Colorado State Senator Tim Neville is promoting a gun give away to gin up support for his U.S. Senate campaign. The gun he is using to draw caucus goers is the AR-15 – the semi-automatic civilian version of the military M-16. There is much debate about whether the AR-15 is an “assault rifle” or a “sporting rifle.” Tim Neville tells us that “he believes the AR-15 is a great weapon,” and that people in Colorado are “pretty excited about it.” It is not hard to see based on Senator Neville’s legislative record that he is a gun extremist. Neville is a Second Amendment absolutist, championing guns for everyone, everywhere.

The idea of a sitting Colorado legislator using a powerful and deadly weapon to promote his candidacy is repulsive. I guess either Senator Neville is tone deaf or completely callous to the fact that there have been multiple shootings here in Colorado where the AR-15 has been used to take innocent lives. In the Aurora Theater shooting, 12 lives were taken and 70 others wounded by a depraved gunman with an AR-15. In the Colorado Springs shootings this past fall, the AR-15 was the openly carried gun that killed three innocent victims, and a similar weapon was used in the Planned Parenthood shooting taking the lives of three including a police officer, and injuring nine others including five police officers.

When I first learned of Senator Neville’s gun give away I was physically sickened. This is the gun that took my sister Mary Sherlach’s life at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This gun is not a toy to be dangled before constituents. I wonder if the Senator has given any thought to what could happen if the gun he is giving away fell into the hands of a dangerous person.

Using a deadly weapon for political gain is reprehensible. Is this the message a candidate for U.S. Senate should be sending in a state that has been torn apart by so much gun violence? I think not and I hope the voters of Colorado will agree.


15 thoughts on “Regarding Sen. Tim Neville’s “Gun Giveaway”

  1. Jane, thank you so much for posting this. I can't imagine what you've been through but I know it's hard to deal with these gun thugs and their callousness. Tim Neville doesn't speak for the good people of Colorado.

  2. Too bad you folks can't figure out that Tim Neville (also known as Personhood Pete) is nothing more than the sock puppet of Dudley Brown. Remember that the Dudster thinks the NRA is a bunch of pinko commies on gun issues. 

    If one is unhappy about Neville’s doings and goings on, don’t spend your time writing on a liberal web site. Get out and actively work against Neville if he gets the nomination.

      1. Didn't say you do or don't. What I said was to get out and do something about your feelings or political opinions rather than sitting in front of a screen. 

        1. They think they can beat Neville so they refuse to talk about any other candidate. It's the Akin playbook all the Dems shared last fall. Colorado Pols read it.

          1. That's not true. I personally would prefer that your party nominate Peggy Littleton instead of Tim Neville. She's even stranger than he is……

  3. We did know he is a sock puppet for Dudley Brown. Dudley  and his friends at the RMGO are gun toting whack jobs. Before you disagree this is the organization that thinks the NRA is too  close politically and ideolocally to Gabby Giffords. She is the former member of Congress who became a staunch gun control advocate after being shot in the head!

  4. This makes me sick.  "He believes that the AR-15 is a great weapon".  If you look up the definition of weapon you'll find… A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.  Doesn't this just say it all.  A weapon.  Bodily harm.  Is he legally responsible for checking that the recipient of the gun has a background check?  Is he going ensure that they are mentally stable?  Is he going ensure the recipient dies not have a history of violence?  Why on earth would people with morals, a conscience & a true belief that life is precious vote for this despicable man.  He makes my skin crawl!


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