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March 01, 2016 06:41 AM UTC

Super Tuesday Open Thread #1

  • by: Colorado Pols

“In order to speak about all and to all, one has to speak of what all know and of the reality common to us all.”

–Albert Camus


52 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Open Thread #1

  1. Colorado is the state that Rubio has the best chance of winning tonight.  Except, of course, the idiots at the CO GOP decided not to have a presidential ballot.  Yet another example of how Trump has played the Stupid Party for chumps.

  2. Roger Cohen in today's NY Times, "Europe, the soil on which Fascism took root, is watching the rise of Donald Trump with dismay." It's not just Trump's retweets of Mussolini quotes, not just his refusal to condemn David Duke and the KKK, not just "the talk of shooting somebody or punching a protester in the face, the insulting of the disabled, the macho mockery of women, the anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican tirades. 

    …It's the echoes, now unmistakable, of times when the skies darkened.  Europe knows how democracies collapse, after lost wars, in times of fear and anger and economic hardship, when the pouting demagogue appears with his pageantry and promises."

    And, yet, things are actually pretty good in America today, particularly compared to when Obama took office.  You wouldn't know that by listening to the GOP, even today.  They talk about how Obama has destroyed this country.  How awful things are.  How electing Hillary would be the end of America. 

    The GOP created Trump's slogan, "Make America great, Again."  Now, it is up to us to defend our country.  Sadly, because of the state of the GOP,  I have never been more proud to be a Democrat.  I will be caucusing for Hillary tonight, but I welcome the Bernie supporters with open arms.  Later, we will have to join together to make lemonade out of this piece of crap created by the GOP.



  3. Since it is back in vogue to quote Mussollini, here is my favorite line from El Duckface and it is perfect for today:

    "Give me the right to nominate and you can vote for whomever you please"


    See you at caucus where I.m backing Beth McCann for DA, Lois Court for state Senate and Hillary the Trumpslayer for President.  Plus Jack Kroll for CU Regent , who will fight to make education more affordable.

    1. And I'm pretty sure you're not planning any dirty tricks even though I'm also pretty sure you think those who disagree with your picks or your reasoning are morons.wink Also pretty sure that's so typical we really don't have have to worry about anybody "taking over'" caucus with dirty tricks and that the final counts will accurately reflect the will of the attendees, whether or not the decisions of the super delegates do. 

      1. People who disagree with me aren't morons, BC.  I prefer the term "belatedly enlightened."  After the election we will join ranks and, like Alexander at Arbela, fight for Western civilization.  With Hillary's stalwart hoplites manning the crucial right wing, we'll call up Bernie's Companion cavalry to strike the decisive blow at the Trumpian hordes.  I'm planning to lend Bucephalus himself to Mamajama so she can lead the breakthrough, roll up thePersian left, and ride to glory as Trump flees the field of battle in panic.  The Republicans may have more money,but we have the great metaphors.smiley

        1. Well, you sure do.

          Maybe, on another subject, we should also remember Alexander's adventures in Afghanistan which pretty much concluded in declaring victory (yeah right.That held up well) after a long costly wack-a-mole slog, marrying the daughter of the Chieftain who seemed the best bet for the time being and getting the hell out. As with everyone since and no doubt even if he hadn't died so young, Afghanistan didn't exactly work out as planned, even for The Great. Or for the British. Or for the Russians. Boy were we saps.

          1. So glad that they didn't define a moran as someone who believes that Sander's big ticket promises have a greater than zero chance of being enacted in the next four years BC.  Be honest now.  Which one do you see getting enacted first:  The break up of the big banks with the reinstatement of Glass Steagall and forced divestures or free college for qualified individuals?  His tax reform promises have also got to be at the top of the list along with a Single Payer healthcare system..  There are going to be so many wonderful things that are absolutely going to happen when he gets elected.  Which one do you pick to be the first?  Honestly.

            1. This is why people are so cynical about politics. Because people on the left and the right pump folks with promises that cannot possibly ever be fulfilled. Then when they fail to fulfill the impossible promises, folks become ever more angry and cynical.

              I don't have a problem with a politician saying, "I'm not going to promise you unicorns and rainbows. I will try to make things a little better……or at least, not make things worse."

              And it's not just Bernie. Some of Bernie's ideas are not all that bad but they are certainly not realistic.

              The folks on the right do it too. Does anyone (this side of Joe Arpaio) actually believe that a beautiful wall will be built and for only $8 to $10 billion which Mexico will pay for? 

            2. ummm…. I've said many times I'm supporting HRC, GG. I just don't happen to think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not sure she's so super electable, just more so than Bernie. Agree Bernie's plans don't seem well thought out from the nuts and bolt point of view or likely to get very far. That's not good enough for Voyageur. He thinks I'm insufficiently feminist becase I don't love her to pieces.sad

          2. Well, the question of what constitutes a proper feminist response in a woman on woman contest is obviously too important to let a woman worry her pretty little head about.  Did I get that right?  What are you doing with that gun?  Put it dow… smiley

          3. You got that right.  But the worst error was attacking Iraq.   If Bush had been president when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, he would have retaliated by invading Brazil!  I do think we had to respond somehow to the Talibanafter 9/11, but getting sidetracked to Iraq guaranteed failure on both fronts.

  4. My predictions on the Dem side:

    Bernie wins Vermont by a landslide, and Colorado and Minnesota by a margin of about 5%. HRC wins the other 8 states. HRC comes out with about 100 delegates more than the Bern.

    On the GOP side:

    Rafael Eduardo Cruz wins Texas by 8% and comes out of his home state with most of the delegates but not by much.

    "Small Hands" Trump wins everything else (in some cases by up to 20%), and comes out with about twice as many delegates as Cruz and Rubio combined.

    Tomorrow, more of the movers and shakers in the GOP line up to kiss his ring and endorse him.


    1. Alternately, with the GOP leadership, NSA, CIA and Pentagon equally appalled with the prosepect of Trump, he might want to hire a food taster and have his driver check the brakes. Just kidding(?)devil.The NSA, CIA and Pentagon probably won't want to do anything drastic unless he's actually elected. There's still the GOP to worry about, though. Just kidding again(?)angel

    2. If/when, looking to November, and assuming Dems win the presidency again, here's hoping they don't take Republican Anarchy over Trump's fascism as a complete endorsement of the "Democratic" agenda. It won't be.

      And here's hoping they understand you have to challenge Republicans everywhere in order to get back the House and Senate and state legislatures and Dog Catchers and whatevers who implement sound public policy on the ground

      Obama froze out Howard Dean out after his election and strangled Dean's "50 State Strategy" in its infancy. If Hillary wins this, and similarly freezes out Bernie, then Democrats will once again be rejecting an entire group of voters and activists that Bernie has brought in to the process.

      Your dear Michael Bennet, who was a complete failure in '14, proved money and strategy (which Mike had in '14) are meaningless without principle (which he did not have). 

      Don't do it, Professional Dems. Neither Hillary, nor Bernie, will be able to do anything without legislative backing. It'll make you the idiots once again and reduce Dems to begging for some bipartisanship from The Crazy Party.

      1. Actually HRC being Obama's primary and final rival for the nomination, she would work better in the analogy than Dean and Obama made her his SOS. More freezing her in, at least for a while, and shutting up Bill, at least for a while, than freezing her out. But your point is well taken. Taking back the House and Senate means competing and/or forcing Rs to spend more money everywhere.

      2. You say Dems have to challenge Republicans everywhere, but on a near daily basis, you bemoan Democrats who aren't liberal enough (you even call out Bennet, again.)

        You need to realize that if you want a 50 State strategy, you can't have Bernie clones running in Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama. You have to have Democrats who may be a bit more conservative than you're comfortable with. You can't govern if you don't win, after all.   

        1. True that. insisting on Zap defined purity would make a 50 state strategy completely impossible. It would be more like a handful of states strategy.

              1. I am a Cynthia Thielen fan to my core.  I would vote for her without reservation for any office she'd seek.  She is simply the best. 

          1. I want him to get better folks. It's called constructive criticism; we learned it in 4th grade. And if Colorado's senior senator can't take a little reality check from Z, with his many reliable defenders here, then he's worse than I thought.

    3. latest poll shoes Hillary up 25 points in Minnesota.  Caucus states are hard to poll but if she does that, he's down to Colorado (probably a narrow win} and Vermont.  The fat lady will be singing between gulps of Ben and Jerry's.

    1. The horrible DWS's long time naked thumb on the scale support for HRC (she claims she's neutral just like a good party chair is supposed to be….. with a straight face) is almost enough to make me take back my practical decision to support HRC. I wonder what conclusions Voyageur would come to about my feminism in this case.

      Apparently you can't fail to be crazy about HRC and keep your feminist credentials according to his definition.  But am I bad feminist for supporting Warren against DWS? Or would I be a bad feminist to support DWS against Warren? Hmm… I guess that would depend on who Voyageur prefers to support since both have lady parts and he's the self appointed arbiter of what constitutes feminism. Right Voyageur?angel

      And yes, I know I’m asking for it. Bring it on.

      1. Be careful what you ask for. You may get a reply from me.  

        As for DWS, I've always thought she is bat-shit crazy, sort of like some of the dimmer bulbs in the Republican chandelier. But she is a Dem and your problem. For the record, I think the bill is wrongly placed and a bad idea. Without the CFPB, payday lenders are like uncontrolled predators, IMHO. 

      1. Well, the question of what constitutes a proper feminist response in a woman on woman contest is obviously too important to let a woman worry her pretty little head about.  Did I get that right?  What are you doing with that gun?  Put it dow…  

        {I am not quite crazy enough to tangle with you on that issue again, BC.  I'm still applying ligament to the body blows from the last round,)smiley

      1. Well, you got to say her timing is weird,  Hillary has a good shot at running the table tonight and carrying even Massachusetts and Minnesota.  If Bernie gets only Colorado. Vt. and Maybe Oklahoma,  It will be time to give him a Bern Notice.

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