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November 07, 2008 08:48 AM UTC

Booze & Politics?

  • by: DavidThi808

L.B. suggested we get together for drinks. The concensus appears to be this saturday 2:00 3:00 at 8 Rivers in LoDo. So, how many are up for this? My vote is we get 8 or more committments by 5:00 Friday for it to be on. Who’s up for this?

Update: starting at 3:00

Update 2: It’s on! I’ll be there and I’m about 6’2″, 53 years old, white male. And I’ll probably be 10 minutes late as I’m late to everything.

Booze & politics

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62 thoughts on “Booze & Politics?

      1. I rode my mountain bike for the first time since I got here a year ago.  Rode to the beach, got my wheels a bit in.

        Not near as much fun as at 12,000 feet.


  1. But I have a very sick kitty at home, and I don’t think she’s going to make it much longer.

    My wife has had her for 9 years now, and she’s very special to her as well as me. Very hard to deal with.

    So “Next time” for me too. Which is really sad, because I don’t know the next time it’ll happen–and I was really looking forward to calling Laughing Boy a freak to his face.

      1. One of the worst parts is that we took her to the vet on Wednesday hoping to help her feel better, and ended up spending around $1K to find out that there’s not really anything we can do.

        1. The same thing happened with my dog Madra a couple of years ago. I ended up at the specialty clinic in Loveland, spent $960 to find out that I had to put him to sleep because he was dying of congestive heart failure.

          I cried the whole way up the canyon. Couldn’t believe I wasn’t coming home with my dog.

          1. It’s awful, really, to go through. I think it’s the unconditional love. Not even my own mom loves me the way my dogs and cats do or forgive me so easily.

    1. We had to put my Rottweiler to sleep after 14 years.  Her name was Onyx, she was my Maid of Honor at our wedding and my best friend.

      Focus on the things that made you laugh and smile – that is all that helps.

  2. I’d prefer not to drive 2 hours home after drinking. 🙂

    But, I love the idea and want to give a big thumbs up to LB for thinking of it.

  3. drink a toast to you all about 2:15, and wish I was with you.

    Well maybe not the last part.  I’ll be watching the Penn State-Iowa game.  Some things are more important than politics.

      1. It’s not like we can’t do it again sooner than later if it’s fun.

        We’re going to a bar, for Chrissakes, not going on “Hippie Survivor” or something.

                  1. I’ll see what I can do… Saturdays are generally tough because I work all day Friday and Saturday and my wife usually likes having me around to give her a break with the kids. And I have to come from Highlands Ranch too. 🙁

                    1. about how we recognize each other.

                      I think, in honor of his name, Laughing Boy should come dressed as Daffy Duck. Elmer Fudd: “Well what do you know – no mo’ buwwetts!” Bugs Bunny: “No mo’ buwwetts? [to Daffy Duck]: Hey Laughing Boy, no mo’ buwwetts!”

                      IF I make it, I’ll be the dashingly handsome one.

                  2. I just read Atlas shrugged for the sex scenes.   But yeah, I’ll be there Saturday, just hoping to cadge a free drink from Whiskey Lima Juliet and/or kick Libertine’s butt if he has the guts to show, which he won;t;-)

    1. I had an unavoidable conflict but will do my darnedest to make the next one. From the sound of things, this might have been on a bit of short notice for a lot of folks — so if WLJ is willing to open her tables to another in the next couple weeks, I say let’s do it again.

      So who showed up? Which Polsters turn out to be 12-year-olds pretending to be county chairmen? Did Nancy project her hologram all the way from California? Did Bob kick Libertine’s ass?

        1. Ewegen went to the mat with a guy he thought was Libertad but it ended up being a random bystander.  I had to pull out mace when Danny started screaming “FASCIST!!!” in my face, and the lawsuits and restraining orders are pending.

          It was a wonderful time.  A very positive experience, and the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous.  WLJ was a fantastic host, but we should go somewhere else next time so she’s not working and can concentrate on my planned indoctrination of her into the free-market ranks.

          Honestly, the biggest problem was not having enough time to get in to depth with everyone at the table.

          David, Bob Ewegen, Phoenix Rising and his lovely wife, WLJ, RavenDawg, Matthew, Danny the Red Stripe (oops – Hair), Takebackthehouse, -am I forgetting anyone?

          It was honestly a cathartic and nice time to put human faces with the out-of-control Communist postings I see here all the time.


  4. Nancy was absent, or she was the weathered woman sitting at the bar and staring us down.  Just Joking.

    Good times. I’m up for it anytime.  

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