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February 26, 2016 11:50 AM UTC

Governor Christie Endorses Donald Trump for President

  • by: Republican 36
Chris Christie and Bob Beauprez.
Gov. Chris Christie and Bob Beauprez.

POLS UPDATE: The New York Times reports:

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey endorsed Donald J. Trump on Friday, a major turn in a wild race and one that gives the New York businessman a major boost as he heads into the pivotal “Super Tuesday” contests.

Mr. Christie was a candidate for president himself until he came in sixth place in New Hampshire’s primary. Seeing his political career facing an abrupt conclusion after his failed presidential campaign, he expressed his anger Friday at Senator Marco Rubio, who he was said to be upset with, blaming the “super PAC” backing the Florida senator for halting his momentum in New Hampshire with a string of slash-and-burn ads…

At Friday’s news conference announcing the endorsement, which was peppered with demeaning insults of Mr. Rubio by the two men, Mr. Christie repeatedly attacked Mr. Rubio, calling his behavior at the debate “desperate” and reflective of a “losing campaign.”

Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump is by far the highest-profile support Trump has received so far in this campaign, and may prove critical for Trump heading into Super Tuesday. As for Christie, it’s a clear-headed recognition of who he expects to win the GOP primary–and backing at a key moment we expect a President Trump would richly reward.

“President Trump.” Let that burn in real good, folks, because the odds of that actually happening just measurably increased–by how much being a question we’ll debate for days. Original post follows.


What more can anyone say? So much for the Republican establishment’s move to stop Trump.


22 thoughts on “Governor Christie Endorses Donald Trump for President

  1. Repeating by unpopular demand from Friday open thread:

    Well, Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump.   If I compare this to the Hitler-Stalin pact, will the fools who always misquote Godwin's law stay out of it this time?

     (The supposed law emphatically does not state that the first to evoke Hitler loses the argument, as the fools think.   It merely states that the longer an online discussion continues, the greater are the odds that Hitler will be mentioned.)

    – See more at:

    1. More likely White House chief of staff. A grown-up will be needed to do the government/ administrative stuff while the clown does the entertaining.

      Their personalities probably would meld together nicely. The brash loud-mouth from Queens and the brash loud-mouth from Jersey. It might work.

      1. I don't know, Frank..You think his ego would let him take it? The only governor who ever did so was John Sununu, as far as I know. His name didn't really become a household word, so to speak.

        1. Indeed…..and Sununu did not work out so what with the frequent flier miles and everything. Daddy Bush finally decided he had to go but didn't have the stomach to do it himself so reportedly he got the Shrub to do it for him.

          There was also Sherman Adams who was Ike's COS. He too was a former NH governor who did not work out as COS. No frequent flier miles but a vicuna coat……

        1. So it would be the New York/New Jersey double thug presidency making everyone from Congress to the Supreme Court to Mexico, Russia, China, North Korea and assorted terrorists offers they can't refuse? Except they all can and will.

          Note to journalists and NGO workers. Don't get arrested or kidnapped while these two are in office. They'll never negotiate your release. They'll probably get you killed.

    1. Probably nothing.   Do the math: Cruz is a spittle dripping liar.  Rubio a whining little sausage whose treatment at Christie's hands was nothing like what Hillary Clinton will do to him.  That leaves Trump and Kasitch, and nobody boards the loser's train. 

  2. And strictly from the realm of campaign politics, look at what Trump has done – again. Last night after the debate and early this morning the air waves were dominated by news anchors and pundits talking about the emergence of Senator Rubio and in one brief moment Trump buried all of that and took center stage again with Gov. Christie's endorsement. The Rubio story is now a footnote at the bottom of page 7 in section C of the newspaper. Trump took Rubio off everyone's radar screen.

    One thing is certain. Mr. Trump should not be underestimated. In 1976, President Carter's campaign was awash with joy when Ronald Reagan was nominated. They figured Reagan to be a buffoon with a weak mind and little ability. Jesse Unruh, the former Democratic speaker of the California Assembly, warned the DNC and the Carter campaign that in an election campaign they should never underestimate Reagan. They did and Reagan crushed them. The same is true today. Trump is called many derogatory things but we should not underestimate his political abilities. He seems to have a nose or a natural knack for election-campaign politics. The Fall general election campaign is going to be a fight to the finish. We need to come prepared with a tough unbending attitude and be prepared to fight harder than ever before.

    1. You nailed it, R36. Our main hope is for a high Latino and Black turnout.  In polarized America, there aren't many votes left in the middle, we need to turn out those who still believe in Liberty and justice for all,  In the words of Joe Hill: "Don't mourn.  Organize!"

    2. Excellent points R36. After all Trump is where he is because the GOP underestimated him and the cable 24/7 news couldn't get enough of him, the most colorful ratings magnet ever to enter politics. But I will say there  are  big differences between Trump and Reagan.  

      Those who considered Reagan a buffoon who represented no threat couldn't possibly have imagined a future Americain which a Trump could ever get to first base in a race for the nomination. Reagan was, after all, as far from Trump's angry vulgarity and thuggish persona as anyone could be even though he too used scapegoats (welfare queens as opposed to Mexican rapists and Muslims) to gin up support. His image was mostly about sunshine, Morning in America and being a nice guy. Also, as Governor of our largest state he wasn't completely devoid of  exprerience in the areas of government and policy. 

      None of which is to say that underestimating Trump wouldn't constitue a huge error in judgemment. Just that Trump as a presidential candidate isn't quite a replay of Reagan. Trump will be much more beatable in the general if Dems run a smart campaign. The Latino and Black vote alone are so much more powerful now than they they were then. Getting those demos out to defeat Trump is very doable. And I'm pretty confident that we have so far only seen the tip of the iceberg where skeletons in Trump's closet are concerned.

      Already they include exploiting and underpaying legal and illegal immigrant labor (even if it was contractors and not him directly) and a "university" that was forced to stop calling itself that (changed the name to the the Something or other Initiative) because it met none of the qualifications required of a real educational institution and bilked stidents, many of whom are now suing, of tens of thousands per for what one described as nothing more than a few "seminars" that amounted to infomercials. And you can bet Dems are sitting on a whole lot more.

      But will it be Trump? Are their more twists to this made for TV satire/thriller? The way things have gone so far, who the hell knows!

      1. Trump got where he is because the media craves "content" that will drive viewership. This country used to have a "press", but it long ago sold itself out as "entertainment" for ratings and advertising $$$.

        Here's a little proof, go to the Internet or YouTube and search "morons kicking each other in the balls" and then search "Serious discussions of: … campaign finance reform," or "… nuclear proliferation," or "… climate change," or "… America's infrastructure needs," or "… Midle Eastern policy".  Wanna' bet which will have more views?

        Trump is the logical outcome of a lot of different ridiculousness over the past 30 years, but he unquestionably the product of entertainment politics.

        (And, I honestly believe that contributory to this problem of issues inattention is the fact that we have campaigns-(and-campaign-funding)-eternal-and-everlasting. 

        I can't say it often enough, our corrupt system of campaign finance is truly the root of all evil.)

  3. Christie was promised something, but "bridge gate" would haunt him if he is the VP candidate.  His embrace of  Obama after Hurricane Sandy would as well.  

    1. He may see his alignment with Trump as a way to escape from New Jersey, where, very soon, his ass could be in a sling…or a cell, perhaps…How many of these loudmouth carnival barkers have an ounce of integrity? A rat deserting a sinking ship also comes to mind…that ship being the pre-Trump GOP. It is a new day over there on the other side of the aisle…madness reigns…heh.

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