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February 24, 2016 02:00 PM UTC

What The Hell Is Cynthia Coffman Thinking?!

  • by: Colorado Pols
Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.
Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.

As the Colorado Independent’s Susan Greene reports, GOP Attorney General Cynthia Coffman had a bizarre “Twitter meltdown” last week following the interview of the mother of Dylan Klebold, of one of the perpetrators of the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting:

Ted Zocco-Hochhalter — father of a student who was paralyzed in the 1999 rampage — didn’t know what he’d feel when he learned that Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold, was coming forward after 17 years to tell her family’s story.

Ire? Disgust? Outrage?

After having watched Sue Klebold’s interview, Zocco-Hochhalter’s response was yes to all of the above – though not toward Sue Klebold, he notes, but rather toward Coffman for weighing in with comments he describes as “incredibly ignorant and insensitive.”

Here are the Tweets AG Coffman fired off after Sue Klebold’s interview aired:

To which the father of Columbine victim Anne Marie Hochhalter says:

Nonsense, counters Zocco-Hochhalter, who lauds Sue Klebold for her candor about the guilt and responsibility she feels about the shootings her son helped carry out before he fatally turning his gun on himself. Sue Klebold spent much of her “20/20” interview acknowledging that she missed key signs of her son’s depression and urging families to learn how to spot kids’ mental health problems before desperation turns to violence. Those are the main points of her book, “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy,” the proceeds from which she’s donating to mental health causes.

“Here we have an Attorney General’s office publicly criticizing Sue Klebold for talking about mental illness as a factor in school shootings. That’s not only insulting to our intelligence, but it’s also flat-out wrong – showing a remarkable lack of knowledge and professionalism about the issue,” Zocco-Hochhalter tells The Independent.

Coffman’s reaction to ABC’s interview with Sue Klebold is very difficult to understand from just about any professional or even responsible point of view. Of course the story of how she missed warning signs that could have helped prevent the Columbine High School shootings should be told. Of course talking about mental illness is better than concealing it. And above all, seventeen years is long enough to wait to talk about it.

Isn’t it possible that telling her story could prevent another Columbine?

No one we have asked about this story has had a plausible theory for why Coffman would launch into this unprofessional outburst aginst Sue Klebold on her official Twitter account in response to a news magazine show interview. Coffman though her spokesman refused to answer questions, saying the Tweets “speak for themselves.”

That may be true, but they don’t say anything good about Cynthia Coffman.


21 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Cynthia Coffman Thinking?!

      1. Voyageur is classier on his most curmudgeonly day (and I've been on the business end of several of them, probably including today) than you or your goddess have ever been on your best. There is nothing "classy" about Coffman's appalling response. If she can think or feel she isn't demonstrating it. 

        BTW how's Trump working out for you? You never say a word about him anymore.

  1. Cynthia Coffman  has knee-jerk reactions to issues without thinking them through.  This is not an appropriate response for an elected official, especially not a lawyer.  Her office is a mess.  Dozens of long-term, dedicated attorneys have the left the AGO in the past year because of her mismanagement.

  2. If Cynthia Coffman has an opinion she is just as free to express it as you or me. I would like to hear more of Coffman's views on this subject, I'm sure these Tweets are out of context.

    1. Wait a minute. They're Cynthia Coffman's tweets so how can they be out of context? Are you saying she wrote them so they would be out of context? That would be rather foolish on her part – don't you think?

        1. taken out of context

          A use phrased by countless politicians, celebrities, and television/radio hosts to justify any stupid thing they ever say. While occasionally something is taken out of context, it is mostly ridiculous.

          Critic: "How could you possibly claim that you want to rape and murder every single minority in the country?"
          Douchebag: "I did say that, but it was taken out of context."

    2. Of course she's free to express idiocy, just like you …

      … it's just surprising that there's others who're as eager as you are to broadcast their ignorance!

  3. Cynthia Coffman is the AG until 2018, like it or not. I'm not a big fan, but I also don't get worked up when she gets OTW (Off The Wall). If ya'll liberal folks don't like what she's doing, you need a stronger candidate in 2018 than your candidate in 2014. 

    1. Can't we just enjoy every stupid thing she says and does between now and then? At least that makes her good for something…  besides embarrassing your party with comically failed coups which we also appreciate.angel

    2. It's more than just not liking her stupidity CB.  It's about wanting our elected leaders to pull their heads out of the sand and look at a world that is more and more inhabited by mentally disturbed people who need help before they go off.  Mrs. Coffman is in an ideal position to advocate for better treatment systems to help the underserved in our communities that really do need help.  It's not socialism to help someone who is so messed up that they can't hold a job to pay for their own treatment.  Mrs. Klebold must have gone through hell to see her child do such terrible things and her experiences led her to speak out for better mental health approaches.  She was trying to make the world a better place and Mrs. Coffman with her gun stuck up her ass can't tell friend from foe.  What a disappointment.  If you voted for her and are happy with these kinds of rude outbursts than what could possibly make you reassess your vote?

      1. GG: I never said I was "happy" with her outbursts. All I said was that I'm not a fan. I will offer that I thought she was a weak candidate, but the Dem candidate was weaker. For those who don't like Ms. Coffman's job performance, I suggest starting early on the process next year to find a viable replacement from either party.

        1. I guess I'm not tracking here CB.  It's not about whether Democrats find a candidate to defeat Mrs. Coffman.  From my perspective, I'm trying to figure out why talking about the tragedy of mental illness and encouraging people to seek help if they are in a bad place is inappropriate.  If Mrs. Coffman doesn't want to talk about mental illness in association with gun violence in public places then when does she want to talk about it?  What's her alternative plan to get to a safe society in public places?  I think discussing her plans and criticisms is a more valid use of our time then pretending it is all about politics unless you don't think much of her ideas and simply don't want to come to grips with the connection between mental illness and gun violence.

  4. I think the disconnect here happens when one tries to put Cindy Coffman and "thinking" in the same sentence. After all, she married Mike, didn't she? Then again, they're about a right pair.

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