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February 24, 2016 07:03 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Those that are the loudest in their threats are the weakest in their actions.”

–Charles Caleb Colton


76 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. I love the fact that The Bern consistently shuts down all the stupid "horse race" and polling and sniping and "someone said something stooopid" questions and focuses on real issues, solutions, differences in philosophies. 

    More candidates, and blog owners, should do that.

    But, of course, with Melania Trump now being in the “spotlight”, we’re going to see and hear more of her than we could ever imagine.

    1. That's certainly one of the things I like best about Bernie, even though I must reluctantly throw in with HRC. Kind of dread caucus. I'll have to face many people I like and who were with me in 2008 for Obama who will be baffled and disappointed by my choice. The thought has even crossed my mind to go ahead and join the ardent base supporters who are my natural allies to caucus for him since I don’t think he’ll win the nomination even if he does win the Colorado caucus, which I think he will with or without me, but that would be dishonest and cowardly. Better to bite the bullet.

      1. I can deal with an HRC pres. Maybe she'd get Bernie on as Veep. 

        But you know the Right Wing is going to make this last 8 years look like Bipartisan Heaven with everyone high on Unicorn blood.

        1. Hillary is not going to encourage a new era of bipartisan co-operation if she's President, that's for sure.

          If Sanders doesn't get the nomination, he either needs to remain in the Senate where he's effective, or be appointed to a Cabinet position where he'll be directly responsible for things. Veep wouldn't put him in an effective position, and frankly we need someone young and inspiring in the Veep slot – someone who can take the reins in 4 or 8 years.

          1. I'd be surprised if Sanders took the job as second banana. Wasn’t it Truman who said V.P. wasn’t worth a bucket of warm…something? I always did believe that quote was edited for family newspapers".

          2. Disagree Big Bird.  Her victory will be a devastating Republican defeat that can change Congress.  Couple that with a potential flip in the Senate and you put in place new dynamics for a governing partnership.  It is stale thinking to expect no change with such a historic victory plus she now has the Obama experience to spurn trying to work with them when they are being obstructionists.  He tried everything under the sun to achieve a consensus government and got the finger every time.  Since she has first hand knowledge of the futility of dealing with Republicans in Congress, she can strike out with different approaches than the ones he tried.  It will be a new laboratory in Democracy.

            1. Unless we win the House – which IMHO is extremely unlikely under a Clinton candidacy – we wind up with more of the same. The Republicans hate the Clintons with a passion twice as great as they hate Obama. Co-operation will be stricken from the Republican dictionary entirely if the alternative is the words "Republicans reached an agreement with Clinton" appearing in print.

              1. We won't have a chance at the House until the next reapportionment after the 2020 census. Until then, Democrats have to elect more state reps and senators to have a bigger voice in reapportionment. Meanwhile, it's the GOP's House no matter who the president is.


                  1. I dunno. If the Senate really does keep their heels dug in and their arms folded over this SCOTUS vacancy, it just might sink some of them. Watch SCOTUSblog to see which cases will be stuck with the Circuit decisions. There are a lot of Circuit splits in the pipeline that could be game changers if they would be hung up on a 4-4 split at SCOTUS.. 

                1. I didn't mean to imply that a Sanders candidacy was an instant path to victory in the House, only that Clinton will almost certainly still face a Republican House if she's elected, and they'll still be obstructionist. Winning back the Senate won't change that political calculus.

                  1. Of course it will.  Obama won't be in the White House, it will be a time of seamless transition and McConnell won't be setting the agenda.  All he will be able to do is obstruction from a minority position and people will be able to remind him how the humiliating losses mount up when he is obstructing.   A simple dismissal of the revolutionary possibilities as ‘more of the same’ shows the BS mindset that a Clinton presidency wouldn't be important but Sander's even more ambitious plans will come to fruition because by golly he just has the chops to get things done.  That's obviously a double standard that Mrs. Clinton will never win but it doesn't mean it's true.

                  2. Even though Rs would still obstruct, both with their majority in the House and  because the Dems wouldn't have a big enough majority in the Senate, Dems would be in charge of all committees, all investigations and would be the ones setting the agenda, deciding what does and does not get brought to the floor. That's hardly insignificant.

                    1. Dems would only have Senate majorities, so only Senate committee chairs. The House will still be obstructionist. It takes two to tango in Congress, and House Republicans proved in 2011 that they were willing to nuke it all from orbit. They've only gotten worse since then.

                    2. Sorry I wasn' more clear. I thought it was self evident they would only have control of the Senate. Still a big deal. Just as it was a big deal when we lost it.

        2. Bernie as veep? Not if I were advising her. The last thing the not terribly trusted or loved HRC needs is to share a ticket with an old non-Christian socialist white guy from Brooklyn. I'd advise someone wth Latinos, young voters and flyover states in mind. 

            1. Sorry GG, the future of the world doesn't believe that we baby boomers are as wonderful, or necessary, as we baby boomers have led ourselves to believe.  Like the commercial says, "Time to let go." …

                1. Not exactly my point, …

                  … but while I'm here, my Mom's earned the right — I have no qualms her calling me "Cynical One" …

                  … my friends just refer to me as "that asshole," or just plain "asshole," or "ass" for short!


                  1. But how can one not surmise that a healthy respect for the founders of Cynic philosophy would also entail a rigorous practice of it in ones writing and logic?  Odds are you don't sleep in a ceramic jar but cutting commentary of social or political issues are some of your more insightful writings.  So like Crates and Zino of Critium are you heir to a long history of Cynical thinking?  I still think a rose is a rose but if a being a member of a long line of Cynic philosophers offends you then ass it is.  Probably need to capitalize it to Ass to make it a proper noun.

            1. Wouldn't that make a good sitcom? Hi jinks with the VP and his twin playing tricks on everyone? Two bad they're not identical cousins. Those old enough will understand.

              1. You can lose your mind…when cousins…are two of a kind!smiley That was a great launching pad for Patty Duke, who is one of the greatest actresses still living, in my opinion. She also deserves credit for talking about bipolar disorder, which she has lived with since her teens.

                    1. That's funny.  I get the same result when I try to type in 'dumb animal with no cognitive capabilities'.

    2. He also had the grace to reproach supporters who were booing Hillary. Both our candidtes are class acts compared to the purple gang in the Grand Old Plutocracy.

  2. Bob Woodward today presented an interesting way to take out Trump.  He pointed out how Trump's videos promoting Trump University (You'll get rich!, It's the greatest university!, etc.) sounds much like his presidential campaign today.  Trump enticed suckers, I mean students, to fork over as much as $35,000 for essentially nothing — no degree, no interaction with Trump.  In 2014, Trump was found personally liable for violating NY education laws.

    But, let's allow the GOP to implode and nominate Trump.  Then, simple ads exposing the Trump University scandal, or showing the small business creditors who got stiffed by Trump as a result of his bankruptcies will brand Trump as the fraud that he is.

    Or, just dump a bucket or water on his head.  That would work, too.

    1. Love the bucket of water idea! We've seen the do in a stiff breeze. We've seen the instructions for its construction in diagram. But those are only partial revelations. 

      Sadly, the water wouldn't affect the not found in nature color.  

      As for Woodward’s idea, I've got to agree with The Donald that even if he shot somebody in public it wouldn't affect his support. Either Rubio has to take almost all of Cruz's support or the other way around and neither of those things seems to be happening. 

  3. With the three-way race in the republican primary looking like it is going to extend for the foreseeable future, there is an increased chance for a brokered convention.  With its recent rule change, next week's  Colorado caucus will not produce any pledged delegates. Will Colorado's unpledged delegates have any special significance in a brokered convention?  You need 1,237 to will the nomination, and Colorado only has 37, so they are not going to be a significant voting block, but they may be more significant than they would have been if they were pledged to a single candidate. 

  4. What's the point of being an avid blogger if I can't mention that my wife, Award – winning author Yvonne Montgomery, has her paranormal mystery Edge of the Shadow, set in Boulder, on sale with Kindle and Nook for 99 cents on either platform.  She has written several mysteries, though many say the real mystery is how she outs up with me.  It is a great read, especially for those familiar with Chautauqua and the Flatirons area.






    1. Any plans for an audiobook?

      I'm a big fan of John Dunning's Cliff Janeway novels. For those unacquainted with this character, he's a used book seller on Colfax St. His adventures take him all over Colorado.

      He doesn't seem to be particularly active now, so I'm looking for a replacement.

    2. Voyager, My wife and I own a small publishing company and as a side thing to promote our company, a website where Colorado authors can list their books. It helps readers find books and authors find readers. We'd be thrilled to have her books on the list. Sorry for the commercial, folks, but I wanted V to know about the site and that it's run by someone he already "knows". The site is 

            1. V, I messaged you on facebook. You were a friend of my father's at the Post.  I can put you in touch with the cook about promoting your wife's work on their site.

  5. Insightful quotes regarding Trump

    “I showed anger and the people of our country are very angry!” Trump later tweeted about his South Carolina victory.


    Perkins, the evangelical leader, described the Trump phenomenon’s lack of ideology this way: “You can’t be fearful and thoughtful at the same time.”

    Read more:

    Trump has focussed his appeal simply on the voters' reptilian brain.  I guess that shouldn't really surprise anyone, but thought it good to share if anyone had any doubts.

    It does worry me that even though our economy is relatively strong, we have regressed politically about 80 years back when the world was in the depths of a true depression, with all the associated political unrest.

    1. Surprising, to say the least.  Too bad the polls don't measure the depth of support, since at this point, support is more for an idealized candidate, not so much the person we will learn about during the general campaign when all the real attacks begin.

    1. Got that one too. And a call from an HRC volunteer asking If I'm going to caucus and will I caucus for HRC.  Also my first snail mail piece of Bernie lit. And, of course, have been seeing ads from both on TV. 

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