It’s Trump.

Trump is going to be the nominee.

For this not to happen he would have to die, quit, or reveal some GIHUGENT scandal.  (Caution on the last – it could help him.)


The message to moderate, persuadable, right leaning family and friends needs to be “a D President won’t do much…we will still have the R Congress… .” 

We have been the laughingstock of the world before. We can do it again. But we need to think carefully about apathy and indifference that can result from anger and frustration.


So what our first choice D candidate didn’t get in?  Mine is not even in the race (because he’s not electable even though, maybe because, he is a successful Governor in California).

It’s Trump.  Everyone needs to persuade the middle, draw out more detail from the new guy than “it will be great,” and get out the vote. Voter registration, turnout is all it ever is.




ps- the open thread needs to resume at 6am. Bring back elected fpe- we got the easy stuff done.






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  1. Tom Phillips says:

    Now the question is, who's going to be his running mate.  I think we'll all be surprised.  He's proven himself astute at manipulating the broken Republican party.  Along those lines, he very well may openly and unapologetically pivot to the center after he gets the nomination so that he can win the general election.  It's just good business practice.  He already gets standing ovations from the base when he talks about universal healthcare.  Go figure.  The Dems must not underestimate this guy.

    • BlueCat says:

      I think the days of underestimating are gone but good points.

    • Diogenesdemar says:


      Trump can sell him to his Phil-Robertson-smart followers as a fine young man, really, from a good family, who just needs the right kind of "apprenticeship" training.  (FOX and/or Ryan Seacrest will have exclusive rights to produce and broadcast the television show …)

      JET$! will happily toady up to the buffoon — it's the family legacy plan his pappy set down years ago …

    • Rubio might go for it. He's young, appealing looking, Latino (if Cuban, which matters I guess), from a different section of the country and a swing state that could tip the balance… That's probably his best bet if he wants to swing toward the "center" (not that Rubio is anywhere left of hard right…). Kaisich would work as a backup plan, but I doubt Kaisich would have the stomach to work with Trump.

      Or he could decide he needs to keep the Tea Party base happy in order to sustain his momentum. Palin didn't work out so well with McCain; Carson hasn't exactly proven himself in debates; Cruz has too much of an ego to sign on. Huckabee? Jindal? You have to reach pretty deep to find someone who really adds to the ticket in this scenario.

  2. Tom Phillips says:

    I'm guessing none of the above.  The Republican base apparently doesn't really like the other Rep candidates , and independents won't either.  If Hillary is the Dems nominee, then Trump will want to rip away a big chunk of the young, frustrated Bernie supporters.  A major point of Trump's 'platform' is that he is not beholding to big corporate money, just like Bernie.  He will play on that theme, and some of his earlier, more progressive ideas will resurface as well.  He has already said that everyone will get healthcare, Planned Parenthood does good work, and he likes Rachael Maddow, and still they flock to him!

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