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November 05, 2008 11:57 PM UTC

DeGette to Seek Leadership Post?

  • by: Arvadonian

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

CQ Politics is reporting that Diana DeGette could be in the running for a leadership post now that Rahm Emmanuel has accepted the offer to join the Obama Administration as Chief of Staff.

DeGette is apparently in the running to be Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus–filling Rep. John Larson’s (D-CT) position should he succeed Emmanuel as Conference Chair.

Here is a link to the article detailing the manuvering going on in both caucuses following yesterday’s election.…


30 thoughts on “DeGette to Seek Leadership Post?

  1. The confirmation that he’s taking the CoS post was a bit premature, I think.

    Still, Degette is in a good spot to move up the ladder, if not perfect.  She’s had solid visibility to the caucus while pushing the stem cell bill, which might help her, but I’m not sure she’s got the best connections of those likely to seek the seat.

    There’s still the possibility of an appointment, too.

    1. about 5 mins of Rush today (my tolerance of him was a bit higher today given yesterday’s election results) and he was in a major tizzy about the possibility of Emmanuel being CoS.  

      I give him a month before he’s back on the “Hillbilly Heroin”.  

    2. …she did a really good job of working with Republicans & Democrats in moving her stem cell bill forward. It was easily the biggest thing pushed forward over Bush’s objections.

      Working together while being effective is the flavor of the day (and I think rightly so). So I think DeGette is in a real good position here.

      1. however it appears as though Beccera would be Pelosi’s choice and Schakowski has close ties to Obama.

        Schakowski is also quite agressive whereas DeGette is more of a “behind the scenes” operator.  Not sure which is better suited to this position.

        1. Degette getting a leadership post in Congress would not make her seat vacant. And in any case, there are no appointments to house vacancies, only special elections.

              1. She is definitely staying in the House.

                The problem for her is that the only real leadership position available to her is Whip and I don’t see her getting that.  She wanted it last time, but the black caucus was pretty unifed and influential.

                She is now one of 4 co-equal deputy whips, so there is really no place to go unless she can get the whip job, and as I said I don’t see that as a realistic possiblity.

                As far as taking over the DCCC, that too is unrealistic.  There are others more suited to that job and who have raised more money.

                DeGette didn’t raise money for other candidates, or travel for them, or raise money for the DCCC like others.

                1. DeGette both raised money for House candidates and traveled for them (including candidates in Minnesota and Missouri).  She was the DCCC’s “buddy” assigned to Betsy Markey and helped raise money for Markey.  DeGette reportedly held a hugely successful event for Markey at DeGette’s home.

                  DCCC head can be a career-ender if the party does not do well at the polls.  With 2010 likely to be a difficult year for the Dems, DeGette surely won’t seek that position.

                  Based on her popularity among the House Dems, DeGette could probably be elected Caucus Vice Chair if she wanted the position, but it’s a placeholder job until someone higher up in leadership steps down.

              2. I think DeGette is very happy where she is. She is effective in the House and able to accomplish very useful & necessary legislation. I think she’ll stay where she is doing what she does. She’ll be very happy doing so and we’ll benefit from it.

                And in 2 years L.B. can take her on – which will be fun to watch.

            1. She’s way too cozy with both Big MedTech and Big Pharma, having won several of their legislator of the year awards. However, there’s probably no one else in the House that understands that industry better than her.

              The hurdle she’ll have to overcome is the $500,000_ she’s received from the industry since she was elected. Obama got elected without PAC money, and his hooting about how he doesn’t owe anyone now. Rep. DeGette cannot make that claim…

        2. U.S. Senate vacancies are appointed by the Governor.

          So, no one could be appointed to fill a DeGette vacancy.

          Political party vacancy committees could put some candidates on the fast track to getting on the ballot, and there is only one nomination in Denver that means anything.  But, that process would not be the exclusive means of securing ballot access.

        3.    If she resigned, presumably for an administration appointment, Romanoff could run for her seat in the special election which would be called.

            He may, however, face some competition from Ken Gordon, Peter Groff, Wellington Webb, and half of the Denver City Council.

    3. Here is an article about her wanting to push it. Kristi Burton is of course against it because she doesn’t want to destroy human lives er something. I just want to note that a major funder of KB’s campaign has a patent on stem cell research from cord and placental cells so if embryonic research were out of the question, this dude would make a lot of money.

      Just thought that was interesting, thats all.

    1. Tammy

      Rahm (not anymore)

      J Jackson Jr.

      Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s consiliare)

      Of couse the Gov has the final say and he and Obama are not close.

        1. is said not to be crazy about Jesse Jr. either but the pressure to keep an African-American in the Senate will be substantial.  And Jesse Jr. is not at all in the mold of his flamboyant father.  He should make a very well respected Senator if selected and one who could win re-election.

    2. From what I’ve read, Blagojevich might want to appoint someone that could challenge him if/when he runs for reelection.  That would be interesting…

      And what about Biden?  The most plausible scenario I’ve heard is the new Gov. appointing the outgoing Gov Ruth Ann Minner as a caretaker Senator and then her stepping aside for Beau Biden to run in 2010.  

      If party politics didn’t matter, Mike Castle would be a great choice…obviously that won’t happen…

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