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November 05, 2008 06:11 PM UTC

Musgrave Ungracious In Defeat

  • by: Colorado Pols

Not even a phone call? As the Greeley Tribune reports:

[Congresswoman-Elect Betsy] Markey took the stage at the Fort Collins Marriott to rousing cheers, after her husband, Jim Kelly, choked up as he said she was the love of his life.

Markey thanked her children, her husband and even Musgrave, shushing boos that emanated from the crowd as she mentioned her opponent.

“No, I admire anybody who is going to put themselves out there in the public like we have done,” she said. “So thank you, Marilyn, for your six years of service to the 4th Congressional District.”

Musgrave wasn’t available for comment Tuesday night – but she did show up briefly at Jackson’s All American Sports Grill in Greeley – and several calls to her campaign manager Jason Thielman seeking comment were not returned. Shortly before midnight, Markey said she had not heard from Musgrave either…


57 thoughts on “Musgrave Ungracious In Defeat

  1. Look back two years ago and you’ll see that Democrat Angie Paccione did not call Rep. Musgrave to concede the race.

    What are you guys going to do now that you don’t have Musgrave to kick around over the next two years?  I guess just regurgitate Markey’s press releases in your mutual admiration society.

    1. That was a very, very close race. Last night’s race was not. Musgrave knew she was done for when the first results came in.

      As for your second comment: sour grapes. Maybe you and Musty got the same batch.

      1. Oh, so exactly how many votes does the margin need to be in order for it to be okay not to call your opponent???  That seems like a pretty weak arguement you’ve got going there.  

        1. You mean like Musgrave’s turnout last night? Yeah, I’d say that was pretty weak.

          Maybe you should be thinking about how “Millionaire Markey” so thoroughly trounced your GOP candidate in a race that was supposed to be neck and neck.

          Looks like the GOP in CD-4 has some work to do. Maybe you should be doing that instead of criticizing a left-leaning political website’s lack of criticism of a candidate who ran two years ago.

          1. Looks like Pols is dredging the depths of todays news to hammer Musgrave a couple of more times, why?

            Pols, let’s get some class and let things play through, maybe they will call each other today, and if not, who really cares?  Angie didn’t call, didn’t see any mention of that here.

            I know you guys have been trying to seem impartial over the last 2 years, but this is getting sad.

            1. That refrain from conservatives has gotten quite old. As a privately owned forum, they can take any stance that they want, just like newspapers.  

              And, they do let anyone post any kid of shit that they want to.  

              1. You’re being totally biased by saying that.


                Musgrave was terrible.  Get a smart young R in that district, though and Markey’s going to be looking for work.

                It would have been hard for us to have run a worse candidate, incumbent or no, and she still served three terms.

            2. You pay zero to post your Mr. Wilson comments on this forum.  They aren’t managed by some government agency that mandates equal treatment of all political parties.  Show some Republican backbone and accept that private organizations can run their organizations any way they want and can ignore customers who use their services for free if they so choose.  I guess now that you are back to your familiar role as the minority political party you can engage in all kinds of paranoia and inferiority complaints.

          1. And then have Gore concede to Bush 12 hours later when the actual vote tally came in?

            Now that all your guys won, are you going to move forward?  Looks like the answer is a hardy; No.

              1. full state recount would have revealed Gore as the winner.  But that’s water under the bridge.  It is true that Paccione wasn’t particularly gracious either but it does seem that Rs are having a graciousness problem this time around.

                McCain was pure class and grace but when he praised Obama his people booed as usual.  When Obama praised McCain the clapping  trumped any scattered boos.  Schaffer was his usual pissy self in conceding to Udall.  

                The whole presidential election was dominated by enthusiastic Dems being FOR Obama with hate spewing Rs being against him. Obama rallies were not dominated by anti-McCain hate speech or attacks on his honor or patriotism. Hate and insults were a regular feature of McCain and Palin rallies. We now know which sentiment won.  

        2. Angie should have called. However, the race was still not decided until the wee hours of the next morning and even Musgrave acknowledged that on the news late the night before, that she had no idea if she was going home to sleep as a returning representative to CD4 or not.

          So, the point is this, we knew by 8:00 p.m. last night that Musgrave lost. Was it appropriate or not for Musgrave to refuse to call and concede to Markey?

          I say it was inappropriate for her to be a sore loser. Then again, I would say Musgrave’s behavior is utterly in keeping with how she has treated those she disagrees with for most of her political career.

          Good fucking riddance to useless trash.  

      2. Thanks Redstateblues. Here’s the real deal… Musgrave wouldn’t give me her number! Yes the race was close, but first thing in the morning I held a press conference and conceded and congratulated MM on her victory. Now let’s put 2006 to bed please and focus on the AMAZING victory by Betsy Markey over a 3-term incumbent!!! How do you like those apples?? WAY TO GO BETSY!!

        1. For all you did two years ago, and all that you continue to do for Colorado. I hope that Congresswoman-elect Markey will reach out to you for advice as she prepares to go to Washington.

    2. Just because Angie was a poor sport doesn’t mean it was ok for Marilyn not to be.  

      Her attitude, classlessness and overall unlikeability is why she lost this race.  The Dems finaly put someone likeable up against her.

      1. Read Angie Paccione’s personal post above.

        Did you know that when you initially blogged, rkcymtnhoss? What’s your response now, rckymtnhoss?

    3. Now you know why Angie didn’t call to congratulate her. The record has officially been set straight by the woman herself.

      Time to move on, no?

      1. the next few months endlessly bickering over whether Angie should have conceded even without a phone number and even without results and why those black helicopters are hovering over rockymtnhoss’ house and how come the Broncos are crap this year.  You know, the real stuff that’s important to the people of the 4th CD.

          congratulations to you and your team and to Markey. Now, get back to work, you slave to a small business 😉

        1. I can’t take any credit for Markey’s success. I stayed out of CD4 this time around, mostly to keep an eye on the bottom line of my business. But, I must confess to feeling proud that in 2006 we softened up Musgrave sufficiently for Markey to finish her off.

          Hope you’re having a good day, Bob.  

          1. I am still unhappy about losing 59.   But if I’ve been consistent about anything over the last 50 years it’s been in the belief that the Jim Crow system that I was born into had to end and America had to start living up to the claim in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.”

              Obama’s election doesn’t end racism, but it signals that, forever onward, the believers in justice are in charge and the bigots are the outliers, marginalized in politics and society.

             OK, we still have to work on “all men and women are created equal,” but this is a helluva day.  Now, Hillary in 2016!

          2. Middle, you were a star for my campaign in 2006… and I always look for your posts here. Thanks for keeping the folks here honest…especially the sock puppets! Let’s get together for coffee soon!

  2. KUNC reported this morning that Musgrave didn’t even address her supporters in Greeley.  She went off to sulk.  It will be interesting to see if the Republcans continue to run the same playbook with the same kinds of players, or will do an honest reassessment of why they have become the minority party…in Colorado and nationally.

    1. How would you like to be someone who poured your heart and soul into re-electing Marilyn Musgrave – and then the b***ch doesn’t even have the courtesy to address you and thank you for your support?

      (Sorry for the curse word, but in this case it seems merited. That’s just about the least classy thing ever to do to your supporters and contributors.)

      1. On further reflection, I think my use of the “b” word was too strong.

        But she should be ashamed of herself. If she was unable to address her supporters for whatever reason, she should at least have sent a surrogate to explain why.  

    2. I think I remember a statement from Mike May last night that will point the way his party will head. It was something about the voters not repudiating the conservative agenda, the voters voted against Bush.

      Which is excellentadvice.  Be more picky about the candidates, 2006 was not enough.  Purge the remaining moderates, go hard core right. That will make sure the next election will only be about voting against Bush.

          1. I had a hard enough time convincing myself that Eldorado Springs Superwimp Mark Udall was the lesser of two evils. Now, you are trying to suggest some people actually liked Sen.-elect Jellyfish?

  3. Yes MM’s reaction showed zero class – but she’s history, the Republican party will never consider her for anything in the future.

    Let it go. The future looks good but we have lots to repair and we need to concentrate on that.

      1.    I wouldn’t count on that happening any time soon.  

          My guess is that they’ll continue trying to market the same crappy candidates, and when they fail to win (or when they win at a prohibitive cost), they’ll find someone to blame (e.g., the liberal media, the four millionaires, John McCain, disgruntled RINOs).

      2. He doesn’t have what it takes to win statewide.  It would be interesting to see how he performed against Udall in CO-4.  

        Markey would do better than Udall, of course, in CO-4, but it would be one way to gauge Schaffer’s residual popularity there.

        1. …but I saw a clip of it in which he pointed out that there’s another election in another 730 days or so.

            Is he testing the waters?  God, I hope so.  A U.S. Senate primary for the GOP in ’10 between the two Bob (Schaffer and Beauprez) while Tancredo gets to run for Guv!

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