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November 05, 2008 06:12 AM UTC

Markey Takes Early Lead Over Musgrave

  • by: Colorado Pols

32% reporting:

Betsy Markey (D) 93,989 60.6%

Marilyn Musgrave (R) 61,041 39.4%

But it’s not over until the…oh, fuck it.


36 thoughts on “Markey Takes Early Lead Over Musgrave

  1. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.

    I’m sorry, we’re supposed to stay civil and realize that we have opponents not enemies – but MM was corrupt & bigoted and it is wonderful to see her not just beaten, but destroyed.

    This is a very loud message to the Republican party in this state – the old approach of us vs them and trying to make us fear others is a receipe for failure.

    Now we see the mad scramble of Republican’s explaining why “no, they were never interested in running for this seat – let someone else have the chance.”

    ps – And kudos to Betsy & her entire campaign team for running an excellent race (Go Anne!)

  2. I did that “my lunch with Betsy” and said that the biggest impression I had of her is that she’s nice. And no on disagreed with that summation, but most thought that nice couldn’t beat MM.

    And Betsy ran a tough campaign, but I think she did it while retaining the nice that defines her. So yes, you can be nice and yet still beat an opponent who insists on taking the fight into the gutter.

    1.    But Markey obviously ran an excellent campaign and is a superb candidate running in a good year.

        I thought she would win.  I just never expected the margin (assuming it holds up).

      1. that I could see from here, the commercials.  Both campaigns put out horrible ads that were full of bent truths or flat out lies.  Is it really necessary to lie when there is so much Musgrave crap?

        That said, Markey must have run a hell of a ground game if her lead holds.  I would have expected it within 5%, still a huge gain over Angie.  Obviously, if she wins.

    1. She beat Musgrave because she stayed largely positive and Musgrave was tired, negative, and ignored the needs of her district.

      Unless you believe she was elected because 65% of the voters in District 4 had the hots for her.

  3. These numbers are from Larimer, which actually has the most professional county clerk operation in the state, if not the country.  They don’t screw around in Clerk Scott Doyle’s operation.  They are prepared for contingencies, they do workload planning, the whole bit that you’d expect in the world’s greatest democracy.   Which is rare in American counties.

    Larimer is very important, but it’s not a sample of thie very diverse district which includes Weld, Logan, Morgan, Baca, Prowers, etc.  Meanwhile, the Weld Clerk’s website shows no sigh that there is an election today…  No news up from Morgan, Logan and Washington, which are not the sleek operations you see in Larimer.

    I like Betsy and have supported her, but there are a lot of votes to be counted from areas that aren’t so Markey-heavy.  

    1. I have been rarely more happy to be wrong than tonight about Musgrave. She’s toast because now 70% of precincts are reporting in apparently and she is still losing with only 43% of the vote to Markey’s 57%. 147K to 113K. Richard and I have been drinking champagne and listening to gay anthem tunes. And I’m going to write some thank-you letters to Tim Gill and the Democrats who got rid of her.

    1. We were just having that conversation. We have now seen the first African-American President-Elect. We will no doubt see the first woman President in our lifetimes: Hillary broke that glass ceiling forever.

      Will we, in our lifetimes, see the first openly gay President?

      I think we will – only because 20 years ago I couldn’t have imagined that America would elect a black man to the Presidency.

      1. Given that I am thirty some years old and that the first openly gay representative has just been elected with the additional factoid that it was 1870 when the first black representative was elected to congress, I think it will be long after I’m dead. 100+ years and I’m willing to put big money on it not happening in the next 50.

        1. Anti-gay bigotry is deep-rooted, but then again so was racism.

          I think, despite some of the disappointments (looks like the anti-marriage Prop 8 is going to pass in California), that straight America is growing more and more comfortable with gays. It’s far from ideal, let’s not kid ourselves (when gay couples can hold hands at the mall, I’ll say that we turned that corner) but a lot can happen in 20, 30, or 50 years.

          1. It is both a question of percentages and bigotry. That Obama was elected is as much to luck as a change in America. Blacks did not have the same pool of potential candidates to draw upon. How many black senators are there? That’s right, one. How many governors? Two. Extraordinary things do happen, but not always. How many Jewish presidents have we had? I ask rhetorically.

            An openly gay president is somewhat less likely than a Jewish one.

          2. If Jared isn’t an exception. If he is soon joined by other openly gay representatives from around the country, sure. It could happen. We’d be climbing the ladder towards having someone. But right now he’s an experiment, a lone exception. We shouldn’t talk about gay Presidents before there is a second gay representative. Or even an openly gay senator/governor.

            And while straights might like we gays as individuals, we’re still hated as a group. They’ll elect us, but they won’t let us have the same rights.

            1. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) was the first openly gay person to be out when she was first elected to congress some 6 (or was it 8?) years ago.

              I think that we are going to have to do something about being allowed to serve openly in the military before we will see a gay person serving as Commander in Chief of the armed forces….

              1. But still, it is rather like the bold few blacks who were elected in the 19th century. It could all be swept away under a tide of popular bigotry.

              2. ….since covering up your true self has been SOP for gays for centuries. For all we know, someone like GEN Shinseki could’ve been hiding his inner Sulu for years..

                    1. He’s also the one lifelong bachelor president.  I think he was never caught red handed, but all of King’s and Buchanan’s letters were destroyed so we’ll never know for sure one way or the other.

            2. And it’s a doozy. Fight the bigotry, educate the ignorant, and gain full equality in the law. All the people of color had to fight that battle too, and there sure were setbacks. (Looks like we’re getting one tonight – the numbers for Prop 8 don’t look good.)

              It’s not easy, but this straight guy is helping the fight.

                1. I Apologize (a word I use a lot and that I like how it looks, like something taught by the god Apollo) if I come off as bitter. It is just that tonight the last of the states with pure direct democracy outlawed gay marriage. No state with a direct method unmoderated by their legislature has not banned gay marriage. All of them. So the victory over Musgrave and Polis going to congress is… rather like winning a car the day your house burns down. I’d rather have Musgrave still in congress and same sex marriage legal in California.  

                  1. …but it looks like N.Y. may be the next state to legalize same sex marriage.  

                      Last night, the Dems took control of the state senate for the first time since 1964.  The Assembly passed a bill last year legalizing same sex marriage. (IIRC, it’s sponsor is none other than Rosie O’Donnell’s brother!)  

                      The state senate, under GOP control, had refused to bring the bill up for a vote.  Gov. Patterson is on record as supporting the bill.

                      As for California, the state A.G., Jerry Brown, issued a statement saying that the 18,000 same sex couples married to date are lawfully married and will remain that way.

                    However, he expects someone to try to challenge his interpretation of the amendment.  

                      So we may get to see the spectacle of a fringe group of wing nuts bringing a civil action to forcibly divorce two people who have no desire to be divorced.  

                      I’m not sure that they would having standing to bring such an action (I would think that only the state, acting through the A.G., could do), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried.

  4. …and along with some interesting speculation about Bill Owens, she related the strange tale of Marilyn Musgrave, and her fiery descent into Political Hell.

    To have gone from someone so normal and (somewhat) decent when she was in the State Legislature, to this intolerant GOP Harpy seems to confirm all the wise statements about absolute power.

    I can only hope that in this All-Dem, All The Time Congress that’s coming up, that the new Congresswoman-elect can remember who and what she replaced…

    1.    She was the prime sponsor for the state Defense of Marriage Act every session, even though Roy Romer either vetoed it, or Russell George sent it to Judiciary (instead to State Affairs) where Bill Kaufman and Marcy Morrison joined with the Dems to kill it.

        And she was quite cheerful in carry that bill.

      1. Hanna just confused Musgrave’s personal friendliness, especially to her fellow legislators, with her political positions, which didn’t change an inch on social issues in the state house, state senate or Congress. The lege, like other clubs, encourages that sort of personal courtesy to lubricate the process. A few, like Doug Bruce, ignore it and stay forever outsiders.

        1. At the time, we were discussing the “daily grind” part of their job in the Legislature. Adam Schrager told me that MM was one of the most accessible and friendly legislators in Colorado when she was in the State House.

          My point was that she went from a human-shaped object to a shrill, evil, and petulant Harpy when she rose to the Federal level…  

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