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February 11, 2016 06:59 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity.”

–Thomas Fuller


41 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. It hasn't been picked up outside of town, apparently, but we just had a terrible tragedy occur here in Mesa County. Some 17 yr. old meth head, who has been stealing guns to stay high, shot and killed Derek Geer, a veteran Mesa county sheriffs 'deputy.

    I hope Wayne and Dudley sleep well tonight. As we all know, a good guy with a gun is all it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun…right fellas?

  2. Latest news from Dumfuqistan….

    A number of the occupiers were relating their account of events as they unfolded via an independent Internet broadcast, "Revolution Radio," that is known to be sympathetic to the occupation.

    The militants said FBI agents had moved to within 50 yards (45 meters) of the occupiers' position in the compound, and one reported seeing FBI snipers on a nearby hillside with high-beam vehicle lights trained on the compound.

    "If they tear gas us, it's the same as firing on us," said one of the occupiers, who identified herself as Sandy Anderson. "Don't come in. Don't do it."

    She later reported that federal agents were trying to coax the protesters out of hiding, but added, "We're not leaving without our weapons."

    Of course if they come out with their weapons wackos will blame law enforcement for any resulting deaths of these poor innocent (because they're white folks, not black kids armed with skittles minding their own business) marytrs to the cause of appropriating land that belongs to all of us without paying us the requisite low fees.

    Cliven Bundy, his father, was arrested on Wednesday when he arrived at Portland International Airport on his way to the wildlife refuge to support the militants, according to the Oregonian newspaper.


      1. He's out now, too. They took the whacko Sovereign Citizen lawyer off the phone and let the FBI negotiator talk to him for a while. Apparently that was enough.

        Now to see what's going on with the convoy of "patriots" that has shown up at the checkpoint.

        1. I'm glad they're getting a handle on these nut cases but I remember Waco (or was it Wacko). After that show was shut down, it spawned Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City.

          Folks in this country need to work on better mental hygiene.

        1. Daddy Bundy proves that the wheels of justice may turn slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine:

          WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was charged in federal court on Thursday with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer and obstruction of justice in connection with the 2014 standoff on federal land near his ranch.

          Bundy was arrested on Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon, near the site of another standoff that previously included his sons.

    1. This is an old saw. That there's no such thing as a Palestinian people. They're just generic Arabs. All Israel wants is this tiny piece of territory so why don't they go to some other Arab country.

      Never mind that these are the people who have lived on said land as the overwhelming majority until about 5 minutes ago in hstoric time. For well over a thousand years the Jewish population of the land which is now the state of Israel was never more than 10%. Even in Roman times more Jews lived in the diaspora. Never mind this is just ike saying nobody should mind if Native Americans kick us all out of our homes on what was their land well over a thousand years more recently than present day Israel was a Jewish country. Right here in Colorado there are people who were driven at gun point from their homes (another old saw is that they all left because they were so sure the Jews would be defeated or that they sold land to Jews fair and square) in what used to be the Arab city of Haifa, the most beautiful old city in Israel/Palestine, who still have the keys to their homes.

      BTW the old saws were created mainly for American consumption because American Jews couldn't stand the idea that the founding of Israel wasn't all good guys in white hats stuff. The founders, people like the revered Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir, never pretended there was no violence against the Arab population. They admitted even to a few massacres, taking the view that you can't take over a homeland for your people without breaking a few eggs.

      Call them whatever you want. When you take away land that has belonged to a family for generations and hand it over to newly arrived settlers you can't expect them to say… fine, I'll just go to some other country. No problem.

            1. Unfortunately no, nor did I marry a Jewish one, initially a big disappointment to mom but she adores my goyish husband all the same. Didn’t hurt that when she met my long drink of water she thought he looked like Gary Cooper. She also now has a grandson who could qualify for membership in the SAR, complete with direct documented descent from a Revolutionary War officer, even though her parents didn't get here until 1921 and who is simultaneously as Jewish as gefilte fish (just don't ty to get him to eat it) since all that's required for that by Jewish law (Don't worry. We won't try to impose it like Sharia law but maybe we need some anti-biblical law legislation just to be on the safe side? Some of it is pretty scary) is a Jewish mom. 

  3. Worried about Zika?

    Perhaps you should worry about Monsanto pesticides more. In Brazil, recently hyped as ground zero of the Zika epidemic, scientific studies found something surprising – or not surprising.

    Sumimoto, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto, manufactures Pyriproxyfen to inhibit mosquito larvae in water. The Brazilian state has been spraying croplands in Brazil with Pyriproxyfen, and they found that the Pyriproxyfen -tainted water was the prime cause of the microencephaly birth defect (small heads and brains) in babies drinking that water. Not Zika. Insecticide made by Monsanto's "strategic partner", sprayed over a huge area of Brazil.

    Microencephaly is a dreadful handicap for any baby. Zika, which is spread by mosquitoes, is blamed. But the science does not support that causal relationship. The science shows that using a toxic pesticide in the water people drink is causing this terrible birth defect.

  4. Maybe Seinfeld was onto something with his "even-keel Jerry" theory of existence. (You argumentative types will, no doubt point out the Zen/Karmic/Yin-Yang antecedents of even-keelnees.  I don't mind, you're only proving my point — that we need your types as much as any others in this universe … to maintain even-keel balance.)

    My evidence:  LIGO …


    (If you are off-put by the amazing science, at least watch the video in the second link.)

    How does the remarkable intelligence demonstrated by LIGO prove even-keelness you ask?  Well, that's only the first half.  To keep things even-keel, every LIGO must, naturally, have a Donald J. Trump ( or a Sarah Palin, or a Kardashian, or a Neville, or a Moderatus …) Duh!

    (I suppose you have a better explanation for the coexistence of the human race's incredible propensity for unlimited intelligence, and the same limitless propensity for incredible dumbassery?)

  5. Hillary ran circles around Sanders in their PBS debate.  I'm starting to feel better about her chances.  For Example, they were asked to name a foreign leader they admire.   He praised Winston Churchill.  She came back with Nelson Mandela.  I wonder which resonated with African American voters.

    1. Despite all the media hype I don' t think there's much chance of Bernie winning the next round of contests with or without HRC doing a good job in debates.Just like there wasn't any chance of hRC winning in New Hampshire. Talking heads gotta talk.

  6. And here's something HRC is doing that is politically smart, for a change. Doubling down on being the best fit for the African American vote that absoluly has to turn out big in the general for a Democrat to win. Not to mention padding her primary wins in the south. Forget all the tension in the past between the Clintons and the President. I'm still pretty sure he made her his SOS on the theory of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Time for a Dem running for President remember that Obama's approval rating among African Americans is still sky high and you're not in Iowa or New Hampshire anymore. That’s one thing HRC is apparently not clueless and tone deaf about.

    “This is not the first time that he has criticized President Obama,” Clinton said. “And I just couldn't … disagree more with those kinds of comments. You know, from my perspective, maybe because I understand what President Obama inherited, not only the worst financial crisis, but the antipathy of the Republicans in Congress, I don't think he gets the credit he deserves for being a president.”

    Sanders responded angrily, saying that Clinton had taken his comments out of context — and making clear that, of course, he admires and supports the president. But Sanders also acknowledged that he sometimes has been critical of Obama. “I have voiced criticisms,” Sanders said. “You're right. … But … you know what the blurb said? The blurb said that the next president of the United States has got to be aggressive in bringing people into the political process. That's what I said. That is what I believe.”

    The difference here is real, if subtle. Sanders, in his speeches and campaign material, spends very little time talking about what was done during the Obama presidency. His focus is almost entirely on what he wants to do next — about how a grassroots movement can deliver programs like government-run health insurance, free public college tuition, and a minimum wage that goes all the way up to $15 an hour. He praises Obama, but he is also promising something new.

    Clinton has said she supports the same goals — making sure everybody has health insurance, more affordable college tuition, a higher minimum wage. But she spends a lot more time touting what Obama has done and pledging to defend it against Republican attacks. She casts herself as the heir to Obama, as somebody who will carry on the crusade he started.

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