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November 04, 2008 02:23 AM UTC

Your Favorite Ballot Initiative

  • by: Colorado Pols

Make the case for your favorite ballot initiative in this thread. Who knows, you could make the compelling argument that a critical undecided voter needs to hear before heading to the polls tomorrow.

Or not, but lean forward and type something anyway.


61 thoughts on “Your Favorite Ballot Initiative

  1. Not because I like it, but because it’s such a great story. I think it would make for a good movie plot. It’s actually one of the stupidest initiatives ever to be proposed.

    You gotta love the doe-eyed, straight-from-central-casting 20-year-old who supposedly came up with the whole idea.

    1. I keep hearing how poorly written it is.  Written?  It’s not ‘written,’ that’s why it’s so bad.

      And could we call your movie The Tampon Police?  That’s been my favorite slogan all season.

    2. You can’t do that!

      Just because she has always been home-schooled and goes to a “law school” that forces you to renounce science then claims her amendment has scientific backing doesn’t mean that you can censor her!


      But really, I feel for her. I know she is trying to do the right thing, she just has it terribly wrong.

      I hope we see more of her.

      …in the bad girl swing.  ;^)

      thx paul

  2. The people of the state of Colorado are too good, too moral, to allow ourselves to be 49th of 50 states in terms of the waitlist for services to our citizens with Developmental Disabilities.

    Amendment 51 will cost only $.02 on every $10 spent ($.20 for each $100/ $2 for every $1000/ $20 for every $10,000) to fully fund these services and end the waitlists for services.  

    It is a small price to pay to increase the quality of life for these people and their families.

    Vote Yes on 51

    1. What so ever you do unto these you do unto me.

      My best friend who has a 24 year old autistic son had his wife commit suicide Friday.  The assistance provided by this amendment extends a lot further than the penny pinchers realize.

  3. Statewide:  52 (Or Penry’s one, which ever that is) and 59.

    On a local level, 200 and 201 because the “No” campaign has tried to make those a referendum on Doug Bruce

  4. What better way to fund education that has nothing to do with taxes.  And being a freedom lover and gambler, it gives me a lot of room to make more money in Cripple Creek and Blackhawk.

    1. it gives you the freedom to lose even more money in the casinos. But though I have never and will never set foot in a casino, i am willing to let you and others pay a voluntary tax to help community colleges.

      So, seven come eleven, baby needs college tuition, vote yes on 50.

      1. No matter what it was for.  We should not subsidize extractive industries especially when our neighboring states like Wyoming currently charge more.

          1. Extractive industries refers to only to the extraction of mineral resources. These sorts of resources are of limited supply. When we use up the gas, oil, iron, molybdenum, coal, or whatever its gone. If such resources are mined out or all extracted quickly then we are hurt as a state because we have all the dislocations of sudden growth and then a crash when all those jobs go away. It is simply good policy to get the maximum possible for our state from extractive industries.

        1. that move societies forward rsb.  Whatever the motivation, the result is what counts.  Government and the people can choose to help the helpless and reduce suffering.  That is nothing to feel guilty about.

    1. I am glad you agree that no Coloradan should be fired because they fail to join the union. 47 is pro freedom and pro worker, it is also anti union boss and anti company boss.

      You also need to add greedy Union, Corporate, and Political Bosses join in corruption to deny basic human rights and protect their inside dealt sole source contracts.

      1. Another example on YES for 47, taken from facethestate – November 3, 2008

        According to reports filed with the U.S. Department of Labor, over the past two years the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 union spent more than $150,000 of its budget on “entertainment” that included season tickets to Denver Broncos home games.

        Since 2006, the UFCW has spent $61,600 on football tickets, about half of which was on two years worth of season tickets to Broncos games. Now who do you think is getting access to the seats? While the cashier at your local grocery store – most likely required to pay union dues as a condition of employment – has ponied up for the tickets through mandatory dues, we’re guessing he hasn’t gotten to enjoy the view from Invesco Field.

        That UCFW cashier’s dues have also been used to build a $3 million war chest to fight Amendment 47, a ballot measure that union President Ernest Duran admits would substantially hurt the UFCW’s membership. If passed, Amendment 47 would prohibit requiring mandatory union dues as a condition of employment.

        “There are a lot of ways union officials waste the money they take from their members,” said Patrick Semmens, director of legal information for the National Right-to-Work committee. “The people are forced to pay dues as a condition of their jobs, if they see their dues being wasted they should be allowed to stop paying. That is why you need a right-to-work amendment [like Amendment 47].”

        … many UFCW members often do not have a choice about joining and paying dues. Former member Dominic Brazzale worked at a local Safeway for 4 ВЅ months earning minimum wage. Two months into the job, Brazzale’s boss told him that he had to sign a union contract. The UFCW then tried charging Brazzale $250 for representation and benefits he says he never received.

        During these tough economic times, the UFCW should learn to tighten its belt and say goodbye to season tickets. Instead, Duran and his fellow union bosses are fighting to make sure the till that funds their expensive tastes stays filled with the money of its hard working members.

      2. I never remember all of the kinds of Bosses I’m mad at for the denial of basic human rights and the ability to taste food and smell flowers. Well you do what you can.    

      3. My auto-troll script is running.  I kinda feel bad my first customer was the 47 Amendment campaign, but a blogger has to make a living.  I gotta say, I didn’t think they’d use the script for two accounts.

    2. Why Republicans are going down so hard.  They are living in the past.  Unions might have been a big deal 30 years ago, but today they aren’t.  People don’t care about them.  Sort of like the lower taxes crusade, the cursade on immigration, the cursade on abortion, and the rest of the Republican issues.  They are so, like 70’s mand that no one under 50 remembers any more why there was a problem and they don’t care.  This one is going down hard.

    3. Hey 76, unions are allowed to have budgets like any organization and can spend money on social events for the membership. WOW, big news, better get Libertad out of his wide stance and call the Independence Institute.  Maybe you find somebody over there who will stop lying and squawk the benefits of trickle down democracy and greed. When your amendments fail look in the mirror.  Then go hot tubbing  with Libertad to drown your sorrows.  

  5. The passage of 59 will not only be good for the state in terms of the additional resources it provides for critical state needs – it will also relieve some of the toxic effects of the TABOR Amendment on ballot politics in Colorado. I was initially skeptical of the timing of this measure but am now convinced that it is, yet again, evidence that the majority of the brains in Colorado reside in the heads of Cary Kennedy and Andrew Romanoff.  

  6. Making Constitutional Amendments harder is a good thing.  There is way too much garbage on this ballot, like 47, 49, and 54.  While I do not support these amendments, if they do pass, they should pass as laws, not Constitutional amendments.

    But they should not pass.  I am glad to see recent polling showing all of them losing, but everyone needs to go out and vote against them if they have not already.

  7. It’s the smartest thing we’ve seen in a long time.  Not only does it secure education funding, but it puts the whole state budget on more secure footing in the long run.

  8. I like Half Glass Full’s idea of a “favorite”, from an entertainment perspective.

    The reforms implemented by Ref. O were a pet issue of mine after the last election cycle, though.  The ballot and Constitution madness needs to stop.  Yes on O.

          1. That makes the threshold attainable, but the amount of thought going into the measure will be greater.  If we can straighten out the Constitutional measures that need it before putting it in to effect, we won’t be running into a crisis which requires immediate Constitutional change.

    1. The Colorado Middle class is rising against the union-busting goons behind 47 and 54, crushing their power grabs. Losing a mild but hardly vital reform like 49 is a small price to pay to smash incipient fascism in the bud.

  9. How they come out tomorrow night.

    Amendment 46-No

    Amendment 47-No

    Amendment 48-Fuck No

    Amendment 49-No

    Amendment 50-Yes

    Amendment 51-Yes

    Amendment 52-No (barely)

    Amendment 54-No

    Amendment 58-No (unfortunately)

    Amendment 59-Yes


    Ref L-No

    Ref M-Yes

    Ref N-Yes

    Ref O-Hell Yes

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