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February 08, 2016 03:41 PM UTC

Planned Parenthood Colorado Springs To Reopen, Finally

  • by: Colorado Pols
Alleged domestic terrorist Robert Dear. Photo via CSPD
Alleged domestic terrorist Robert Dear. Photo via CSPD

A press release today from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains announces that the organization’s clinic in Colorado Springs, which was the target of a domestic terror attack last November by a self-proclaimed “warrior for the babies,” will reopen later this month:

The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood health center will once again offer the full range of sexual and reproductive health services beginning on February 15th. The health center will provide services in a portion of the building while construction and repair work continues, and with limited space and schedule.

“On February 15th we will open the doors to serve our community just as we have done for generations. We are in awe of our healing and resilient colleagues in Colorado Springs. They are eager to get back to the mission they so deeply care about and the people they so compassionately care for. We welcome our team and our community back into the space with open arms and full hearts.”

The safety of patients and staff is our top priority. Planned Parenthood has in place strong and increased security measures to ensure that this health center — and all of Planned Parenthood buildings — are safe, supportive, welcoming environments for all people to get the high-­‐quality health care and education they need.

“We stand, stronger than ever, for the belief that every person in this community, this country, and around the world deserves access to reproductive health care without fear of harassment or violence. We promised in those first days after the tragedy to repair and reopen in Colorado Springs as soon as possible and we are making good on that promise.”

As the Colorado Springs Independent reported late last month, the city has been without the abortion services provided by this clinic since the attack in November, forcing patients looking for these services to drive long distances. Other medical services provided by Planned Parenthood, which in fact account for the overwhelming majority of services delivered, were picked up by other health providers in the area but not without delays and inconvenience for existing patients.

Nobody on either side wants to admit it, but the plain goal of accused murderer Robert Dear was to shut down the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs–and he succeeded with his actions in doing just that for two and a half months. When you consider this in the context of GOP Rep. JoAnn Windholz’s explicit blaming of Planned Parenthood for the attack on its own clinic, the campaign against Planned Parenthood over the past year based on heavily edited undercover videos, and laws passed in other states and proposed annually in Colorado that would regulate most abortion clinics out of existence, a disturbing reality comes into focus.

By fiat or by violence, shutting down Planned Parenthood is the common goal.

And it can happen here. It did happen here.


18 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Colorado Springs To Reopen, Finally

  1. Jesus Fucking Christ Pols.  Stop displaying that fucking murderers' photo every time you post about the Planned Parenthood murders.  Display photos of the victims if you must have a photo for your piece but quit glorifying that fucking bastard.  Stop it.

    1. So, your bloodlust extends to feeble-minded and deranged?  Clearly you must disagree with the Supreme Court about executing children as well.  Carly Fiorina, on the other hand…

    2. I do.  The state has no place sanctioning the murder of any of its citizens.

      Countries who have abolished the death penalty: 102

      Of the countries generally considered to be in the Western society (relatively wealthy, stable functional democracies with well-educated populations), just five countries continue to perform capital punishment: the United States, Japan, Singapore, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Taiwan. In South Korea, there is a moratorium.

      The European Union holds a strong position against the death penalty; its abolition is a key objective for the Union’s human rights policy. Abolition is also a pre-condition for entry into the Union. In Europe, only Belarus continues to execute people.

  2. Perhaps you'd prefer to spend a lots of "extra" millions on pursuing the death penalty against this mentally questionable defendant.  I'd prefer to use that money for something more useful than ineffective vengeance.  


  3. Well, spaceman, do you want the Norway approach?  The guy who killed aabout70 kids got a 20 year sentence.  The anti death penalty people also think life sentences are barbaric.  So maybe 3 hail marys and let Dear free to kill again?  


    1. Life sentences for people who commit crimes as children are, I think, inappropriate.

      Also, Anders Behring Breivik, did not get a 20-year sentence.

      Mr. Breivik, lawyers say, will live in a prison outside Oslo in a three-cell suite of rooms equipped with exercise equipment, a television and a laptop, albeit one without Internet access. If he is not considered a threat after serving his sentence, the maximum available under Norwegian law, he will be eligible for release in 2033, at the age of 53.

      However, his demeanor, testimony and declaration that he would have liked to kill more people helped convince the judges that, however lenient the sentence seems, Mr. Breivik is unlikely ever to be released from prison. He could be kept there indefinitely by judges adding a succession of five-year extensions to his sentence. [emphasis mine]

      1. I didn.t know they could extend it.  That makes it less obscene.  But a three room suite and a computer?  Are you sure he has no Internet access — that might explain Moddy's real identity.wink


    2. Those are not choices we have to make, Voyageur. Here in Colorado we have life without parole as an alternative. I'm sure you're quite capable of defending your preference for the continued existence of the death penalty and it's easier implementation without resorting to such utter straw dog nonsense.

      1. I think you mean straw man not straw dog.  While I agree that life sentences for young offenders are inappropriate. The campaign against life sentences is well advanced in Europe   Norway is a repellant example but far from alone.  Italy goes very easy on murder.  Life without parole or death are reasonable alternatives but expect a ferocious campaign against the 'barbaric' life sentence if we drop the death penalty.   I love the fact that the far left always claims that anyone who supports capital punisment in any case is a barbarian.  

      2. Ps bc, I do NOT favor 'easier implementation,' of capital punisment.  My 6 votes and a coin flip jibe was merely a parody.  A unanimous jury should be required and even then the judge should be able to impose lesser penalties if, as a matter of law, the burden for death was not met.

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