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February 08, 2016 01:08 PM UTC

Get More Smarter on Monday (Feb. 8)

  • by: Colorado Pols

GetMoreSmarter-SnowThe Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl Champions! Just in case there is someone out there in Colorado who hasn’t heard yet. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► What will President Obama do with his time when he is finished with his second term in the White House? He probably does not have a second career in sports handicapping.


► Carolina Panthers fans will probably prefer to forget what happened this weekend, and GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is hoping you’ll do the same. During a Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire on Saturday, Rubio completely fell apart, with help from a savage debate beating at the hands of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. From the Huffington Post:

If a Rubio rally on Sunday was any indication, the senator’s exchange with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in Saturday night’s debate that pointed out his propensity to repeat the same talking points is actually giving Rubio’s supporters, long-standing ones and the prospective kind, pause.

“Rubio got a little beat-down,” Will Stewart of Manchester said at an event that was billed as a Super Bowl watch party with Rubio.

“The whole talking point issue is concerning,” Stewart, who is undecided, continued. “You hope there’s a little more depth there.”

Rubio certainly earned a new nickname with his Saturday debate debacle: Marco Roboto. As The Washington Post explains:

If anything, Rubio showed that he is less rhetorically gifted than the current occupant of the Oval Office. In addition to the governors, Trump joined the Rubio pile on, citing problems at the VA to make the case Obama is in over his head.

Worse, as that battle was playing out, Rubio kept repeating the same talking point, which was cringe-worthy because Christie had attacked him hard for hewing closely to canned talking points. The New Jersey governor pounced when Rubio repeated the same point almost verbatim, and with the same cadence, that he had made minutes earlier. “There it is,” the governor interjected. “The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody.”


Get even more smarter after the jump…


► We’d like to take a moment here to remind you that Marco Roboto has been endorsed by Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, who is also a big fan of repeating things:



► The State House has given approval to Parental Leave legislation, but the fate of the bill rests in the hands of the State Senate, which is likely to kill it (again).


► Bernie or Hillary? We asked Colorado Pols readers who they thought was the favorite to win the Colorado Caucuses next month.


Fiorina-Woman-NH► Carly Fiorina is still seeking the Republican Presidential nomination. How are things going? Our friends at “The Fix” point to this great picture of a less-than-enthusiastic woman at a Fiorina rally in New Hampshire:




► Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has a rather strange stance on the issue of torture.


► There are a lot of candidates running for high-profile political offices in 2016. Unfortunately, Colorado voters haven’t seen much of them in person.


► Superfund? Superfund.


► El Paso County lawmakers want to see I-25 widened. Governor John Hickenlooper is not opposed to the idea — he just points out the obvious financial problem.


► Some Colorado Republicans are making a point to make sure that voters know they have no intention of backtracking on anything they’ve said before about Planned Parenthood.


► Colorado legislators are still debating the idea of funding full-day Kindergarten.


► The Colorado Independent tries to explain why 5 Republican legislators voted against a bill that would create “Chicano History Week” in Colorado.



► A group of Coloradans are pushing the idea of an “open” Primary that would allow “Unaffiliated” voters to participate in choosing Republican and Democratic nominees in advance of the General Election.


► Democrat Hillary Clinton may shake up her campaign staff following tomorrow’s New Hampshire Primary.



► The potential for a significant snowstorm in New Hampshire is causing no small amount of worry among the numerous Presidential campaigns battling it out ahead of Tuesday evening.


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19 thoughts on “Get More Smarter on Monday (Feb. 8)

  1. While HRC's campaign staff may well need a shake up it's not really their fault that she can hardly go a couple of days without making one if her arrogant tone deaf statements that reminds everybody who didn't support her back in 2008 why they never liked her much.

    1. For many different reasons, it is… It is because she's still the focus of the right wing propaganda machine after all these years. And it is because she seems to have a pattern of behavior that doesn't serve her well when the campaign chips are down. I don't think it's coincidence that both in 2008 and now, when things started getting closer, her campaign got nastier,  and weird, unsupportable things started appearing – mostly anonymously or from her supporters – about her opponents. I think she does get defensive in these situations, and I'm starting to suspect she cries "release the hounds!" from somewhere in a back room…

      And it's odd, because she holds up well under pressure in diplomatic and political situations (see Benghazi hearings…).

      1. She was great at those hearings. I actually liked her for about 15 minutes. But when she says things like…"because that's what they offered"…. or that they left the WH broke, except for a couple of millionaire properties and the ability to jet set around at will and throw a wedding for their daughter that couldn't have cost less than several hundred thousand at the least, or when she fails to admit to the tiniest error in her own judgement or her husband's and blames everything on the people who (really are but even so) out to get her, that's not really her campaign staff's fault and not the fault of any conspiracy. There was a conspiracy against Obama too which continues to this day and he was appealing enough to get elected twice.

        The woman has a tin ear and inability to admit that sometimes she's the one who ought to be apologizing. She comes across arrogant, dismissive, entitled and dripping disdain for anyone who disagrees with her on anything. Her first reaction to the mildest criticism is to lash out with contempt. Now she's letting Bill go out and insult Bernie in the harshest possible terms when she'll need Bernie and his supporters just like he did with Obama whose supporters she didn't need in the end only because she lost to him. She's letting Steinem go out and insult all the young women for Bernie she's going to need. She's her own worst enemy.

        I agree, sadly, that she's the best option we're left with for the general but she's not very good at making herself an appealing candidate and until somebody gets the Queen to face that no number of staff shake ups will make her so.

        1. I said it before, "there's a lot more Richard M. Nixon in Hillary Clinton than most Democrats care to admit" …

          … the never-ending political calculations, the paranoia about persons making criticism who get labeled "enemies", the strong bent towards militaristic solutions and engagements, the inability to connect with everyday Americans, the siege mentality, the inability to admit to her own shortcomings and errors, …

  2. If someone can't be invested enough to affiliate with a party for the purposes of deciding the future leadership that we elect, why should the party be forced to listen to them when it comes for the party as a group to choose who they want to nominate to the Presidency?

    Rather than enshrining the two-party system, wouldn't it be better if we opened up the contest nationally to a ranked choice open contest? Let the parties make an endorsement rather than a nomination.

  3. I wonder if Pols will add Senator Bernie Sanders to its "Big Line" if he wins New Hampshire? Or wins NH and upsets HRC in Nevada?   Or perhaps not unless he actually wins the nomination, eh?  Pol-sters, what say you?

            1. Actually, Duke and Zmulls, I know Z was replying to Gertie's pretty snotty remark.  My response was to Z, simply expressing that when I made the same mistake, nobody insulted me over it and I didn't think Z deserved to be insulted either.  Should have been clearer about what I meant to say to whom about what.  I fear the clarity of that sentence isn't much of an improvement. wink

  4. Trump called Cruz a what?

    Of course he did. And he got the "tremendous" press he wanted. I just can't believe this is Trump's strategy before the primary vote. Double down on the vulgar, crude, shocking, sexist insults.

    Is he going to have to grope a pre-teen on stage and brag about it before he starts losing his base voters? No wonder Putin likes him.

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