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November 03, 2008 07:30 PM UTC

How Much Cash Is Schaffer Sitting On?

  • by: Colorado Pols

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed indications that GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer was hoarding campaign cash instead of spending it, signaling a recognition that the Senate campaign was lost and a possible future run–perhaps for his former CD-4 seat held (for the moment) by embattled successor Marilyn Musgrave.

A Denver Post article from October 25th reports that Schaffer still had somewhere around $1.5 million in the bank as of October 15th. There won’t be hard numbers on his spending between then and now until after the election, but informal checking we’re aware of has itemized somewhere between $350,000 and $500,000 of media buys in the ensuing period.

Which, even accounting for some other extraneous spending between then and now, would still leave Schaffer with around a million bucks in the bank.

Which again invites the question: who would end such a hard-fought campaign with a million dollars in the bank?

And the only plausible answer: someone already plotting his “comeback.”


22 thoughts on “How Much Cash Is Schaffer Sitting On?

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading in a different thread about Bob having the ability to give the money to the RNC (or some other committee) and then when the time came for him to run in a State office, they would just donate the money to his new campaign.

    1. He’s one of many Rs deluding themselves that they’re losing because they’ve strayed from the conservative message.  They’re losing because their brand of conservativism is  shrinking back to a small base with no appeal outside that base.  Schaffer will not be able to win statewide in the foreseeable future.

      1. He ran as an unabashed conservative (and kudos to him for that honesty). But that clear conservative message killed him. Look at the race, it wasn’t that Mark Udall came out with a compelling message and beat him, it’s that Bob Schaffer’s message (and mistake of the week) killed him.

  1. I’m curious who is behind the scenes encouraging him to run for something in 2010, if that is indeed the case. I’d guess it’s his clueless friend, Dickie.  

    1. Reclaiming the seat he gave up because he was naive enough to keep his pledge* is going to be more of an uphill battle than he thinks if Markey wins. OTOH, if Musgrave manages to just squeak by again, she’s going to get her expensive ass primaried and I’m sure the CD4 ‘pubs will be more than glad to send “term limits” Schaffer back to Congress.

      Too bad that there’s all that Weld County development happening now, and too bad that Dems are as likely to move to new developments as ‘pubs nowadays. It’s going to take a lot more money to win that seat than in the past.

      * And a big thanks to the potted plant for doing the same.

      1. in a Republican primary field.  If Markey wins, expect people like Cory Gardner, Mark Hillman and perhaps even Sean Conway (Allard Chief of Staff, running for Weld County Commissioner) to announce their candidacies for the 4th CD seat.

  2. Why throw good money after bad?  Makes sense to hold on to a million or so-Wadhams has a job, Schaffer can pretend to have a political future, and the twin architects of disaster enjoy a soft landing. Personally, I’m grateful-the money would just have gone to skanky campaign flyers/commercials/direct mail pieces…but at last, Bob & Dick are doing something positive for the environment! Way to save trees, guys!!

  3. I mean really: when you donate money for a political campaign, you expect it to be used then, for the office you donated it for. Not hoarded for some other personal purpose.

      1. No one needs to spend as much as Polis did! Not even Bob Schaffer!

        I bet he folds it into a leadership PAC and starts racking up IOUs around the country. Since he’ll pretty much be at the center of the new rump GOP after all the moderates are defeated (Chris Shays, etc.) and the conservative intelligentsia bolts, he’s got a bright future ahead of him, even if it doesn’t involve another run in Colorado.

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