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February 03, 2016 06:44 AM UTC

GOP Senate candidate fears U.S. government could quickly turn on citizens

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Charles Ehler, who’s one of the dozen or so Republicans vying for the chance to run against Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, shared this image on his Facebook page, with no explanation:

I called Ehler,  who is an Air Force Veteran, to find out how close he thinks our government is to rounding us up in boxcars–or if this was a joke. I mean, banning assault rifles leads to this?

Ehler: “It’s funny, and it’s not funny,” he told me, “because we could appear to be a beneveolent society, and as soon as the guns are gone, overnight, we could have a society like that. The force of government can turn on citizens almost at the blink of an eye. It’s called human nature. I have the force and you don’t.

Are we there? I don’t know that we’re there, but boy it could turn quickly. I really don’t think Americans need to find that out. We don’t need to create the conditions for it.”

“I’m collecting a pay check, and the person ordered me to shoot,” he said, pointing to government massacres at Wounded Knee, Ludlow, and Sand Creek.

“I’m also concerned about people getting trigger happy with the guns,” said Ehler, who’s retired from General Dynamics and has run motorcycle-restoration and bicycle-repair businesses. “And we see that happening with the police.”

“We saw it with the fellow killed in Oregon the other day. They never saw a gun, but they shot him anyway. The excuse was, he was reaching for a gun.”

Ehler’s comments are in line with his website, which states, “A man with a gun needs little help from government to secure his freedom.”


14 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate fears U.S. government could quickly turn on citizens

  1. “We saw it with the fellow killed in Oregon the other day. They never saw a gun, but they shot him anyway. The excuse was, he was reaching for a gun.”  

    This is bullshit. We have all seen the video. Finicum had previously stated he was not going to prison.. At the moment when he realized he had nowhere else to run, he reached for a gun and the cops took him down. It was what he said he anticipated and seemed to want…” I would rather die than be caged”. 

    The cops did a good job and deserve kudos…

    1. Absolutely, and it's more than bullshit – it's out right lying and manipulating good police work for the benefit of ginning up a portion of the electorate that is growing seriously unstable. The GOP rides that tiger at its own peril. 

    2. They don't mind when a black kid running away unarmed is shot dead. Hey, the police didn't know for sure he presented no threat. We have to support our law enforcement officers. If you protest you're putting our fine officers all over the country in danger. Encouraging cop killers. 

      Here we have a guy who has announced on TV while holding a weapon and particiating in an armed takeover of public land that he will not be taken, will not submit to arrest and jail, that he is armed and ready, reaching into a pocket while advancing on police after a failed attempt to break through a road block and that's completely different. Suddenly all of that concern for supporting law enforcement is out the window. Suddenly if you don't see the gun yet, even under those highly suspect circumstances, you have no right to shoot. Law enforcement is out of control.

      And as it happens, he did have a concealed weapon in that pocket.

      What a bunch of racist hypcrites.

  2. It was always my understanding that the 2nd Amendment was meant to defend against a tyrannical government. When I envision this tyranny, I cannot help but default to a right wing, jack boot Republican tyrannical regime that crushes human rights and freedoms. 

    This is why it is so mind-boggling to me that Dems are at the current forefront of wanting to ban "assault" weapons. They are the ones that would need them most. 

    1. All having assault weapons is going to get you in a "people's" insurrection against the government is squashed like a bug. The only way any US government is ever going to be overthrown is by a military coup and they've already got better weapons than you're ever going to be able to get. Not by a bunch of Barney Fife/Bundies with assault weapons. 

      If you can't convince the military to stage a coup your little assault rifles are just going to get you killed or put away. Just like they've gotten all those committing mass murder terror attacks so far killed or put away. If you really think that's why you need assault weapons you're indulging in Hollywood inspired adolescent pipe dreams, dear child.

    2. The only jack boots are the ones kicking down the door of the wildlife refuge in Oregon armed to the teeth and making all sorts of crazy demands. 

      They don't realize that the Federal government is all of us, all Americans. When they talk about tyranny and over-throwing the government, they are talking about 99% of the American people who think the government is OK, or good, or sucks, but in no way shape of form think it should be over thrown via armed revolt. 

      Good God these people are way, way, way out there. 

      Reminds me of that scene from the movie "Old School" where a drunk Will Farrell, jumps up on stage and crashes Snoop Dog's concert at the frat party and then announces "Come on everyone we're going streaking." He takes off his cloths and proceeds to run out of the party … but no one follows him … 10 minutes later his wife drives by and sees him running naked in the middle of street, pulls up to him and asks, "Ah, Frank, what are you doing?"

      "Oh, hey, honey, we're streaking." And he looks behind him … and there is no one else there, just him, alone, naked in the middle of a street. 

      That's these second amendment zealots – they somehow can't see that when they rant against the Feds, they are ranting against the vast majority of the American people … some one needs to tap them on the shoulder and let them know, there is no one following them … they have taken their metaphorical cloths off by opening their mouths and telling America what they really think … and no one agrees with them. 

  3. They are the ones that would need them most.  

    When I get the feeling the black helicopters are about to show up, I'll let you know. An Apache helicopter doesn't care whether I am holding a shotgun or an AK-47…I am toast…either way.

    I can protect myself and family and feed myself (if necessary) just fine with my hand gun and shotgun, thank you.

    1. And who needs tyranny when it's so easy to convince the American public to vote against their own interests in support of the interests of the .01% elite in perfectly legit democratic process elections, anyway? Why go to all the trouble of imposing a dicatorship and inviting armed rebellion? The enemy, like the democratically elected government, is us. That's not something we can fix with assault weapons. 


  4. Ehler may have thrown his hat in the ring to make Timmy look a little less nutty, but this may backfire. Ehler and Peggy Littleton may pull some caucus-goers away from Neville if they stay in the race.

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