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November 02, 2008 06:57 PM UTC

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama

  • by: hanksaz

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama

10. Education and Health Care – Obama’s record in Chicago speaks volumes here.  Chicago has one of the worst educational systems in America and he did absolutely nothing to improve it.  He has no clear policy on Education for America either.  We all know everyone should be able to afford college for our kids but where’s the plan to make that happen?  Health Care is another joke.  Again he did nothing in Chicago to make any improvements in their system.  His policy for America would force small businesses into providing a service they can’t afford or penalize them thru fines for not doing so.  How will that help when you lose your job because costs have now gone up and they can’t afford to keep you.  You’ll be without a job AND health care then!

9. Foreign policy is a danger sign.  Sitting down unconditionally with terrorist nations is in the countries worst interest.  In addition, he has no foreign policy experience having never been to most of these countries or met their leaders.  Even the leader of Italy recently said after meeting Obama that he had serious doubts about his knowledge or ability to lead the US.  Who has recently supported Obama….Libya said 3 weeks ago that the Muslim community is watching closely in anticipation of their African Muslim brother gaining control of the richest, most influential country in the world.  

8. Redistribution of wealth policy – why work when you can sit back and receive a check from those that do?!  Redistribution is much different from our current policy.  Our taxes support those in need through the funding of programs meant to help those in need.  Redistribution will assume everyone below a certain number is in need and then give money to them regardless of the circumstance.  So again….why work when you can just get a check?

7. Tax policy – Obama’s voting record shows he voted 94 times against tax cuts in while in Chicago after promising those constituent tax cuts.  Do you think all of a sudden he’s for them now?  First it was those making less than $250,000 would get a tax cut, then he said it was $200,000, then Biden said it was $150,000, and the latest is from Richardson who now says it’s $104,000.  Which is it?  AND…raising taxes on the upper percentile of Americans will severely reduce our capability to grow the economy.  Who do you think owns the businesses, funds business expansion, hires Americans when business is able to increase?  Like it or not, it’s the upper percentile of Americans!  They take the risk with their money.  If you raise their taxes, they will have less to invest, less to expand their businesses which equates to no growth and less jobs.  Even a 5th grader understands this basic concept!!

6. Campaign Funding – misled McCain and others after shaking hands and decided to take private funding, much of which has gone unverified.  This was a calculated lie meant to deceive the public and McCain.  And how much has come from overseas from countries that want to sway the election?  Where’s the verification that it has all been legal?  This is exactly why the McCain-Feingold bill was past.  Obama has spent almost $1 Billion dollars in his campaign and will have millions left over afterwards.  And as if he had won the election already, aired his first state of the union address to the nation with a ½ infomercial last week.  With this kind of dishonesty, can you trust him with the US Treasury?  

5. War in Iraq – Obama speaks about how he opposed the war and spoke out about it at the time.  To who?  He wasn’t even in the US Senate then!  In addition, he continues to deny the surge works and will pull our troops out within 12 months of taking office regardless of the conditions, consequences or advice of those in country.  Our troops will come home disgraced and defeated leaving a gaping hole in Iraq for rogue nations to fill, thus destabilizing the Middle East for years to come.

4. National Security – Obama’s plans for Nat’l Security includes: reducing the military at a time when America needs to continue our war on terrorism, repealing the Patriot’s Act that has provided invaluable information to pre-empt further attacks in the US and other free nations, reducing spending on advanced military weaponry such as our missile defense initiatives and advanced fighter capability.  In addition, Obama has never shown he’s been a supporter of the military community, demonstrated by his one trip to Iraq and Afghanistan after being ridiculed by McCain for never having visited.

3. Past Associations – like it or not, Obama’s past associations should be a concern to every American.  Consider:  20 years in a congregation with a preacher delivering sermon after sermon full of hate for the white American community, even calling him the father he never had in his book;  having his Chicago campaign launched by a well know terrorist and then gaining and sitting on a Board with the same man for many years; having a long term close relationship with Farrakhan and his organization for years throughout his career; and now we find ties to a known Palestinian supporter who advocates death to Israel. And why is the LA Times not releasing the tape of the event where these two, along with Ayers attended? The latest is also his Aunt who we find out yesterday is in the country illegally.  Of course Obama claims he didn’t know anything about that either.  His own family??  Wake up everyone…..he has been lying about these associations.  Ask yourself this…. who have we not heard about??

2. Energy Policy – advocates only wind, solar and biodiesel fuels are viable options. Only supported more drilling and the “potential” for nuclear when pushed against the wall.   Denies that drilling will provide quicker relief while other fuels are developed.  Why do we only get his attention and endorsement of considering all avenues when he’s pushed against the wall politically.  

1. Lack of Experience – ask yourself this question before you pull the lever, check the box or punch the chad through the paper on Tuesday…….if I was the owner of the US and had both resumes side by side – who has the most experience, credentials, and proven results?  It’s not about who had the best speech, was able to pull in the crowds, etc…’s about who is best qualified and had the proven experience and on the job education for the position.  You wouldn’t even interview one of the candidates if the resumes were side by side.  The choice is clear…..John McCain should be your choice!


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama

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  2. .


    why do you hate America ?  

    What have we ever done to make you hate the USA and the USA ?  The second one is a branch of the military.

    The only troops that come home disgraced are those who abandoned their posts, fled in the face of the enemy, and failed to fight to defend their brothers in arms.  

    Darn few of those.

    And I can’t think of how you could say our troops have been defeated.  Not the guys out walking patrols.  Some have been killed, and some have been grievously wounded, but none have been defeated.


    I think I know what you are mixed up about.

    President Bush would be acknowledged as having been a failure as a “War President” if we were to wise up and stop the hemorrhaging.  

    If the next President, whether its Baldwin or Obama, acts in the interests of US national security,

    which would require a withdrawal from Iraq,

    then one could say that the American people defeated Bush.  

    Is that what worries you ?


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