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November 02, 2008 12:24 AM UTC

Prez Race Shifts To Gridiron

  • by: Colorado Pols

SUNDAY UPDATE: We just got a phone call that there is a plane flying toward Denver towing a banner that reads “McCain is a Raiders fan.” Can anybody confirm this?

UPDATE #2: Naturally, Progress Now. from a release (posted below):

“That McCain is a Raiders Fan is the kiss of death in Colorado,” stated Michael Huttner, a 2nd Generation Denver native and Executive Director of ProgressNowAction, whose online organization provided the plane.  “We flew the plane to ensure that Bronco fans know how out of touch McCain is with Colorado by supporting our arch-rivals the Oakland Raiders.”

That’s not going to make the South Stands happy.

UPDATE #3: From a reader:

UPDATE #4: Scoff all you want, it just made the AP wire:

It seems there’s no escape from politics this year, not even on the football field.

A plane pulling a banner saying “McCain is a Raiders Fan” flew over Invesco Field on Sunday as fans gathered for the Denver Broncos-Miami Dolphins game.

The liberal group ProgressNow hired the plane after hearing about the plans of McCain supporters to hold a “hibachi tailgate” party in one of the stadium’s parking lots. They planned to hand out “Joe the Plumber” stickers and other campaign materials.

The Raiders are longtime rivals of the Denver Broncos…

Original post follows.

So there’s four days until the election, and Colorado is by many estimates one of the most sought-after prizes in the presidential race next Tuesday. It’s only natural that every conceivable angle to sway any remaining undecided voters is being exploited to its fullest practical extent–and maybe a little beyond.

Denver is a football town, after all. People still paint their houses orange and blue where the HOAs don’t hold their fascist sway.

If you’re headed to tomorrow’s matchup between the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins at Invesco Field, for example, a McCain/Palin tailgate party is waiting for you. You might not think it’s a big deal but apparently they’re really, really serious about it. From a positively nutty release this morning:

CENTENNIAL, CO — The McCain-Palin campaign today announced that it will host a “Hibachi Tailgate,” where supporters will barbecue outside the Denver Broncos game on Sunday, November 2nd. Named after a campaign technique, Hibachi Tailgate combines the sight of campaign materials with the scent of grilled Hibachi, as it cognitively connects and evokes positive feelings with the senses of potential voters…

Wow, they had to sell this one to the bosses, didn’t they? And what the hell is up with “cognitively connect[ing] and evok[ing] positive feelings with the senses of potential voters?” Seems awfully Boulder new-agey for a John McCain Broncos tailgate party, doesn’t it? Some kind of Pavlovian dinner-bell thing?

Related and much more interesting are chain emails now circulating in Colorado alleging that John McCain is–horror of horrors–a member of the [expletive here] Raider Nation.

Which, if true, might be the closest thing to a “kiss of death” in Colorado since the water grab fiasco. McCain is also rumored to be tight with Raiders owner Al Davis, who like McCain needs Secret Service protection when visiting Colorado.

We know what you’re thinking, but you also know at least a couple of people for whom this might actually make a difference. As sad as that may be.


44 thoughts on “Prez Race Shifts To Gridiron

  1. is obsessed with food and grilling techniques. If they spent as much time cultivating voters as they do organizing their Tuesday “Iron Chef” potlucks — and judging the culinary entries — they’d be tied in the polls, not 10-15 points down.

    Maybe someone has some insight into this:

    Named after a campaign technique, Hibachi Tailgate …

    Which part is a campaign technique? The famous Hibachi Method that turned out evangelical voters in 2004? Or the Tailgate Effect that swayed undecideds in Ohio the same year? Huh?

  2. confirming a plane is flying above Mile High towing a “McCain Is a Raiders Fan” Banner.

    Denver — A plane towing the banner “McCain is a Raiders Fan” is flying over tens of thousands of people tailgating prior to the Denver Broncos game at Mile High Stadium today from 12-1PM.  The group who launched the plane wants to raise awareness of McCain’s membership in the Raider Nation, a name given to die-hard fans of the Oakland Raiders football team, the arch-division rivals of the Denver Broncos. The banner is also flying over a McCain campaign tailgate party outside of the stadium.

    “That McCain is a Raiders Fan is the kiss of death in Colorado,” stated Michael Huttner, a 2nd Generation Denver native and Executive Director of ProgressNowAction, whose online organization provided the plane.  “We flew the plane to ensure that Bronco fans know how out of touch McCain is with Colorado by supporting our arch-rivals the Oakland Raiders.”

    The plane, flying over the stadium prior to the game, will also fly over the McCain campaign’s “Hibachi Tailgate” that the campaign claimed in a press advisory yesterday “connects and evokes positive feelings with the senses of potential voters.” (McCain Media Advisory, 11/1/2008)

    “There is nothing positive about McCain being a Raiders’ fan,” stated Huttner. “How McCain’s campaign can host a tailgate at a Bronco game, when McCain supports our division rivals is beyond us.”

    ProgressNowAction launched the banner after learning of McCain’s support of the Raiders on a popular local political blog. (“Prez Race Shifts to Gridiron”,, 11/1/2008)

    I don’t care who you, that’s just too funny.

    1. a new plastic based banner for a onetime use and aviation fuel.

      They could have enlisted 10 people, made 5 bio degradable banners to hold up at 5 Mile High entry-exit points. It would have got them coming – going and still worked your funny-bone.

                  1. You claim you made no offense vile or abusive posts then immediately launch another batch!  hahahaha

                     Boy, are you dumb.  Making you look dumb is like shooting fish in a barrel.

                      How’s that wide stance thing working out for you, libertine?

                    1. how is the offshoring of American jobs going? Has the pay raise for screwing your employees hit your weekly check yet?

                1. From the flurry, nee blizzard of postings from the troll it is apparent the Mccain toaster is slipping away.  So, without regard to previous inane postings, tons more of the same, but with a goal of that shiny new toaster.

                  Wednesday shall dawn with a new calmness in Pols as trolls and others with a single minded purpose of disruption ooze their way back to whence they surfaced.  Including the libertad, champion of those who hate working men and women.

                2. I think Libertad will stay and make useful contributions to the community here. I’ll disagree with him a lot but that’s what makes Pols interesting. When he talks about items other than 47 & Bob Ewegen he makes relatively thoughtful posts.

      1. All the good 800 numbers are.

        Unless you already have one of our numbers, go ahead and stick to email. We were considering a Batman-style Pols searchlight but the Capitol is all LEED energy efficient now.

  3. Word just out over here that John McCain will make a stop in Grand Junction on Tuesday.  The fact he’ll spend the last moments of the campaign shoring up his base while Obama guts it out in what have been red states seems to confirm the handwriting on the wall.  

        1. if you want to win — Bill Clinton held an election day rally at Denver’s Civic Center in 1992, even though polling showed him ahead in the state and he won Colorado’s electoral votes.

            1. Except not really. Perot was on the ballot in ’96 too and kept Clinton from getting 50 percent of the vote even while blowing out Dole.

              The point, though, being you can hold an election day rally for a variety of reasons, even if you’re ahead in the state.

    1. “A stop in Grand Junction shows you just how much trouble McCain is in. Mesa County is a place in which McCain ought to win by 2 to 1. On a bad day. Yet he has to stop here to shore up his base? Good Lord!”

      He’s toast.

      1. It’s not like he’s going to rally both Wayne Wolf voters — but a stop in Greeley or Fort Collins might really help Musgrave. Have the national Republicans really written her off to that extent, that she can’t even get the Election Day jolt? Sad.

  4. Doesn’t there have to be another plane following with the disclaimer “Progress Now Action Committee is responsible for the content of the preceding banner,” else they fall afoul of some ridiculous electioneering laws….

    Aside from that, it is a pretty funny prank.

  5. …Stats Inc. uncovered another strong predictor, and perhaps a more ominous one. In nine of the past 10 elections (the exception being 1988), the Democratic candidate’s fate has been tied to the Cincinnati Bengals’ performance in their previous game. Sunday, the Bengals upset the Jaguars for their first win of the season.


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