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January 29, 2016 12:49 PM UTC

Thanks, Vicki Marble! Immortalizing The "Hateful Eight"

  • by: Colorado Pols

We took note last weekend of an unintentionally hilarious op-ed from staunch conservative GOP Sen. Vicki “Finger Lickin'” Marble in the Colorado Statesman. Marble was responding to a story in the Denver Post on the one-seat Colorado Senate GOP majority, in and particular eight dissident Senators who voted against Senate President Bill Cadman a significant portion of the time. Among other things, this results in a Senate majority that no one can count on to get anything done.

Marble’s op-ed may not be as memorable for its content, a boilerplate defense of the hard-right Senate bloc decried in the Post story–as for its title, wherein she jokingly refers to the eight Senators in question as the “Hateful Eight” after the Quentin Tarantino movie recently filmed near Telluride. We could spend a considerable amount of time explaining why this moniker is politically very, very unhelpful, but we assume readers can figure this out on their own.

But for those who can’t, here’s a visual aid from a reader with Photoshop skills:


Safe to say this was inevitable–perhaps only a surprise that it took almost a week to appear! Thanks ever so much for this anonymous graphical donation, which we intend to use in every subsequent mention of the “Hateful Eight” that we can. Given the tendency of these eight Senators to make some of the more…memorable statements and votes from Republicans under the Gold Dome, we suspect it will get a lot of mileage.

Until 2017, when at least of a few of them will no longer be, if you will, in the picture.


23 thoughts on “Thanks, Vicki Marble! Immortalizing The “Hateful Eight”

  1. This crap is why Colorado Pols is declining as a news source and nobody cares what you say anymore. You've degenerated into cheap stunts and slanderous Photoshops.

    1. Hateful Eight was Marble's idea. If some Dem had come up with it to describe a dissident group within the Dem party are you telling me nothing like this would appear in the rightie blogosphere? Heck, AC wouldn't be able to add it to his collection of cartoon and photoshopped postings fast enough.

      BTW whatever happened to your BFF AC? Did the checks start bouncing? Is it our fault  Colorado R pols have been handing Dems stuff like this on a silver platter ever since the ouster of Call and failed coup against the guy you replaced him with? Is the political IQ of Ms Never-had-any-marbles-to-lose our fault? Or Chaps? Or Tancredo? Or Cindy Coffman? Or….. never mind. The list is way too long.

                    1. I'm fairly certain that Moderatus has a very high tolerance for disgust …

                      … if he owns any mirrors.

    2. You've degenerated into cheap stunts and slanderous Photoshops. 

      Well, that's true…but it's only because your BFF, AC...came to work for us!!! Bwaahaahahahahahahahahahaha…you hapless fool! You are doomed, I tell you…doomed!!


    3. If "no one cares" what Colorado Pols has to say, then why do you and the other hapless half-wit, Andy Carney Barker, spend sooooooo much time here attempting (in vain) to "refutiate" the things which Colorado Pols says — about which, you so arrogantly proclaim, "no one cares"? Hmm, Pookie?

      You're strictly amateur hour. You've got nothing, ever, and you can't wait to show how thoughtless, ignorant, selfish and vapid you are. You're an embarrassment, only you're too dumb to realize it.

    4. Poor Moddy…You party is in ruins, your politics are a joke, and your candidates are all punchlines; the only response you can offer is, "Yeah? Well, no one listens to you, anyway!!! WAAAAAAH!!"   

      I'd tell you to pull your head out of the sand, but you'd have to pull it out of your ass, first. 

    5. Seems to me, Moddy, that you need to brush up on your slander knowledge.  And, by the way, this would be libel, not slander, since it's written.  To get you started, read Hustler v. Falwell.


  2. No way could that be a Dudley Brown production …

    … where's the machine guns? the 30-round magazines? the RPGs?  (Hell, I don't even see a single bandolier??!!??)

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