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January 29, 2016 06:32 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“A decent boldness ever meets with friends.”



15 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. National R's are giong to finish out their 8-year plan on stalling every good deed and good policy proposed by Barack and the D's these last 2 terms. 

    If we can't hammer the holy shit out of them on many items, especially their resistance to infrastructure updates that are making sick and killing our neighbors, and finally implement some of this stuff, fully and robustly, then we are failures and fools. 

    I’ve written about this before, but to me one of the weirdest things is when people in professional politics lash out at people who don’t bother to vote. I mean, ok, it’s one thing for the rest of us to say “vote, assholes!” but it isn’t actually our job to get people to vote.

    People get paid immense amount of money to get people to the polls. Saying “people suck” or “liberals suck” or “young people suck” because they don’t vote might make you feel better about your failure, but it’s your failure. There are ways to get people out to vote.

    Promoting bland candidates who blur the differences instead of accentuating the distinctions doesn’t work very well. Failing to nationalize congressional elections doesn’t work very well. Republicans nationalize every election. Wonder why Dems don’t vote in non-presidential years? Could be because you aren’t telling them why they should vote.

    FCK the Bipartisanship and FCK the PayGo's, Democrats, get your donkey on.

    1. James Carville (pause….) said the other day the most effective GOTV tactic is a "reason".  That is, give voters a reason to vote for you.  I agree that the Dems have been pretty awful about giving voters a reason to vote for them, and why Udall and Romanoff lost the last election. (A Balanced Budget Amendment, Andrew? Really?)

      IMHO, a powerful reason that Dems could offer would be to cut middle class taxes.  Put $1,000 or more in middle class taxpayers pockets and they will go out and spend it, creating a multiplier effect that would stimulate the economy and create jobs, etc.  If there's a net shortfall after accounting for the stimulative effect, then increase the taxes on the multi-millionaires and billionaires.  Even Donald Trump (pause…) proposed this and got support from the GOP base.

      Come on, Dems.  Stop telling me to get a better education or training.  That's elitist and insulting.  Do something that will actually help my daily finances.  Why should a family of four that makes just $60,000 a year have to pay $1,800 in federal income taxes??  Why?

  2. Bet Trump's numbers will go up as a result of his no show circus. His opponents made sure the "debate" was all about Trump. Even if the ratings were much lower than they would have been with Trump, the discussion and analysis will be all over cable and talk radio for a couple of days. It too will all focus on the Trump factor, what was said about Trump, Trump's alternate event,Trump being the real winner of the "debate",  yadyadayada. Trump, Trump, Trump.

    He get's even more cumulative media attention (and that's saying something) than if he had never made such a fuss and just shown up. All without risking somebody actually landing a punch or two that could be endlessly looped in all the after debate coverage, not that anything like that has done him any harm so far.  As he so presidentially brags, he could shoot someone in Time Square and his supporters woud still love him. Bada bing.

    The whole thing demonstrated a complete failure on the part of any rival with a chance, especially Cruz, to take any advantage at all of the opportunity to appear presidential or make a headline on any subject other than Trump. It demonstrated Trump's continuing ability to get more free media attention than any other candidate has ever recieved. 

    Another great night for The Donald. Another bad cycle for all other Republican presidential hopefuls. Another instance of our codependent media who, along with the GOP, created this ratings boosting monster in the first place, aiding and abetting the man who makes us the world's biggest laughing stock.

  3. Whatever happened to that Trump-tough-on-crime wing of Moderatus's Republican Party ???

    The contrast between the treatment of highly paid executives and everyone else couldn’t be sharper. The U.S. has a larger prison population than any nation in the world. People are locked up for long stretches for crimes that involve thousands—or even hundreds—of dollars. Even the settlement process is different. For most people accused of a crime, prosecutors may be willing to plead out the cases, but they typically require admission of guilt and, if the crime involves more than a trivial amount of money, time in jail. Various three-strikes rules frequently put people away for life for non-violent crimes involving modest amounts of money. Politicians routinely get elected promising to be “tough on crime,” and both federal and state governments devote immense resources to put and keep criminals in prison. 

    . . . And, why didn't this Senator run for president???

    1. I am somewhat surprised to see Bill Ritter involved in this.

      I also noticed that either Charles Ashby or his editors chose to omit the name of the program…ColoradoCare..

      Unintentional? Why, of course.

  4. About fricking time, and I wish Colorado Government Watch good luck in going after Klingenschmitt…Still, I wonder why that research looks so….familiar, yet doesn't seem to be credited to its source. wink

    FYI, CGW is not a liberal organization…quite the opposite. I think that they may actually be trying to clean up the Springs' cesspool of corrupt officials, and to purify the El Paso County GOP.

    1. Alas, alas, the seal has been broken and the foul, demonic spirits of the hectoring IRS and the satanic federal beasts have been unloosed as the final plague upon this one last righteous instrument, the lords own godly messenger …

      … behold, even now the heavens have been set as a mark and a testament to this, the end of times.

      REPENT YOU STINKING LIBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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