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January 22, 2016 11:59 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

–Margaret Thatcher


36 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. from Salon…


    GOP’s deal with the devil: The donor class will forever regret allying with Trump

    The Republican establishment is trying to convince itself it can control the Donald. We know how this story ends

    David Brooks is a worried man.

    Like many establishment Republicans, the conservative columnist forThe New York Times sees the barbarians pouring through the gates and fears for both his party and the republic. Hail, Trump! Hail, Cruz! It’s enough to send a sober centrist dashing through the Forum in search of a cudgel.

    There was Brooks on a recent edition of the PBS NewsHour, his angst spilling out across the airwaves like fog from a nightmare: “I wish we had gray men in suits,” he told Judy Woodruff, conjuring in some nostalgia-minded the courtly cabal of well-heeled businessmen who drafted war hero Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president as a Republican.

    “We don’t have that,” Brooks continued. “But the donor class could do something.”

    the destruction continues…..

    1. I'm confused. So on one hand Brooks longs for the days of 'gray suits' – on the other hand Trump is promising to 'Make America Great Again' – arguably taking us back to that same point in time Brooks longs for.

      Nixon's Southern Strategy chickens have come home to roost. 

      They're as confused as a two-peckered billy goat. 

  2. It's hard to miss the irony in the Weld County website slogan, “Bright Futures, creating opportunities by investing in our future.” 

    This, from the same leadership that gave us the failed attempt establish the 51st state: 

    On Monday, January 25, 2016, the Weld County Commissioners will have the second reading of an ordinance to restrict the size and location of solar arrays on ag land in their jurisdiction.

    The Republican-dominated Weld County Commissioners are, therefore, engaging in the very thing that they accuse others of: taking of private property rights without compensation. 

    Farmers and ranchers in Weld County deserve to have the ability to create an additional income stream by leasing pieces of their land for renewable energy projects.  It’s a property owner’s private decision, but the commissioners are trying to take that option away – without compensation.

    And why?  Is there some health-threatening environmental contamination that would result?  Say, poisoning the air or the land or groundwater resources for area residents?  Or using excessive amounts of water that farming and ranching operations desperately need? 


    So, why are they attempting to snuff out these private property rights?  To “get back” at their most formidable competitor, the emerging renewable energy industry?

    Prolonging the agony of an inevitable transformation that is well under way in the electric utility industry, and supported by national majorities of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike, will only hurt Weld County residents in the long run.

    Like the ill-informed attempt to secede from the state of Colorado that was not supported by a majority of Weld County residents, this reactionary stance smacks of ideology rather than concern for the well-being of Weld County residents.  It’s the same as if the horse buggy manufacturers’ organization nudged local law-makers to outlaw those new-fangled horseless carriages in a misguided, and ultimately doomed, effort to save the county from progress.

    The renewable energy sector is one of the few bright spots in the nation’s economy that is actually growing, and creating jobs.  Windsor’s own Vestas manufacturing facility is one, having just announced they need to hire 100 new workers.

    To put this in perspective: there are 875,000 acres of cropland in Weld County.  A solar plant occupying 3,787 acres (0.4328% of their farmland), would create the equivalent daytime output of the Brush Pawnee power plant (505 Megawatts).  With that would come new jobs – and new opportunities for Weld County agriculture that would last far beyond the horizon of producing gas wells.





      1. That reminds me of something I saw during one of the two times I actually watched Fox News. They had a story about how dangerous solar energy really is and how the environmentalists won't tell people the truth. It included something about how when fires break out, fire fighters are at risk of being electrocuted. 

      2. So they don't teach none of that Godless science but probably do a hell of a job on abstinence only and probably have a nice high rate of teen pregnancies and STDs to show for it.  And, really, what's more important for our students and future voters and civic leaders? Go Broncos!

    1. Well written, Michael. Your point about this being a "taking" is a good one. Op-ed for Greeley Tribune?. The Tribune editorial board said that limiting solar "makes no sense". 

      Two new large scale solar farms have come on line, providing jobs and early morning / afternoon power for 1300 homes.

      So far, this "anti-solar ordinance" does not seem to be well-publicized. I haven't found any minutes for the January 2016 Commissioners meeting,  in which they considered this nonsense, and they haven't replied to my emails.  They do seem to be permitting gas and oil exploration at an astounding rate.

  3. This story caught my eye this morning….

    As Trump, Cruz battle for Iowa, Republican civil war brews

    Waterloo (United States) (AFP) – One might be forgiven for forgetting that there are 12 Republicans still in the White House race — for now, it's a two-man show.

    The battle between billionaire frontrunner Donald Trump and maverick Senator Ted Cruz is the main event for conservatives, who are torn with nine days to go before the Iowa caucus. 

    this piece gives a pretty good blow by blow  and is interesting, but I found these last two paragraphs a very clear and unambiguous statement of where the Republican party is now…these guys no longer have the slightest urge to hide their dishonesty and hypocrisy…


    Some party stalwarts however have welcomed Trump. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani told The Washington Post that he preferred Trump to Cruz. Veteran senator Bob Dole, the party's presidential candidate in 1996, has the same opinion.

    They seem to think Trump's cunning opportunism will be an advantage come November, because the tycoon will have no problem changing up his positions to attract wider support. 

    What can one say…?


    1. Could be, Duke. Might also be a preference for the devil they don't know as well. Even Bob Dole, who has been out of the Senate for years but still tries to maintain the decorum of the Chamber, all but calls Cruz a sumbitch bastard. 

  4. The best thing about being snowed in by the east coast blizzard is it took Trump and his groupie off the air.  All snow, all the time, by every local, D.C. to NYC, station.

    My long life in Colorado gave me the preparation knowledge to survive long periods without going out on the roads. So, at home and warm, with plenty of wine, and books to read.

    Go Broncos!


  5. Why are we still hearing "Benghazi!"? Because there is a whole fricking cottage industry stoking the outrage over the supposed neglect and coverup of the Benghazi incident. The movie "13 hours" was released 1/15/16; Fox news (I tuned in for a break from snowstorm and Bronco coverage) is actually intentionally blurring the line between a movie review and news reporting.

    Megyn Kelly breathlessly reported on the movie "13 Hours", showed some clips, all without mentioning that there is no evidence that anyone in the State Department told anyone to "stand down", or that the movie is a fictional, dramatized account of events. She also didn't say that there had been days of Benghazi hearings and testimony, none of which showed any willful neglect or wrongdoing by State Department employees.

    Makes me crazier.

    Back to your regularly scheduled apocalyptic winter climate-change-fueled snowstorm coverage. Oh, and Go Broncos!

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