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January 20, 2016 12:44 PM UTC

Progressives Demand Accountability As “Liar Keyser” Pattern Emerges

  • by: ProgressNow Colorado

(As originally reported here and here – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Last week, ProgressNow Colorado requested an investigation of Keyser with the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force for violating rules while campaigning behind the scenes during his time in the Air Force Reserve. Keyser claimed in response that he was not actually “in uniform” when he conducted the interview, but admitted he was campaigning behind the scenes while serving. Today, ProgressNow Colorado called on Keyser to apologize for misleading voters with unfounded allegations of fraud in Colorado’s mail ballot elections.

In 2013 Jon Keyser, then a candidate for the Colorado House, posted a photo on social media of “two ballots” he received, claiming this was evidence of a “failed system” passed by Democrats that year. In truth, Keyser’s “second ballot” was for a single ballot question related to property he owned elsewhere in the state. The photo Keyser posted intentionally concealed the return address of the second ballot to falsely imply he had received two complete ballots for the same election. [1]

“Jon Keyser knew exactly what he was doing,” said ProgressNow Colorado political director Alan Franklin. “Colorado Republicans led by then-Secretary of State Scott Gessler were desperate to convince voters that Democrats had somehow sabotaged the election system. Gessler’s friend Keyser was more than happy to help promote this fiction, then had to make silly excuses for his antics when debunked by fellow Republican county clerks.”

“The fact is, Colorado is a leader in modernizing our election system to increase participation,” said Franklin. “When the new law was passed, opponents immediately claimed it would result in massive election fraud that, as it turns out, never happened. But some Republicans like Jon Keyser were so eager to protect the status quo they invented bogus ‘fraud’ cases out of thin air.”

“Voters deserve an elected official who plays by the rules and is honest with the people of Colorado,” said Franklin. “The more we see from Jon Keyser, the more it becomes clear he is simply not an honest player.”


15 thoughts on “Progressives Demand Accountability As “Liar Keyser” Pattern Emerges

  1. Scraping the bottom of the barrel. Don't you have anything less then two years old? Your complaint about his military service is a joke. Keep reminding voters that he is a decorated vet.

        1. What do we care? It's your own caucus members that will put the kibosh on all but 2 or 3 of your clowns.  Then your base primary voters will select the biggest floater remaining.

          Young Keyser may think he's hot stuff, but the turd that will overflow the toilet is most likely Tim "Gimme back my bullets" Neville 🙂


    1. Bitch please, if he was a Democrat you'd be criticizing him for double dipping- because that's what you're paid to do as a political whore.

      I’m chuckling at the mention of working a summer on an oil rig. Because that certainly put a dent in his educational debt. Funny there’s no mention of his GI Bill usage- unless that is what is meant by scholarships.

      Party before Country. 

  2. Frankly, you guys wouldn't know how to run a campaign if Karl Rove was there telling you what to do.  These are both "inside politics" things that 95% of voters don't care about at all and the other 5% already know who they are voting for.  Look, I was all over Keyser two years ago with the mail ballot thing.  But, he didn't do it on purpose, he just didn't know what he was doing and he was just following the party line on that stuff because he had no experience and he isn't politically savvy.  That is the big thing with him that will be his biggest problem.  Running for a fairly safe House district ain't the US Senate.  People will care that he is only 34 with two very small children.  People will care that he worked for a big lobbying law firm and so did or does his wife.  People will care that he is "personally pro-life" as long as it is only one of the issues raised.  People will care that he is from the party of Trump or Cruz or whoever.

    I'm just hoping you learned something from the Udall Disaster Campaign.  People don't care about this kind of stuff.  They care about a lot of real issues and get insulted when you run a campaign based on some technical issue that they don't care about anyway.

    And, oh by the way, most people didn't serve in the military.  Many of those who did are old and staunch Republicans anyway.  So, get to the issues.  The Republicans are most definitely on the wrong side of most of them.  People aren't as stupid as you think, they hate to think they are single issue voters (though many of them are) and they like to think the candidates will treat them as adults.

    Otherwise, you'll lost to Keyser, or someone far worse.

    1. Running for a fairly safe House district ain't the US Senate.

      True enough, Craig. Cory Gardner made the transition from charmed but sheltered existence in a safe state House district to U.S. Senate successfully but at least he went up the ladder one wrung at a time:  safe state House seat to safe state Senate seat to safe U.S. House seat to competitive state race. And he had a Dem opponent running a single issue campaign.

  3. "he didn't do it on purpose, he just didn't know what he was doing"


    LOL.. So are you basically  saying Keyser is an outright idiot? That's as funny as the comment above about a two year old issue being brought back up. Folks go back decades on stuff like that  in politics on both party's candidates.


     Stunts like Keyser pulled show lack of character. He's a liar. He also has what looks to be a new baby. What’s next? Running for absentee Dad of the year? Better watch the ballots!

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