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October 30, 2008 05:42 PM UTC

Purged voters will get to vote!

  • by: Dan Willis

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

An agreement has been accepted by the Federal District Court in Denver regarding the voters who were inappropriately “purged” from the voter files.

In essence they will still need to vote a provisional ballot, just as before, but now their names will be on a list at the County Clerk’s office so that when the Clerk’s office checks those provisional ballots, they will be presumed valid and will be counted.

See my comments below the fold

I am a little concerned about this as I forsee different counties handling this process in different ways.

Some questions not yet answered:

What if the person votes their provisional ballot outside of their home precinct? Does the entire ballot count or just the federal/statewide races?

What if the person does not have ID? Is there still same presumption of validity?

What if the person has moved and not updated their address on Voter rolls? Does the ballot count at the old address or the new?

I am afraid more confusion has been added to the process than has been resolved.


22 thoughts on “Purged voters will get to vote!

  1. The answers to all your hypotheticals are solved by purged voters voting via provisional ballots.

    This allows the clerks time to investigate the validity of the ballots after the election.

    Regarding IDs, I would hope the presumption of validity would be the rule rather than the exception since, again, the ballot can be verified after the election.

  2. that the Johnsons were purged because of another couple with their names at a different location who didn’t return a card.  Johnson is a common name but another couple with his full name AND her full name? How many others who have no idea they have been purged, as the case with the Johnsons until a lawyer called them, will turn out to have been purged under similar shaky circumstances?  

  3. What’s the catch?

    In the mean time, I just heard that a judge in PA ordered the use of paper (not provisional) ballots if 50% or more of the machines in a precinct break down.  Apparently the PA precincts are very small with usually 2-3 machines.

    And as I think noted previously, RINO Gov Crist expanded the early voting hours, overriding state law and our NOT-RINO disenfranchising SoS here.  If you must have a Republican governor, Charlie is the way to go.  Actually, our Vern Buchanan in Congress is pretty good for an R, too.  I would feel safer with a Dem in either office, but if ya gotta live with an R, I think they are the models for the future.  

    1. but like he said, it’s not about politics, it’s about doing what’s right. My respect level for Gov. Crist went through the roof after reading that.

      I bet McCain is wishing he’d picked Crist for VP now, instead of just leading him on.

      1. From the moment he won the GOP nomination, McCain put his campaign in the hands of the ultra-right nutjobs of the Party. The major decision they took out of his hands was the VP – it’s been widely reported he wanted “Turncoat Joe” Liebermann.

        I don’t think that Turncoat Joe would’ve played out any different, but Crist might have played successfully with the “experience’ theme.

        1. Actually Joe Lieberman was the choice I feared most. It would be the sort of ticket low information voters would see and say, “Hey! Bipartisan, I like that!” The media would have eaten it up for the drama. Conservatives would have squawked and Jew haters would have been frothing at the mouth. But given how much of a conservative Jew Lieberman is on some issues I think the conservatives would have come home nearly as large as they have now.

          I think it would have been closer even with the bad economy. But I’m not sure the internal politics of the party would have allowed it. For which the Republicans are deeply stupid.

  4. …both sides for hammering out this agreement.  In my opinion, which is not humble, both sides showed a great deal of reason and practicality in working toward this solution.  

    (I think I’m starting to sound like a grown-up!  I’ve been working on my impression in the mirror for weeks.)

    1. I don’t understand why someone had to sue.  Shouldn’t we error on the side of eligibility and sort in out later?  Oh, that’s the agreement.

      The breathless local news report last night only netted the SOS an eye-roll from me.  Take that, Coffman!

  5. Yes, you read that correct.

    State may toss 35,600 mail-in ballots over ID problems

    More than 35,000 newly registered Colorado voters could see their mail ballots tossed out because of confusion over the need to include a copy of their ID with their votes.

    The state requires county clerks to verify the identification of all new voters. Often, it’s as simple as comparing a driver’s license number on a voter registration form to the state’s motor vehicle database.

    But when that check runs into trouble – in cases, for example, when the license number is copied down incorrectly – county clerks want to see the identification.

    This year has seen an unprecedented surge in voter registrations. And according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, as of Monday 35,620 first-time voters whose identity had not been verified requested mail ballots.

    Those voters should have been instructed to photo copy their driver’s license or other identification and include it when they mailed back their ballots. If they fail to, the ballots will be treated as though they are provisional. That means county clerks will attempt after the election to verify the identity of the voter. If they can’t, the ballots will be disqualified.

    I’m sickened. I sickened that Rethugs like Coffman and Suthers are actually making it harder for people to use their RIGHT to vote.  

    1. Yes we should make voting easy – but I also think we should require some form of ID when a person first registers. And having the votes become provisional as the clerks work to get that ID seems a very reasonable way that has the individual’s vote count as long as they get that ID in.

      1. I was watching an Obama campaign video about voting, and when the part about copying your ID came up I remember thinking to myself, “People are going to forget to do this.” It was really specific though, and it was hardly impossible.

        My opinion? The voters should be allowed to furnish proof of ID at a County Clerk’s office or by getting it in before the polls close on Tuesday.

        Yet another reason to vote early in-person! My favorite! And there’s still one more day to do it.

        1. In fact, my girlfriend’s insistence on not making a damn copy of her ID means next Tuesday will be a super fun outing to the polls.  No, no…we can’t vote early…we have to join the masses for the…ahem…experience.

          Yes, I’m a little bitter  🙂

  6. He’s violating federal law. He knows it. And he doesn’t care.

    From the Rocky

    A lawyer for voting activists said Thursday that Secretary of State Mike Coffman must stop canceling voters from state registration rolls in the wake of a court-approved settlement over the issue.

    “If he continues to do this during the next period, he’s in deep trouble for violation of federal law,” said Jim Finberg, who represents two activist groups and a union in a lawsuit that accused Coffman of illegally purging more than 42,000 voters from state rolls.

    But Coffman said “the process is continuing” and said groups that sued over the matter “did not prevail … in stopping us from moving forward with additional cancellation through this election.”

    David, this is NOT good for Democracy. We have an SOS who is not following the letter of the law and making it harder for people to vote. He’s a disgrace.

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