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October 30, 2008 08:33 AM UTC

Surprise! Its October!

  • by: sufimarie

In their most valiant effort for an October surprise, the proponents of Amendment 48 informed their email list that the Alliance Defense Fund attorneys are suing Governor Bill Ritter, Planned Parenthood, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center (BVWHC) and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment for $18,000,000 of illegal taxpayer funding of abortion.

Yay! Suing hospitals that help poor people so you can try to bolster your epic fail of an amendment! Yay!

They are suing Planned Parenthood and BVWHC because they do cancer screenings for low income people via the Women’s Wellness Program! They claim the screenings are inherently tied to abortion services.  

In their literature passed out at the conference, they declare Governor Bill Ritter gave no-bid government contracts to the health care providers when Colorado law prohibits state money from funding abortion services. The plaintiffs are going for $18,000,000. The Rocky Mountain News is calling the actual total of state funds to be substantially less. According to Planned Parenthood, the real number of state funds going to the cancer screening program is about 3% of that or $610,792.70.

Additionally, from what I could gather, they are making this based on what an ex-Planned Parenthood employee said in 2000 about abortion services and health care services being intrinsically related.

Kristi Burton was present to make sure everyone knew that this suit was about the betrayal Colorado for Equal Rights feels towards Ritter since he slammed their amendment calling it a “legal quagmire.”

Pro-life Catholic Governor Ritter opposes the Amendment not only because of the quagmire, but also because the amendment gives no abortion exceptions to rape or incest.

Mark Hotaling, the Colorado patsy bringing the suit against Governor Ritter admitted that “this has been in the works for weeks.” Since the poll showing their Amendment is doomed was released, they probably decided it was a good idea to do something real quick.

Everything they have done has pissed off their allies. The Catholic Church won’t endorse the Amendment because they think it would just get overturned by the Supreme Court and thereby solidify abortion rights. Now they are suing health care providers for screening low-income middle aged women for cancer? Are they trying to get the voters to coalesce into a force for socialized reproductive health care? That seems to be the effect they are having!

So I say “Go Kristi, Go!” Because in the end:

God is the One who fights the Battle!


7 thoughts on “Surprise! Its October!

      1. but the diary is about a law suit, not the Amendment.

        And yes I am happy this is being so heartily rejected.

        You don’t think its funny weird that they want to sue Ritter and health care providers 6 days before the election?

        1. Money + Losing + Desperate + Crazy = Lawsuits

          That’s usually how it goes anyway.

          I guess I can’t blame you too much for the tone in the diaries you posted today. I’ve definitely felt similarly resentful of the hard-core pro-life people like Ms. Burton.

          Just think, in a few days you’ll be able to celebrate a political victory over their entire operation. Knock on wood.

  1. .

    Sufi Marie,

    are you clear on the usage of those terms ?

    Governor Ritter is clearly “pro-choice” on abortion.  

    That’s a litmus test issue for the Democratic Party.  

    So why would you label him as “pro-life” when that is generally used to label opponents of “pro-choice ?”


    Is the Governor “pro-life ?”

    of course he is; everybody is, to one degree or another.  

    Ask the government of China, that mandates abortion for all after the first child,

    and even they will claim to be “pro-life,” within limits they find reasonable.  

    But you’ve taken the label applied to opponents of abortion, all of whom take that position based on religious beliefs,

    and are using it to soften the image of an abortion advocate.

    Who are you fooling ?

    On this blog, at least 100% of community members see through your falsehood.  

    And why call him “Catholic ?”

    We all know how he feels about the teachings of the Catholic church.  He has the right to accept or reject whatever he wants, and he has chosen to reject something essential to Catholicity.    

    Do you mean that he’s an “ethnic Catholic ?”

    This characterization of the Governor is intentionally false.  Do you think we’re all chumps ?  


    1. but it would be appropriate to link to it. Ritter is pro-life and he is pro-life because of his Catholicism. He thinks that always there should be an exception for cases of rape and incest.

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