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January 13, 2016 12:06 AM UTC

Cowliphate Goes Full Sovereign Citizen - With CO Ties

  • by: Phoenix Rising

(It was probably inevitable that #YallQaeda would try to invent their own legal system — promoted by Colorado Pols)

Judge Dredd is not really a judge.
Judge Dredd is not really a judge…or a real person, for that matter.

According to local paper The Oregonian, the bunch of yahoos staking their claim on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge have now found themselves a self-proclaimed “United States Superior Court Judge.” Bruce Doucette has arrived from Littleton, CO, where he supposedly has “retired” as a “judge” to do computer repair work.

Doucette claims the Bundy Bunch have shown him “significant” evidence of crimes committed by the Federal government, and that he will certify the charges after they’ve been formally brought by a “grand jury” consisting of members of a local committee that’s been formed called the “Harney County Committee for Safety”.

All of this, of course, is udder cow-patty nonsense. There is no US official titled ‘Superior Court Judge’, and Doucette has no law degree nor even a lick of common sense. He does, however, have an interesting history as a “judge”. His name turns up on a number of Sovereign Citizen blogs and even news posts – always with the same “Superior Court Judge” title he’s claiming now.

He has appointed himself to defend Sovereign Citizen “Judge” Steve Curry of Montrose, who “filed” a $249 trillion “US gold dollar” lien against the American and International Bar Associations as well as the US Government. Curry was jailed for selling fake meteorites on eBay with claims that they were 80% tax deductible (and also making a supposed $58 million donation of “meteorites” to the local historical society) – not sure how the lien thing fit in with Doucette’s representation of him – the blog post was more interested in the so-called lien…

Doucette also offered to “represent” landowners in Costilla County this year over off-grid residency. He was brought in by another convicted thief (and child abandonment convict), Rodger Marsh, founder of a group called Operation Patriot Rally.

It’s not much of a surprise that the clueless yahoos currently involved in the armed takeover of Federal property in Oregon are aligned with the Sovereign Citizen movement. Even before this development they were “somewhere along the sliding scale” that leads toward the bamboozling Sovereign Citizens. Doucette’s arrival and acceptance by the group does little more than cement just how far down the scale they are…


22 thoughts on “Cowliphate Goes Full Sovereign Citizen – With CO Ties

    1. The Bundy's "bodyguard", Brian Cavalier, is a stolen valor type of guy himself. He claims to have been a Marine serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but there are no records of him ever having been a Marine.

      And fellow insurrectionist Blaine Cooper also once claimed to be a Marine when ranting at Sen. John McCain – a claim he was forced to retract.

        1. Looked to me like that link took me to one of the crazies FB pages. I liked that this one is an independent source. That's all. Just tried it again and that’s where it took me, not to the Raw Story article. This time I had to do the entering crazy letters thing to get to the FB page. Just adding resource.

        2. Then there's calling a 15 year old kid a "prostitute" because she is crying about how scared she is by the gun-totin' occupiers of her Oregon hometown.

          I understand the wish to not give these guys a glorious shootout and martyrdom – but I think they could be neutralized by attrition, from consequences of  their own actions.

          As they terrorize residents, are publicly drunk or a nuisance, or assault each other, lock them up and set bail prohibitively high, or insist that the $70,000 daily  incurred costs to the county be paid before they are let out.

          1. I thought the electricity had been turned and they ran out of toilet paper. How much longer can these "survivalists" hold out under those circumstances?

      1. Great minds think alike!

        I thought the exact same thing when I read about that.

        Maybe the solution isn't gun control. We should just place them all in a close, confined air-tight venue together with lots of firearms and let nature take its course.

          1. Put a lien on all the OwlQueda source funding and donation sites.  This is an unexpected and unnecessary financial drain on county finances.  Bill em Dano

  1. And now it gets really interesting… The Bundy Brigade has supposedly "served" the county judge (the one who suggested a $70k/day fine) and others in county government with notice that they're being investigated for corruption.

    These guys aren't doing themselves any favors. Both the judge and the sheriff are sympathetic to the cause, but they disagree with the methods. Going after them isn't going to make them friendlier. Even Oath Keepers hero Sheriff Palmer from next door Grant County won't join Vanilla ISIS, though he says the Federal government should do what they say…

    1. Are they going to have Superior Court Judge Doucette (from Littleton!) hold the county judge in contempt? 

      Don't these people realize that Obamacare does require some (at least limited) mental health care benefits which may provide them with treatment for their paranoid delusional disorders?  

      1. The problem with paranoid delusions is believing that they're out to get you, and then doing stuff that makes them want to go out and get you.

        And the best part is, it's a movement, so you get to share your delusions with someone else!

        1. And the best part is, it's a movement, so you get to share your delusions with someone else!

          Belonging to the Republican Party has the same benefits!

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