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October 30, 2008 03:46 AM UTC

Colorado Right to Life = Vandals and Felons?

  • by: Sarah from No On 48


Greeley resident Julie Shade is voting No on Amendment 48 because she sees that it goes too far. Her husband is a lawyer and cannot make heads or tails of the sneaky amendment to outlaw abortion. Julie had a No on 48 yard sign at her house that was vandalized. This is a felony. Another felony to which Julie was a victim of was the non-postmarked literature illegally dropped in her mailbox asking her to support 48. Julie contacted staff at No on 48 and the post office.

Denver resident and campaign field coordinator for No on Amendment 48 Jeffrey Thermodsgaard has seen the oversized truck decorated with anti-abortion messages cruising around his residence far too often for it to be considered coincidence. The same vandalism that happened to Julie in Greeley, happened to Jeff in Denver except that the literature was on his porch, not in his mailbox. Jeff’s signs were vandalized and by the morning, he discovered that someone from Colorado Right to Life placed anti-choice literature on his porch. Jeff contacted the police who said it would be legally difficult to prove a connection between the two.

We have seen the desperation of the losing side in various current elections. They are not taking it gracefully. We must be outspoken about their infractions. The continuing crusade to end reproductive freedom is acting as though they feel above the law; they feel their actions are sanctified because of their perceived holy mission. Please report any infractions of this matter to the police and feel free to report them here as well.  


11 thoughts on “Colorado Right to Life = Vandals and Felons?

  1. First off, I oppose 48 too. And stealing signs is wrong. But it happens – on both sides. The fact that someone did that to 2 people is not indicitive of squat.

    As to literature in the mailbox – everyone does that. They’re all told not to and the people canvassing all do it at times. The stupid thing about this law is that it’s illegal – it should be allowed for political literature.

    Stick to the issues – you will defeat 48 on that.

    1. Disagree strongly on the mail thing.  You do not tamper with the U.S. mail.  Period.  Give any single person the right to go opening peoples’ mailboxes to put in literature and you give any single person the cover to steal from or insert mail for any other reason, too.

      If someone wants to drop off literature, my door handle is always available.

    2. No canvass operation I have ever been a part of puts literature in the mailbox. Everyone knows that it is illegal, and everytime it has come up in pre-canvass discussion not only does the light hearted tone of the discussion change, but it also a serious offense that every campaign I have been a part of takes seriously. I would never be comfortable with allowing a federal offense be segued because it is a political campaign. That is asinine.

      1. It’s that the campaigns stress don’t do it real strongly and there are always a couple of people who do. I did it once by mistake because I didn’t realize till afterwards that it was the persons mailbox and I was not going to reach back in once I realized that it was their mailbox.

        I don’t think it’s something to call the cops over.

      1. But you don’t have to go into red alert freakout mode.

        David’s original point–that these are isolated incidents, not indicative of a trend–holds true. I’ve seen the truck that you’re talking about driving around town. It’s ridiculous, but I severely doubt they’re part of the vast Religious Right conspiracy that’s coming to get us.

        This is a particularly volatile election year, but this is about the most insignificant act of political violence I’ve heard about. We have 5 more days though, so who knows.

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