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December 27, 2015 10:53 AM UTC

Discuss: The Top Ten Stories of 2015 in Colorado Politics

  • by: Colorado Pols

‘Tis the season for retrospectivity! As we do every year, we’ll be spending the next week beginning tomorrow recapping the top ten stories in Colorado politics for the tumultuous year that was 2015. It’s a responsibility we take seriously as the state’s political blog of record.

Use this space to suggest your top ten stories in Colorado politics, debate their relevance, and howl with displeasure when we get it horribly, horribly wrong–though you’ll be able to do that in the comments for every post too. Between our pontification and your cat-calls, readers get an excellent cross-section of viewpoints.

To kick off your discussion: for an “off year,” it was pretty big, wasn’t it?


23 thoughts on “Discuss: The Top Ten Stories of 2015 in Colorado Politics

  1. I think one has to be the school board earthquakes this year.  Not just Jeffco (must…resist…Randy reference), but Thompson and DougCo as well.  People are learning that local elections are no longer safe from the national politics that dominate "bigger" races, and I don’t think they’re, by and large, particularly thrilled with that.

  2. It should be # 1. Also in the Top Ten (probably around # 8 or # 9) should be the coup attempt staged by the Out-House Three last year.

    Ordinarily it shouldn't even rate in the Top Ten since it is really inside baseball but I'd put it on the list because of the gross ineptitude of the coup plotters coupled with the cannibalistic tendencies of the tea partiers. The snake truly tried to swallow its own tail only to gag on it.

  3. In no particular order, the following stories should be included:

    Jeffco School Board, OutHouse, and the COGCC rule changes that were supposed to be the big compromise deal between residents' health concerns and O&G convenience/profit. Of course, the O&G won, as they were over-represented on the commission.

    The increasing violence in Colorado Springs, escalating just as its open-carry policy continued. There were at least two mass shootings besides the Planned Parenthood shooting.

    Gun law continues to be a force in CO politics.

    Gordon Klingenschmitt's continued mouth diarrhea problem – assault on pregnant woman blamed on abortion in America.

    Weather- tornadoes, floods, fires. Climate change creating chaos.

    Police violence, and how little Mayor Hancock and police chief have done to contain it.

    Cannabis revenues and Colorado’s economic boost from them.


  4. You're all dead wrong..the biggest story of 2015 is that Colorado Pols' long-time nemesis (who no one new existed until he whined that they were ignoring him), Casper Stockham, is running for Congress!!  

    Come to think of it, we haven't heard from him in a while. Is he still on his Freedom Tour? If his geography is anything like his grammar, he might be wondering why no one is showing up to his meet-and-greet in Sheridan, WY. 


  5. I think the school boards (Mesa County even elected two rational members instead of wingnuts) followed by the Planned Parenthood shootings should lead the list.


    1. For starters the Jeffco schoolboard recall and related schoolboard shakeups should be at the top. Outhouse failed coup should be included. The endless parade of increasingly unlikely GOP candidates coming out of the woodwork to run against Bennet. Out of control abuse at Denver county jails. Issues related to pot legalization. Battle between AG Coffman and Hick over suit. The terrorist Planned Parenthood shooting. It's late and I'm probably not thinking of some biggies.

        1. Gardner voted not to shut down the government over PP funding. But don't worry, Tommy, I'm sure that Gardner'smoderate and sensible stance is just a temporary phase.

        2. Give it up Tommy.  Accepting a compromise to avoid shutting down the government isn't voting for anything except avoiding a government shut down. Such compromise used to be business as usual back when elected R pols were interested in governing. And why this obsession with the been there, done that campaigns of Gardner v Udall? Neither one is running for anything and nobody but losers wants to run against Bennet this time so wouldn't your time be better spent trolling us over something else?

          Hmmm. Never seen you and the equally dim witted modster in the same thread. In fact haven’t seen modster since before you showed up. Coincidence?

  6. In no particular order:

    School board turnover across the state.

    Mass shootings in the Springs, and two national news hate crime scenes.

    The implied end of the death penalty based on the two major death penalty cases this year.

    The Denver DA's office being a repeat news item re: no prosecutions for police abuse/brutality. (Or at least it should be top story…)

    Failure of the fracking commission.

    Legislative death of several funds by conservative hands, including the birth control provision fund.

    Housing bubble/shortages and economic recovery.

    Republican Senate clown car (preceded by their strongest candidates staying away).

      1. I still have a little trouble getting used to it not being a big deal anymore.. just a little trouble, mind you. I dig it…smiley..need a long haired emoticon..with a headband… 

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