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December 11, 2015 08:51 AM UTC

Talk-radio host Mike Rosen to (mostly) retire

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

The Denver Post’s Joanne Ostrow reported yesterday that Mike Rosen, who’s hosted a talk-radio show in Denver for almost 30 years, will sign off from his own show Dec. 24.

You’ll recognize Rosen’s voice, as quoted by Ostrow, explaining why he’s :

“Doing my brand of radio, with 24/7 research and show prep, takes a work week of more than 60 hours. After 35 years on-air, I’ve decided to give myself a little more well-earned leisure time as I pass my 71st birthday,” Rosen said in a release.

Rosen will be succeeded in the timeslot by KHOW’s Mandy Connell(who took over Peter Boyles’ long-held slot in 2013).

“A full-fledged retirement wouldn’t suit a Type-A guy like me. So, I’m delighted to still have a presence with KOA as a part-time on-air contributor. While this may disappoint my long-time loyal listeners, to whom I’m eternally grateful, I hope they will find a little of Mike Rosen at least better than none at all. I’m passing the baton to Mandy Connell in the midday time slot, who’s done a great job on KHOW in the morning. You’ll like her.”


9 thoughts on “Talk-radio host Mike Rosen to (mostly) retire

  1. One of the least talented radio talkers … ever.

    Rosen hasn't had a new thought in thirty years and he's been plying the same old schtick for 30 years.

    And Mandy Connell as his replacement? Just as boring. In fact, talk radio is boring — all conservative, all Obama-bashing, all the time. Wouldn't it be entertaining and innovative if talk radio in Denver had even one political moderate on the air, let alone a liberal?

    1. I miss AM760 Progressive talk. No one has been able to fill that dead air. I mean, I guess we can all get all kinds of talky liberal stuff on Pandora or Sirius channels, but there was something great and democratic about being able to tune to that liberal news talk in our hoopty rides.

      1. I was happy to have progressive radio and listened at first but, truth be told, I got pretty bored with it.  Ed and Randi Rhodes harped on their same few pet things all the time, day in, day out and Randi Rhodes' fact checking was sometimes pretty sloppy. Thom Hartmann, bless his heart, tends to put me to sleep. Maybe it didn't succeed because progressives aren't as enamoured of partisan talk radio as righties are. I drifted away and back to CPR/NPR where interviewers actually let people talk without talking over them. By the time Clear killed it I was rarely listening anymore anyway. Does that make me a bad liberal?

        1. Liberal talk radio didn't die because of poor ratings – it was deliberately killed off by Clear Channel, as Jason's post-mortem columns make clear. Air America suffered from poor managment, wrote Thom Hartman.

          Nevertheless, credit where due – Air America paved the way for the present environment of  hugely popular liberal news outlets (Huff post and MSNBC), as well as other outfits along a wide spectrum of political views and media. And Air America laid the groundwork for whatever "balance" we now enjoy in broadcast leftist media viewpoints.

          Without Air America, we wouldn't have the Rachel Maddow show, nor the slew of other news hosts she launched on her show. Randi Rhodes got on my nerves, too, but there were plenty of local worthwhile talkers on AM760: Jay Marvin, Mario Solis, David Sirota. Many of these have moved on to other outlets, but often don't have the editorial freedom they enjoyed on AM760.

          I still enjoy Thom Hartman's groundbreaking contributions; the first time I heard Bernie Sanders was on Hartman's "Brunch with Bernie" segments.

          No, it doesn't make you a "bad liberal" for having moved on from liberal talk radio. Nor does it make me a nostalgic innocent for paying homage to what we did gain from AM760 and Air America, or for wishing that we still had some alternative voices to hear on those long, lonely drives in the heartland, on our basic AM/FM car radios.

          1. Either way. I stopped listening to it long before Clear killed it. Most of my friends also drifted away. I do think enjoying listening to radio talkers yelling and whining about the same two or three things over and over every single day is more of a rightie audience taste. Hartmann is very smart and makes very important points and all that but the level of repitition over time becomes very tedious for me. And I can't find where I accused you or any other liberal talk radio fan of being a nostalgic innocent BTW. I do think there was a value in having it as a balance even if I didn’t listen often.

  2. That long for research and show prep? What a crock. All he does is listen to a bit of Rushbo, Hannity and Beck when he's in the car and he's ready to go. Same shit all the time.


  3. Didn't Rosen admit a few years ago, in one of his Denver Post columns, that he at least is an agnostic if not fully a free thinker?  I don’t always agree with his real far right columns, but have liked that he's not into the fundie religious gig.

    1. Well he's Jewish by birth, one of the (thankfully) rightie/Republican minority of my tribe, but not at all religious. So not any kind of fundamentalist. Just a cynical, completely selfish greed is good type who barely bothers to even pretend he believes that all that discredited Reagan era Gordon Gekko crap will lead to a vibrant economy. He doesn't care about a vibrant economy as long as he's got his. Granted in a small way. Trump would definitely put him and his paltry fortune in the loser category. Guess those who can't become small time rightie radio personalities in modest sized markets.



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