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December 05, 2015 03:39 PM UTC

Colorado Republican leader vows to continue investigating Planned Parenthood

  • by: Jason Salzman

(They just can’t help themselves – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Sen. Kevin Lundberg (R).
Sen. Kevin Lundberg (R).

Last week’s terrorism at a Planned Parenthood center won’t stop Colorado state Sen. Kevin Lundberg from conducting hearings on the women’s health organization and pushing for a state investigation.

In a Facebook post three days after the shooting, Lundberg wrote that he took advantage of a budget hearing to ask Larry Wolk, Colorado’s chief medical officer, why Wolk hasn’t launched an investigation into whether the women’s health organization violated state laws relating to fetal-tissue research.

The Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus reported on the incident Tuesday:

Despite the tragedy still fresh for the public and victims’ families, Republicans on Tuesday wasted no time, getting right back to the fetal body parts issue. Remarks came during a budget hearing with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“Will the department be taking some action to deal with this inadequacy?” asked Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, pointing out that the state health department has taken no action against Planned Parenthood on the fetal body parts issue.

Later, Lundberg wrote on his Facebook page that he has “specific questions” that he intends to ask Wolk during the legislative session, and Wolk ageed to testify.

“I finally had a brief opportunity to question the Colorado Health Department director, Dr. Wolk, concerning his department’s failure to thoroughly investigate possible violations of Colorado law concerning fetal tissue trafficking,” Lundberg wrote on Facebook.

Wolk’s told Lundberg at the hearing that he did not see “any connection to Colorado” in heavily-edited undercover videos, some of which featured Colorado Planned Parenthood officials. And he said he’s always available to answer questions from Lundberg.

“This despite his refusal to come or send anyone from his department to the RSCC Fetal Tissue Trafficking Hearing held on November 9,” Lundberg wrote on Facebook.

Colorado pro-choice activists on Tuesday pointed to the rhetoric at the November 9 hearing, which repeatedly spotlighted the discredited videos, as contributing to the November 27 murders in Colorado Springs. If Wolk refused to testify at the legislature, an angry Lunberg said in a radio interview about the Nov. 9 hearing, he’d consider requesting subpeona power to force him to do so.

As I wrote for RH Reality Check Friday, Lundberg wasn’t named by the activists Tuesday, but they cited his fellow Colorado legislators, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs), and state Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton) for using language that incited violence directed at Planned Parenthood.

The health department has declined to investigate Planned Parenthood in Colorado.


25 thoughts on “Colorado Republican leader vows to continue investigating Planned Parenthood

    1. Oh, Moderatus. When did you last hold a baby, kiss a baby, change a diaper, get spit up or peed on? Or is that all women's work that you can't be bothered with?

    2. In other words, 

      "Keep up the GOP bullshit, Senator. Don't focus on any real issues. Focus on made-up issues based on proven falsehoods and admitted lies."

      When did you big, bad, brave Republicans turn into such cowards? You can't even tilt at windmills anymore, that's too scary. You have to tilt at pretend windmills. 

    3. Yes, please keep wasting time and resources in order to protect women from accessible heath care.  Remember, the GOP cares for the unborn, not the born.

  1. Wish I could advise Wolk. I'd tell him to forward any CO laws about disposition of fetal tissue to the CO director of PP. Tell her you will call in 2 weeks to discuss PP's compliance. Then testify to Lundberg's committee that his suspicions were nothing but hateful paranoia. Watch his head blow up. Laugh uproariously. When a Denver TV station asks about it say "Wasn't that cool?"

  2. Someone should poorly edit Lundberg's words to make it sound like he is doing something illegal then demand he be investigated for it. See what he thinks about being on the other side of baseless accusations.

  3. Senator Lundberg, you're entitled to your opinion and you're entitled to your conscience.  What you're not entitled to is your own facts.  There's only one set of facts.  And finally, despite your blubbering, the vast majority of Colorado and those in your district disagree with you on this issue.  Get over it or preferably, move out of Colorado.  May I suggest rural Mississippi.  Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about real people.

    1. Several years ago, Mississippi rejected a personhood ballot initiative by a 45% to 55% margin. So, maybe the good senator won't find there either what he is looking for.

  4. I'd like to see a heavily edited version of CMP's videos showing each and every provider saying to each of the undercover poseurs "Of course we'll have to run any agreement with you past our legal counsel. We're very careful to make sure that all of our practices confirm with existing laws." 

    Such video exists in the "full" tapes, and was edited out every time.

      1. Exactly. The last thing they want is any kind of resolution. In their world, planned parenthood is over 90% about abortions and sells baby parts. There's still no good reason to admit that Obama was born an American citizen. There's no reason to be concerned about climate change even if the Pentagon is gaming the mass disruptions, migrations and resulting conflicts over resources and population shifts that are already resulting. Untrained trigger happy good guys and gals with lots of guns will solve all of our problems with crime and terrorism. Trickle down works. Workers making a living wage cost jobs and stunt the economy. There's nothing worse for a consumer economy, after all, than a huge middle class with disposable income, right? Those are their stories now and forever. Don't rain on their parade with facts.

  5. The funny thing about this thread is Moderatus saying something off-the-wall and the liberal folks then start running around like chickens with their heads cut off, falling over each other to rebut him. Have to say that Moderatus plays some of you like a well tuned violin. Ever thought about just ignoring him and not feeding his inanities?   C.H.B.

    p.s. I recall that during the last session of the legislature, Senator Lundberg was quoted as saying that IUDs are aborti-facients. Sounds like he’s about as well informed as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.

    1. Ignore him and he'll go away has been tried, and it doesn't work. And I find it a little difficult to ignore when someone come around spouting falsehoods. Falsehoods that have gotten innocent people killed.  I've never understood that perspective, that responding to someone who's being an asshole means the asshole "played them". Unless you know something about Moddy's positions that we don't.

      If you see a piece of dog shit on the ground, and acknowledge it by saying, "Look, there's a piece of dog shit on the ground…careful you don't step on it." It's not a victory for the dog shit that you acknowledged it. You're just pointing out that it's dog shit.

      1. Do as you will then. I seldom reply to Moderatus or Andrew C. because I don't think it's fair for me to get into a big "throw down" with unarmed individuals. 

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