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November 20, 2015 05:00 PM UTC

Chaps' Guest: Lazy White Women Won't Make Babies, So Paris

  • by: Colorado Pols

Right Wing Watch, excerpting GOP Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt’s Pray In Jesus Name show Wednesday on the Paris terror attacks:

William Murray, chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition and founder of the Government Is Not God PAC, was a guest on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program today, where he was asked to share his “expertise” on last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

As Murray explained it, such attacks should not come as a surprise since France and Europe as a whole have been “overrun” by Muslims because European women are too selfish and short-sighted to dedicate their lives to having children.

You can watch Bill Murray–not that Bill Murray, obviously–in the clip above explain his theory about the failure of white European women to do their moral duty and pop out dozens of Christian babies Duggar Family-style, which has resulted in a low birthrate in Western European nations–necessitating a self-imposed Islamization of Europe so white folks don’t have to make babies:

They want to play, they want to have fun, they want to go on long vacations, they want to have money, they want to have cars, they want to have nice apartments, they’re secularly motivated, the church is almost dead in Europe … They don’t believe that the propagation of the species is the most important thing that they’re here for… [Pols emphasis]

To summarize, sex machine Bill Murray–not that Bill Murray:


Says the Paris attacks happened because European women don’t realize “the most important thing that they’re here for” is “the propagation of the species.” And the hunka-hunka of burning love we call Dr. Chaps, who we have the unfortunate duty of reminding you is an elected Colorado state representative:


Wanted you ladies to know.

If we’ve now halted any procreation among our readers on this chilly Friday evening, we apologize.


31 thoughts on “Chaps’ Guest: Lazy White Women Won’t Make Babies, So Paris

  1. I'm getting gayer and more sterile just looking at the pictures for this article. I think Chaps and Murray may have formulated the perfect no-sex birth control method. 30 seconds of gazing at their faces kills all desire for hetero sex, guaranteed.

  2. So let me get this straight, . . . it's OK for me to pray to get laid tonight??? …

    (… that just might be one way to get this atheist into a front-row pew on Sunday …)

    1. Chaps claims to work miracles, Dio. Just lay your hand or other body part on his picture, and send in $29.95 to Chaps' tax-deductible organization.  Chapster will make the miracle happen.

  3. An odd point of view for Dr. Chaps. He's been married for over 20 years and has no children. I guess his wife is lazy.

    Though never having seen any evidence of a wife, I'm inclined to believe she is a figment of his imagination.

        1. He does maintain a condo in Aspen. I'm trying to protect Mrs. K's privacy, because, you know, would you want to be known as being married to that loon? She is listed as an active Republican voter at the couple's Colorado Springs address.

          Here's an old news photo, just to prove that Mary Elaine Klingenschmitt is a real person. She is grimacing in utter horror and embarrassment as Mr. K calls down the wrath of God upon the Navy for dismissing him for insubordination. Like Donald Trump, Chaps used the warship USS Wisconsin as a background for his denunciation.




          1. Another footnote to that 2006 photo – "Klingenschmitt is accompanied by former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy S. Moore"- Judge Moore is infamous for attempting to throw the probate courts of Alabama into chaos by ordering that clerks should no longer issue same-sex marriage licenses, after their state ban was found unconstitutional.

            Moore's stand was likened to his fellow Alabaman's insistence on "state's rights" during the battle against desegregation. Governor Wallace used the same anti-Federal government language to claim that Federal government had no authority to make states comply with civil rights laws.

             Judge Moore was forced to resign from the bench in 2003 for refusing to remove a gigantic Ten Commandments plaque from the Federal courthouse.

            A fitting companion for Klingenschmitt.

          2. My poor great-uncle and his wife are probably turning over in their graves. She christened the USS Wisconsin when she was the First Lady of Wisconsin. They were Republicans, but that's when being a Wisconsin Republican was very different than the breed they have today.

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