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November 19, 2015 03:06 PM UTC

Rep. Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff: Seal Off Colorado?

  • by: Colorado Pols

We’ve seen plenty of reactions from Colorado politicians to the Paris terrorist attacks and subsequent controversy over allowing Syrian refugees into the United States, but this (we hope) ill-thought-out Facebook stream of consciousness from GOP Rep. Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff of Pueblo stands apart from even the “usual” crazy talkers like Tom Tancredo and Sen. Laura Waters Woods:



So, uh, did Rep. Navarro-Ratzlaff misspeak here some way, or does she really think we need to “pause on letting anyone into Colorado?” When she says we need to “pause on letting anyone into Colorado,” does this mean refugees? Immigrants? Californians?


That’s the problem with sweeping statements in the era of “Tea Party” crazy talk. They might actually mean it.


32 thoughts on “Rep. Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff: Seal Off Colorado?

    1. Not surprised. He's always been pretty close to Republican on anything that doesn't affect him personally like gay rights or fracking right across the street from his rural retreat.

          1. The link comes from YouTube.  If you want to make statements that are directly contradicted by the public record and claim you don't care, that simply speaks to your character, not mine.

  1. Polis voted in favor of the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act today – you know the bill to restrict entrance of Syrian refugees into this country.  I thought he was a progressive?

    1. He's only progressive on social issues. For the rest he's pretty much a Republican from a couple of decades ago. This being more along the lines of a social issue I'm slightly surprised but not all that much. My feeling about Polis has always been…  it's better to have him in congress than a real Republican.

      1. 25 from New Mexico is an easier drive, less weather to deal with. Or Wyoming if they're from the north. Course there's planes too…guess that means we'll need a sky-wall. 

        Or the California jokes can stop before we send you even more of our OC Republicans to ruin the state like Doug Bruce did…

      2. The first wall built, better damn well be around the southeastern corner of this State!!  Fucking Texans!!

        (And, Kansas can pay for that one, too!)

        1. How about a wall all the way around Texas? I think we ought to be compassionate towards economic refugees from Kansas as long as they aren't Republicans in which case, it's their own damn fault. They shouldn't be allowed in without showing their voter registration at border check points. The Donald can help us manage that while he's registering all American Muslims. That's his plan though he hasn't firmed up the details. Special IDs? Perhaps a crescent arm band or badge?  Seriously. It's all on video.

      3. I'd probably grant Visas to a handful of Californians, but we do need to keep everyone from Utah out …

        … we already got more than our fair quota of loons on the western slope.

  2. Does Clarice agree we should have Federal legislation to require 100% universal background checks on gun sales – because if she does not, then she is allowing dangerous people to get their hands on guns who then do incredible harm to innocent Americans. 

    My guess she's a hypocrite and she does not.  

    1. That just falls under the stuff happens category for Republicans. Never mind how many times more likely it is that anyone in Colorado will die at the hands of a white citizen than in any terrorist attack and that includes mass murder incidents. I'm sure she agrees with Gov. Christie that even letitng in orphans under 5 is too risky. Probably is pissed off about the war on Christmas, putting Christ back into Christmas and insufficiently Christmasy paper cups.

  3. That picture reminded me of 1992. After Amendment Two passed, Boy George said that  after they dismantled the Berlin Wall, they should reassembled it around Colorado.

  4. So I've gotten hooked on Homeland with Claire Daines. I'm puzzled……who's going to protect Clarice Navarro-Ratlaff and Moderatus from that red-haired, ex-Marine faux neo-con Congressman played by Damien Lewis?

    1. A rugged-individualist, be-prepared, bootstrapper like my good friend, Moderatus, don't need no fucking gubbermint wall . . .

      . . . but, he could use a pee-funnel and a couple of 30-round magazines.  

      Army Nation of One!!!

  5. What level of "safe" would be enough? 

    And do you suppose she wants to keep out international students from CSU-Pueblo? Limiting the people who come to the Vestas plant? Restricting any and all foreign soldiers visiting the Pueblo Army Depot?


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