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November 10, 2015 06:39 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

–Napoleon Bonaparte


36 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. All: today, November 10, is the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the ore boat Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior. Take a moment; if you will; to remember the 29 sailors who lost their lives in one of the worst accidents ever on the Great Lakes.

    Here is a link to the famous folk song; with lyrics; written by Canadian folk legend Gordon Lightfoot and released in 1976.

    1. This was one of the first things I learned about my wife, CHB. The night we met, this song played on the radio at the coffeehouse and she mentioned that it took place on her 17th birthday. She's from Chicago, so it was huge news there at the time. 

          1. None of those. Was a DJ in college; small liberal arts college in the Midwest; in late '60s into early '70s. Did it 7 of 8 semesters. Played easy listening; jazz; and Top 40.

            1. have quite bit of experience in local public radio as a volunteer and as a kid in the station where my uncle was a DJ..Never did that performance DJ thing….never had enough money to buy the gear…spent it on guitars…smiley

    1. "Seriously, I don't care."

      Ya' know, for all of Trump's many and "fantastic, amazing" defects, no doubt he is one of the saner GOPers out there these days …

      … and, on that sad thought, Merry Tuesday!

        1. Kind of feels like an alternate universe when it's good news for a presidential candidate when some evidence surfaces that he did try to gut his best friend and that he did threaten his mother with a hammer.

          That's another area where I agree with Trump who today expressed bafflement that Carson's polling numbers go up the more awful the news about things he did gets.  Also agree with The Donald him on how Scott Walker has been a (one of Donald's fave words) disaster for Wisconsin.

          I'm going to retrace my steps now and try to find my way back to the rabbit hole I must have fallen down or the looking glass I must have stepped though. Hope to see you all again on the other side.

  2. Things Michael Bennet could do, but won't, to differentiate himself from Cory Gardner:

    Workers who serve food at the United States Capitol went on strike Tuesday morning to protest their low wages and call attention to retaliatory actions they say their employer has taken against workers who want to unionize.

    That company, Restaurant Associates, holds the federal contract to operate the cafeterias in the Capitol Visitors Center and in the Senate itself. The government contracts out janitorial and food service work at many public buildings, paying taxpayer money to private companies rather than employing service workers directly.

    These contracts make a handful of corporate executives wealthy but leave far larger numbers of frontline workers destitute. One federal contract employee is picking up shifts at a strip club to make ends meet for her family because her day job pays so little. Another is homeless. Others have described the personal toll of feeding and cleaning up after some of the most powerful people in the country while earning too little money to ensure their own dignity and security when off the clock.

    While President Obama has issued an executive order mandating that future federal contracts will ensure workers get paid at least $10.10 per hour, existing contracts without such a clause remain in effect — and workers are targeting a $15 hourly wage anyhow.

    Bennet doesn't want to rock the boat. He doesn't want to play politics; he'd rather be known as a Thoughtful Statesman. As if.

    He'd rather not support these workers, who most likely serve him lunch every day (well, the days he's not eating at Morton's or the Capital Grille) – especially if those meanie Republicans will call him "Liberal" or "Socialist" for supporting these lazy workers who somehow think they're worth more than $10.10 an hour.

    And he certainly won't stand with Bernie Sanders on anything.

    Like Forest Gump says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

    1. OK. All the Dems should stand with these workers. But in the article you linked to the only Senators mentioned are Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Bennet's not mentioned. Gardner's not mentioned. Nobody else, Democrat or Republican is mentioned. It's not even made clear how many, if any, other Senators are involved or who any others involved might or might not be. If this is how far you have to go to make everything about how specifically terrible Bennet is, you're obssessed, Zap.

      And, BTW, Bennet, along with the rest of the Dem caucus of which Bernie is one, has already voted the same way as Sanders on a whole lot of things so saying that he would never stand with Bernie on anything is pretty over the top. They all, including Bennet, have a pretty high percentage of voting the same way as their fellow Dems. 

      Can't wait to see what else you have for us that doesn't say a word about Bennet or Gardner to prove they’re just alike. Pretty sure you won’t want to be be using their voting records to prove the point.

  3. Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia is leaving office to become CEO of the Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education located in Boulder.

    His replacement in the office of lieutenant governor is nominated by the governor and must be confirmed by majority vote in both houses of the General Assembly.

    1. That confirmation vote got me wondering. When Roy Romer had to appoint a new Lt Guv in the early '90's, I don't recall the GOP-controlled legislature rejecting or playing games with his appointee. Of course those were the days when Chuck Berry and Tom Norton were in leadership and had the ability to put governance ahead of extremist politics.

      I'm wondering if Bill Cadman and his posse will hold the appointee hostage until Kevin Lundborg, Vicky Marble, Laura Waters Woods and Timmy Neville all get to have their way on some pet issue or issues.

  4. You know you wanna watch the GOP debate tonight. It's on Also the Fox Business Network, which appears to exist only in that alternate universe Bluecat stepped into.

    Huckabee is bemoaning how Obama condones the slaughter of Christians.

    Christie has really pugnacious body language. He always looks like he's squaring up for a boxing match.  He's gonna punch out China.  Also fly Air Force One over the artificial islands China's building. That's what he said.


    1. Christ.  Not a chance.  My wife tunes in, and I stayed around long enough to hear Lou Dobbs talking to Piyush Jindal about how the latter brought "fact after fact" in the junior debate.  Knowing this was impossible, and already tiring from the verbal massage that Dobbs was offering, I left before Lou gave Bobby a happy ending.

      If you enjoy snark, and are missing it here, I highly recommend The Guardian's liveblog.

      1. That blog is hilarious. Or maybe that's just what the candidates are saying. I can't tell anymore  whether something is over-the-top satire, or dead-serious posturing. But it's like a slow-motion train wreck; I can't look away.

        1. How much more over the top can it get when we have a candidate defending himself from charges that he never really tried to stab his best friend or threatened his mother with a hammer, insisting the that he really did do those things and any evidence that supports the pathological behavior is considered great news and vindiction by him and his supporters?  

          As Trump says (yes I actually just typed those words), it's a really weird deal. How could any satire or parody of Ben Carson as top ranking presidential candidate along with The Donald or the Trump/Carson back and forth be any more over the top than the real thing?

           I think it's official. We have all entered the Twilight Zone and no matter how scary it gets we can't  turn it off or change the channel.


    2. Did anyone else catch the political commercial they ran between the two debates re:  Wisconsin's vital role in the Party of Lincoln (Lincoln once visited Wisconsin), T.R. getting shot at the theater, the Harley-Davidson factory and the Miller brewery, how one Republican can fix our economy (guess they missed the continuous drop in the unemployment rate during the Obama years), and a cameo appearance by none other than Ronald Reagan?

  5. Littwin / Brophy take on the GOP debate.  Brophy writes mostly in short, choppy sentences (about a 3rd grade reading level), while Littwin writes in  multiple-clause, complex sentences. Takeaways: Trump had to get in a sexist smackdown of Fiorina (why does she keep interrupting? while he interrupts her), Carson is clueless about foreign policy or just about anything else, and everyone is counting on elderly and disabled people and veterans dying off quietly so that they can privatize Medicare, Medicaid and the VA.

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